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02/28/2006 - Adrianna Faust, Gen Padova 3 Scenes - 176 Photos - 22 Minutes Video
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Gen's afternoon of bondage captivity continues as the masked intruder ties her bent over the bed...her hands are tied together and pulled in front of her and her ankles are achored down...with her ass stuck out he takes the opportunity to spank her...then he brings out a whip and reddens her ass...Gen gets wildly nervous as he uses a cane on her ass for the final punishment...Gen is then tied to a chair with legs spread and hands pulled up...the masked Ogre rigs a vibrator to her pussy and turns it on...after groping her, he leaves her to have massive orgasms which make poor Gen pass-out...don't worry folks, that is par for the orgasm course with this model...

In the last set we find Adrianna naked and all spread-out, standing...a pussy impaler, attached to the spreader bar between her legs, keeps a dildo snug inside her...her breasts are wound tightly in rope and she can only look on and whine as Mister Manson has his way with her turns her around on our rolling platform and spanks her ass...then faces her forward again to vibrate her clit...poor Adrianna can do nothing but cum...

Members comments:
28 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Good combination

02/25/2006 - Adrianna Faust 3 Scenes - 212 Photos - 20 Minutes Video
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Adrianna is an exotic-looking, barely-legal, adult star...She had never been tied up before, but that didn't matter to Mister Manson...aparently ready for a beach outing in a short skirt and bikini, Adrianna gets thoroughly tied to a chair with her legs spread...a black ball-gag keeps her quiet as Manson gropes and strips her...after a nice inspection and introduction, Manson leaves her there...Adrianna is then tied spread-eagle on a bed...Manson uses clamps on her nipples, then whips her front...then he brings her to pleasure with a dildo stick, but denies her the orgasm at the end...Adrianna is then cuffed...ankles and wrists in a four cuff spreader bar...this time he allows her to cum as she stuggles on the floor...

Members comments:
05 Jun 2011 Tickler wrote: no tickling, not even any foot torture...come on gotta do better

28 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: I donĀ“t see the connection between scene two and three, but oveall its a good update!

12 Oct 2007 charlie (the Manxman) wrote: I have wanted to go on Perfect Slave for ages, and recently have done......but was NEVER sure of this site....well bloody good is BETTER than I imagined! GOOD photography (lighting, backdrops ) .... not snapshots like some sites AND bloody tasty models as well.....YUMMIE!

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