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04/07/2018 - Agatha Delish, Tara Ashley 5 Scenes - 154 Photos - 62 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 5 Scenes - 154 Photos - 62 Minutes Video

This week, we feature two, tried and true submissive beauties...We begin with Tara Ashley, hanging around by the ankles...She is bent and spread, punished and pleasured for being the beautiful slut that she is...Then it's Agatha, with a head harness ball gag and a tight hog tie...I drag her around and play with her, as she tries to talk through her gag...Then fully spread and helpless, with more gag talking and a round of pain and pleasure for her pussy...Ogre... ShootID: AGA_040418

06/16/2017 - Agatha Delish 4 Scenes - 145 Photos - 35 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 145 Photos - 35 Minutes Video

I have a couple different moods when I dom...sometimes I enjoy reading a model as her pleasure grows to see her orgasm, and sometimes I just jam the vibrator into their pussies, and if they cum they cum...if they don't, it's just another good reason to punish them...As for Agatha's mood, she seems a bit rebellious, bratty and even pissed off, which is fine with me...she knows what is in store for her either way...When the moods clash, things can get intense...for Agatha, that meant being left hanging from a cross to suffer as her muscles give is a beautiful sight...enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: AGA_061517

Members comments:
19 Sep 2017 Bob D. wrote: significant sensnsual drama in the crucifix scene.Very good.

20 Jun 2017 Ogre wrote: We set out and discussed a legit crux, and that was the plan. The black pad on the wood she is against was accidentally at the perfect height to rest her ass on. I don't think she even realized it until we started rolling. But she did avoid the full weight of a good crux. Next time I wont make the same mistake.

20 Jun 2017 ZzFfOoLl wrote: Such a mouthy lass. I loved it!

19 Jun 2017 Zengen7 wrote: That looked like a legit crux to me.

18 Jun 2017 Jonasylum wrote: Would it be too much to ask you to leave here on the cross until she collapses? I really appreciate the crux position but it is very difficult to do for real.

03/11/2017 - Agatha Delish NUM of Scenes - 506 Photos - 38 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> NUM of Scenes - 506 Photos - 38 Minutes Video

Last week, I had a small brat problem to deal with in Jade, but she doesnt compare to the bad attitude of the lovely Agatha Delish...and this week, Feenix gets to decide how to handle it...Of course, we still have Agath's consent to use her as we usually do, she just wanted to abandon the submissive attitude, and did....Feenix deals with cussing, submissive refusal and plenty of snarky comments, but he uses it to inspire a more stricter, and frankly, more painful style of domination...What other choice does a dominant have?...Agatha has the use of a safe word to truly get a break when she needs it, but she never uses it. I think she may just enjoy being bratty and getting her due and proper...Not all bottoms are submissives and it's nice to get a little resistance now and then...alas, Agatha submits nicely to the vibrator when Feenix gives her the chance to feel some pleasure....Ogre... ShootID: AGA_030817

Members comments:
17 Mar 2017 cmp wrote: Very nice session with Agatha and Feenix. Again, loving the mask, Feenix! A note, could you guys use ball gags that at least fill your models mouths? They're gagged, but in reality are able to just open their mouths and vocalize around the gag when they want to, or is that the idea? It just looks wrong. And, as always, thanks for the many nice pics.

11 Mar 2017 Stanmercy wrote: The bad attitudes seem hotter to me than submissive women. More like this please!

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