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09/23/2017 - Alex Blake 4 Scenes - 84 Photos - 35 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 84 Photos - 35 Minutes Video

I just couldnt help myself with Alex...that feminine shape and angel's face drew me in...I make her strip for me before I bind her ankles and wrists...then Alex must negotiate the stairway up to my loft...naked and bound, she makes a fine display...once upstairs, I enjoy dominating and controlling her...she remains bound as I punish her ass and pleasure her pussy...Alex is a sweetly adorable, pouty whiner and I enjoy seeing her upset and confused...Why, oh why would I ever want to treat a young lady like Alex with such sadistic rudeness? It's her beauty..Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: ALE_092017

Members comments:
15 Jan 2018 zhiyong li wrote: nice

03 Oct 2017 monte73 wrote: Thank you, guys, for gettin' me addicted to Alex B; no other site truly does her justice. (Gotta ask, tho: what's up w/ the new 'digs'? Brady-Bunch-House doesn't have the same ring as DUNGEON...)

23 Sep 2017 Skecken9671 wrote: On screen tying! Thank you!

10/29/2016 - Alex Blake 4 Scenes - 262 Photos - 35 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 262 Photos - 35 Minutes Video

Angel faced babes in bondage always draw a crowd, and this angel faced babe has quite a body too, and an amazing pink pussy that seems entirely brand new in appearance...Sweet eighteen year old, Alex Blake has never faced being bound and helpless before, and it shows...especially on her face...She seems to have been born into a sexually submissive personna, and we prove that on this day...She knows her place, she knows what she is here for, and it excites her, and scares her, as it should...This type of beauty is rare....controlling and contorting it was my pleasure....Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: ALE_102716

Members comments:
22 Dec 2017 Michael wrote: Please put Alex & Carolina Sweets in a shoot together, these two did a shoot together on "Nubiles" see them bound together, spanked & vibed would be a dream come true :)

13 Dec 2016 New Alex Blake's Fan wrote: Wow you really need to get her back on your site. Well done! She is one of the best models I've seen in the bondage world, with such a perfect body and so beautiful too! Would love to see you tease her more with orgasm denial and more views of her pussy contracting during orgasms. Her first time reactions are priceless! Get her back!

11 Nov 2016 Sexploit-her wrote: she is such a cutie face, petite body, pretty hazel eyes, adorable feet, soles and toes love when she curls her feet, soles and toes in Clip 2 and Clip 4 so hot, her toes seem like they're quite prehensile I bet she could do great foot jobs and toe jobs I can just see one or both of her feet and toes gripping and stroking a Cock. she looks even cuter when she's ball gagged and drooling, I would love to see more of her especially in Adjustable Stocks like Adriana Faust's SocietySM Clip from over Ten and a Half years ago or in suspension like Ginger Lee's Perfect Slave Clip from almost Nine years ago that would be so sexy seeing her in those predicaments.

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