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04/11/2015 - Alaina Kristar 4 Scenes - 345 Photos - 53 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 345 Photos - 53 Minutes Video

At DungeonCorp, slutty women are all the rage...When women show a healthy drive to be real suts, it inspires us...but we realize that drive needs nourishment and training before the truest slut can be realized and enjoyed...and that is a huge part of the training to submit, how to endure and how to enjoy their position of service...Feenix uses his time with Alaina to further her own slutty desires...a mix of suffering and rewards is used to guide the slut to her ultimate goal of bringing pleasure to others as they use her...Alaina is an amazing subject...young, beautiful and allready a natural slut...and so willing to allow our harsh methods...enjoy the trials she faces as Feenix trains her senses and her emotional base with trauma and pleasure...Ogre ShootID: ALA_040815

Members comments:
10 Jun 2016 tom wrote: Wow! Alaina is a great beauty! And what a body, legs and an *ASS* to die for! Hopefully you guys will have her back real soon! Great job Alaina and the crew!

12 Apr 2015 Steve wrote: Great set.

11 Apr 2015 RyanSir wrote: In love with Alaina's body.

10/24/2014 - Alaina Kristar 4 Scenes - 427 Photos - 44 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 427 Photos - 44 Minutes Video

Alaina is back for more...her first BDSM experience here at SocietySM proved to be very entertaining...I knew I had to have her delicious youth under my control again...In true BDSM fashion, I increase the intensity of Alaina's predicaments...Enjoying being back in our non-climate controlled studio after a very hot summer of shooting at my residence, I begin Alaina in an ankle hang suspension...she is spread, bent, pleasured and punished before her tough day ends with another suspension...I revel in the joy of having these beautiful women at my whims...especially when they're hanging from the rafters...and I must admit, little Alaina hanging by all fours with her legs spread....well...nothing could be more well and enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: ALA_102014

Members comments:
14 Jun 2015 Jullan1939 wrote: Just asking. Are your floors really so dirty as one can see from Alainas feet??? What about some cleaning BEFOR the uptake???

11 Jan 2015 Mike wrote: Well, Orge, I think you have found Penny Flame's seperated-at-birth twin, so sweeettt!!

06/28/2014 - Alaina Kristar 4 Scenes - 431 Photos - 55 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 431 Photos - 55 Minutes Video

How does a fresh faced, beautiful bodied, 18 year old, end up at DungeonCorp about to be served up as my weekly slave? Im sure it's a long story and I dont care...her youth was fascinating to me...not only that she is very youing at 18 years old, but that she looks veeeeery young...Alaina is an angel of a woman...with a few demons roaming around inside...I find that she has a very high tolerance for pain...and unlike many of the women we shoot, gets off on discomfort...her pussy would actually get wetter for the whip than the vibrator...which isnt to say Alaina didnt get off...she had orgasms in every scene...but pain was her real desire and draw...I thought she might not be able to tolerate much and found out very different...I thought her reactions a bit tame...turns out I just needed to turn up the intensity...and I did...keep in mind...this is her first time ever being bound and controlled...I was able to get control of little Alaina and had her calling me Master faithfully by the end of the shoot...I hope to get this one back very soon...have a safe and kinky weekend, Ogre... ShootID: ALA_062614

Members comments:
05 Jul 2014 fliphedd wrote: THANK YOU. Been a big, big fan of Alaina since she first came out (like, a month ago) and to see her already doin work on this site is pretty much Christmas in July

03 Jul 2014 provost wrote: Phenomenal work lately! We might have to call this Ogre's golden age (which is not to say that Mr. O is a golden ager)! And the models are superb--lovely and game for whatever comes their way.

29 Jun 2014 ZOMBIE wrote: Great!

28 Jun 2014 OntheVine wrote: Very entertaining on many perverted levels. Great Bondage, Great Slave.

28 Jun 2014 doublem427 wrote: Wow! What a way to make a debut. Now how about this for a challenge: we've seen Alaina dominated by Ogre, now let's see how she stands up to Holly Wilds:)!

28 Jun 2014 Ryan wrote: You have the hottest slaves by far.

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