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04/09/2008 - Alice Strange 5 Scenes - 268 Photos - 62 Minutes Video
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Alice first gags herself before she strips off her panties then, at The Pope's command, cuffs her ankles and wrists before she lays on the table awaiting her fate. After thoroughly inspecting Ms. Strange's body, The Pope further adds to his slaves binds by removing the cuffs and securely tying her wrists and ankles. After receiving a volley of ass slaps, Alice is collared and placed face down on the table. Her Master's cold fingers are stuffed deep in her cunt and then, the magic wand is abruptly smashed upon her clit until she begs for and is granted, a convulsive orgasmic release... Now, flat on her back little Alice is tied to a small bench. The Pope then brandishes his flogger and swings it through the air before it lands against his slave's flesh. With each strike of the flogger, Alice screams in anguish. Especially when The Pope turns his attentions to her pussy. The clamps press and squeeze Alice's nipples when they are attached. And then, the squeezing turns to tight tugging as her Master ties the clamps high overhead. Frozen in her current position, Alice can do nothing more now as The Pope slides the glass dildo into her cunt and vibes her to another brutal, on demand orgasm. With Alice mentally spent, The Pope now crotch ropes his slave before he storms out of the room... The cold, dirty floor provides no comfort for Alice as she takes the caning bound and gagged. With her legs spread as wide as possible, the TENS pads are affixed to her inner thighs and her feet. Now we watch as Alice waits timidly in anticipation and then we see the transformation as the juice begins to flow through her little body. Electric nipple clamps then provide the icing on the cake as the power is increased and she begins to twitch. Her journey is far from over however, as The Pope once again coerces her with the wand and Alice grunts and cums. Now, dangling from the rafters Alice appears frozen in her full suspension. Soon though, it becomes painfully obvious that she is not frozen when The Pope rakes the violet wand across her open flesh. From behind her ball gag, Alice screams as the wand crackles across her tender pussy. Induced to drooling, Alice now cums without her Master's permission and prepares for her final punishment... Face down on the floor, Alice bravely endures the flogging. Then, The Pope makes one final dastardly stand by tantalizingly burying his vibe against his slave's cunt. After toying with Alice's pussy The Pope finally allows his subject to cum. Alice then experiences a huge orgasm and begs her Master to stop. For granting her wish to be released from his grip, The Pope demands Alice to lick his boots clean before she is forced into one final orgasm for good measure... Video clips can be found in galleries: 2,3,4,5 & 6.

Members comments:
30 Dec 2010 oldone1234 wrote: Alice Strange. Her self-bondage opener is a huge turn-on, and, from the sounds of the moans, for Alice as well. F-a-a-a-r be it from me to diminish Ogre's enjoyments, but the image of a beauty playing with and binding herself with her own restrains is a killer act.

21 Feb 2009 netalart wrote: Alice is magnificant! She is able take a great deal of suffering and it would seem her limits have yet to be fully explored. Look forward to much more of her.

09 Aug 2008 J.T. wrote: Yes, I agree with the previous posts that SocietySM (and the sister DungeonBank sites) hire the most beautiful women in BDSM.

11 Jun 2008 kurt wrote: rejoined sites because of her. love those smooth soles of her feet.

17 Apr 2008 AX wrote: There seems to be more talk about the other sites than what is going on at SocietSM. I think the girls on this site are beatiful, and the Pope seems to do a good job of punishing them. Thumbs up to all!

17 Apr 2008 BLimey wrote: I love a muscle bound woman in bondage. Her tits were dodgey but all female body builders have strange chests.

16 Apr 2008 Ogre wrote: I just took a look...Well, different strokes, yknow? We should probably keep the Kink bashing to a minimum from now on though...At least here in the update comments...Our forums will be up any day, and from the feel of this crowd, they should be a good time :) Thanks for all your comments and we hope you all sign up for the forums when they go live...

15 Apr 2008 satisfied wrote: Hey Ogre, Did you see the latest model on Hogtied? Oh my GOD! Who wants to see that? Her tits are so fake, they look like they were stapled to her chest, and besides not actually having a dick, this he-she might as well have been a man!

13 Apr 2008 Hustle4U wrote: I think the guiding philosophy at some sites is, if the model looks rough, then the Domination and Bondage will look rough.

12 Apr 2008 Ogre wrote: Charming? HA...i dont think so

11 Apr 2008 Maria wrote: LOL! These scenes are very intense. You must be very charming with your models :)~ :::wink:::

11 Apr 2008 Ogre wrote: SSM is not the only site. Have you checked out yet? Penny Flame, Shyla Stylez, Hailey Young and many more beauitful models that you will not see on other sites. As for those other popular sites, they are popular for good reason and lots of folks must be into average women :) And they can have them! Actually, we are starting a new site soon to feature these modelling

11 Apr 2008 satisfied wrote: Ogre, I appreciate you hiring only pretty girls and allowing them to look pretty! SocietySM is the only male top site with serious bondage AND hot ladies. I don't understand these other popular sites who work with ugly women! As if I want to see that? Keep it going and I'll be here for life.

10 Apr 2008 69LICKS wrote: The pulsing thighs during the sitting scene are rather remarkable. Alice has a very sweet face and it is familiar. Did she model for you in the past? Love your work>>>

10 Apr 2008 ChiTown wrote: I thought she might start crying during the spread scene. That is one tough minx indeed!

10 Apr 2008 Jacki wrote: An incredible suspension! The orgasmic convulsions are breathtaking and they must be real because no one would fake them that quickly. Alice is a minx and I would like to shag her.

10 Apr 2008 Ogre wrote: Yes, we do pride ourselves on bringing you the most beautiful models in the BDSM industry. Alice is the real deal and we are happy that she decided to share her Kink with us.

09 Apr 2008 charlie wrote: what A. Strange girl! A. Strange.......I don't care.........what does her mum think she is doing ...................? Who the hell cares.........she is fucking beautiful........why do this lot get such lovely girlies now I'm leaving.........I might be back...........if these girls keep it? up..........................10/10! FUCKING BRILLIANT!

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