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02/21/2007 - Adriana Amante 5 Scenes - 267 Photos - 28 Minutes Video
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Our members really do enjoy seeing the hottest models in BDSM, but you know who enjoys it more? the Pope...and he enjoys not only seeing, but having his way with the very hot Adriana Amante...Adriana has never done any bondage before and we weren't sure how this quiet, midwest wife would react, but she turns out to be not only a bondage slut, but an orgasm junkie as well...we stock her neck and tie her legs apart with her hands together behind her back...don't you love the look on the faces of models who have never been tied up and realize what being helpless is all about? It hits Adriana when the Pope walks in and begins fingering her pussy...he gropes her body and turns her around to spank her rock hard, perfectly sculpted ass...then it's number 1 and 2 of many orgasms to come with the magic the next scene, Adriana is tied sitting...her legs are spread and her hands are tied and pulled behind her...the Pope spanks her pussy and follows it up with a vibrating dildo...he fucks her pussy, then commands Adriana to fuck it back...her hips ride the dildo and she cums...then a tight hogtie for our sweet girl...her legs are pulled apart and the Pope fucks her from behind with a dildo...then he adds the magic wand for multiple orgasms which leave her pussy flowing with white's time to focus on that ass and it is one of the finest asses we have ever seen...he bends her over to be spanked and after her ass is nice and red, he uses the magic wand once again to make her cum as Adriana begs to be the last scene, we leave Adriana belted from ankles to shoulders...we hang her upside down, turn on the vibrator and leave her for the last orgasm of the day...another steamin' hot model cumming until she can take no more, courtesy of us perverts at SSM...

Members comments:
12 Aug 2012 bemypiglet wrote: hey ogre why can't i access the video?

25 Nov 2011 Eddie wrote: Dressed like a slut in a slutty red dress. I'm surprised she was wearing panties! She needs more harsh discipline than what she got!

11 Apr 2009 gecker wrote: What a cutie, I love that Adriana is willing to let that much be done to her for our entertainment. How could any man or woman not fall in love with this girl.

26 Apr 2008 Klaus wrote: too soft, not painful enough

20 Dec 2007 NameDave wrote: Good one! but the Pope wa a bit lenient. He didn't test her to her pain barrier. Lets see her again soon !

14 Nov 2007 charlie wrote: She is a true sex bomb in that red dress when she is tied up & ball gagged! Then STRIPPED!!!! MORE of Adriana please!

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Great combination of scenes!

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