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03/18/2017 - Abby Rains 4 Scenes - 559 Photos - 38 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 559 Photos - 38 Minutes Video

We change gears with models and go from bratty, to one of the most submissive women have have ever shot...Abby has a very thin and feminine frame that bends every which way....Feenix sees this and focuses his bondage efforts to maximize those flexible effects...Abby's shoulders take a beating today as her arms are tested with very difficult positions, leaving her extra helpless to Feenix's ways....Ogre... ShootID: ABB_031717

Members comments:
21 Mar 2017 JT wrote: The link to Gallery 5 doesn't work.

19 Mar 2017 Dag wrote: More of the same nippleclamps pussygrinder dildo,flogger.How about some onscreen rope bondage?

12/10/2015 - Abby Rains 4 Scenes - 375 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 375 Photos - 58 Minutes Video

Abby Rains is back, and exercising her impressive submissive sexuality once again, at the hands of Feenix...Abby is a wonderfully submissive woman who truly enjoys the bottom sided role, and playing with her is like molding clay that can mold itself...She knows what is expected of her as a submissive within BDSM, and she knows that we will push her ability to endure, because that is how we enjoy seeing her, within the grips of the conflicted emotions of submission and masochism...Feenix keeps her there well...on the edge of screams and orgasmic moans...Abby proves herself again, an does so in a very sensual fashion..enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: ABB_12091

Members comments:
26 May 2016 John wrote: The first scene's download videos are completely black after 15 minutes. I tried both clips.

12 Dec 2015 Jung wrote: Great to see Abby again. What a body! And a very service oriented attitude.

06/05/2015 - Abby Rains 4 Scenes - 334 Photos - 71 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 334 Photos - 71 Minutes Video

Abby has proved herself to be a very submissive masochist...We were all impressed by her fabulous body and beauty, but through three sessions, Abby has now impressed us all with her love for submission within BDSM...In fifteen years of dominating women for SocietySM, Abby may be my favorite player of all time...She is a charming and intelligent young woman with a great sense of humor and a lust for new experiences and knowledge...She enters BDSM with a perfect attitude...she is there to be used, and she offers herself without manipulation...A truly submissive masochist is hard to find...Her type of flexible body and toughness are also hard to find...I take advantage of all of Abby's gifts...her perfect tits and pink pussy, her limber body, her lust for service and her willingness to endure for her Dominant...Abby is essentially free of her training now...she can truly enjoy BDSM for all it has to offer and come out smiling after screaming...Abby just may be the perfect submissive woman... ShootID: ABB_060415

Members comments:
08 Jun 2015 Vee wrote: Happy to see some mummification content after a multiyear absence :)

07 Jun 2015 Murray wrote: Abby has that milk-maiden appeal that I find attractive. Every one of her shoots have been hot!

06 Jun 2015 XXX wrote: Agree with Troy

06 Jun 2015 Troy the Terrible wrote: The mummification was very sexy with those perfect tits hanging out! I'd like to see more of that. I also really like the ball gag used in that scene.

05 Jun 2015 Pollard wrote: Phenomenal update! I would enjoy a couple hours with Abby :)

02/28/2015 - Abby Rains 4 Scenes - 328 Photos - 56 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 328 Photos - 56 Minutes Video

I missed working with Abby on her first visit to SocietySM as I had fallen ill, but I did not forget her...I waited for the weeks to pass so I could book her have my way...I was immediately charmed by her incredibly sexy curves...but her demeanor is what makes Abby so attractive to me...she's like a submissive little soldier, happy to endure whatever comes her way, because she knows it empowers her...she is unafraid and beautiful within it...So I set out with contempt to test her...surely she can't be as strong as she seems...I tie, hang and bend her in cruel concoctions of distress with intent to break her...her breasts, nipples, pussy, all tested, very harshly...her body takes every preasure....I revel in her screams and moans with never a word of red...Abby does well to keep herself safe...either that or she just loves being objectified and used...Her many orgasms give good clues...I say, she sincerely loves it...without the slightest pretense, Abby is a survivor slave...that which does not kill her, makes her cum...Ogre ShootID: ABB_022715

Members comments:
02 Mar 2015 provost wrote: How on Earth do you find such a delicately beautiful woman who has the inner strength to endure such a rigorous hour? Yes, Abby has that cool aloofness that adds a retain something to the mix. Exquisite, Mr. O, absolutely exquisite.

02 Mar 2015 Horny1 wrote: It's great to see a natural woman with no tattoos as they tend to be very rare lately.

01 Mar 2015 RyanSir wrote: Ogre, You really seem to enjoy your work here! The riggers and Dominants on other sites appear bored, in my opinion. This is some of your best, if not your very best work. I'd love to get my hands on Abby.

01 Mar 2015 Prufroc wrote: Exquisite submissive with very well orchestrated scenes.

12/27/2014 - Abby Rains 4 Scenes - 290 Photos - 49 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 290 Photos - 49 Minutes Video

Upon meeting Abby, porn model is not what comes to mind, even though she is beautiful from first gaze...she has a happy and relaxed attitude, full of smiles, and she just seems very...well...normal...Then I saw her undress...An amazing body that definitely belongs in porn, no matter what her demeanor...The tits and ass on this babe are top shelf, top notch, drooling out the side of your mouth, hot...Often the first words out of my mouth are...So, have you ever been tied up before?...Abby just shot back a deviant little smile and explained that her boyfriend ties her up, from time to time, at her request...Yes, it seems Abby is a kinky beast, not often let out of her cage...or rather, caged...After testing the limberness of her body, I knew we had the great potential for something special in this woman...Feeniz has the pleasure of giving her, what is hopefully only her first of many BDSM scenes, and he does not take it easy on this newbie...Tight ropes stretching and bending her body to it's limits...and an amazing suspension I wish I could call my own...Abby falls right into role like she was born to it...Feenix eases her into pain and then overwhelms her with pleasure...Truly a spectacular day of real BDSM with a very willing slave-to-be...My only regret is not being able to handle her myself...But, if I have my way, she'll be back...Ogre... ShootID: ABB_122614

Members comments:
30 Dec 2014 provost wrote: Misspelling: Abby Reigns!! Lovely, expressive face....

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