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02/21/2012 - Allie Jordan 4 Scenes - 303 Photos - 56 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 303 Photos - 56 Minutes Video

We finally got Allie back into the Dungeon and Bane gets right to work. After she's blindfolded, he gives her a dose of electricity and then breaks out the whip. Allie's precious, little squeals fill the air...And to think...her day has merely begun...Her squeals then turn to purrs however when she's brought to her first orgasm of the day…Maybe Allie thought it would all be gravy after that, I'm not sure, but this would definitely not be the case. Perched atop the Sybian, Allie has her nipples stretched and weighted. After Bane cranks on the Cumbot, he takes it to a shocking level. TENS pads affixed to her torso are just the start as he bombards her with the whip, meticulously working her into submission and release. Next, Allie's served up some good old fashioned paddling when she's bent and bound. And then we watch her twitch when Bane tapes his apparatus deep inside her pussy. The tension reaches the point of overload when Allie finds herself bound to the plank for some "liquid refreshment". All bets are off and all limits are pushed, as it all culminates in a shrieking finale... ShootID: ALL_021412

Members comments:
26 Feb 2012 provost wrote: Applause, applause to Allie and Bane for a dramatic and edgy performance. Now if only they gave an Oscar for best dramatic performance in ropes.... The waterboarding scene is very strong and it would be great to develop the position by slanting the head below the feet--a different look, lots of good stuff available to work on. Mr. Bane, try your short, thick leather strap on a woman's soles and be persistent--the sensation is quite different from the stingy devices (bands and wires) and can lead to ...unexpected results. The kneeling position is also quite good--if you add a spring of proper strength into the tie (off camera, even) you can make the ropes taut without risking the hard of typing to a rigid point. Finally, haven't seen rack and horse in a while--is there a model up for something a bit medieval? Oh, and any chance Casey Calvert will visit? She's practically perfect for the part.

22 Feb 2012 knucks1947 wrote: Great update! Bane sure didn't show any mercy to Allie. The last scene was intense and really captured the moment.Bane can sure bring it on.

22 Feb 2012 Cyrus wrote: Terrific Sybian scene!

06/04/2011 - Allie Jordan 4 Scenes - 361 Photos - 44 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 361 Photos - 44 Minutes Video

Allie is an adventurous woman with a luscious young body...sometimes I wonder...How do these women end up here?..she is velvety smooth from head to toe and the last type of girl you would think could end up on a bondage shoot...the next thing I wondered was...How is she going to make it through this shoot?...she has plenty of zest and seems happy enough, but happy zest doesn't account for much 10 minutes into a tough scene...All I can do is bring it to them and see how they do...I was going to start nice...but during the interview, she sasses me...she throws her outfit at me after she removes it...brave and bratty...I tie her up, sit her down, spread her out, and tell it to her like it is...actually, I let the clamps and Dragon's tail do my talking...she gets the point...Allie was actually testing me...I passed with flying colors...mostly red...then I can finally get to the part where I test her...everything she feels and experiences is new...and her pussy responds wettens up nicely...Allie knows how to scream and I really appreciate that...she isn't afraid to feel it or express it...and I give her plenty to express...I find a weak spot...the bottoms of her feet...electricity seemed to freak her out a bit too...there's only one first time for such things and it's always such a joy to behold...this one's a champ...she'll be back for certain...Ogre... ShootID: ALL_060211

Members comments:
12 Dec 2014 hogtier101 wrote: allie , what a hot little model you are. ogre ,you really found a hottie for these videos, wish we could see more of her, would enjoy allie in a tight hogtie, we need more hogties, I think her tight little body would do one justice hogtier101, keep up the great work

07 Aug 2011 NameJohn wrote: Bring her back...bring her back... Need to see Allie in another scene now!!!

10 Jun 2011 Ogre wrote: The HD video links are fixed...just checked them myself.

08 Jun 2011 Samwhise wrote: I love this model!

07 Jun 2011 Whitey wrote: We are working on the HD video issue and will have it resolved shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

06 Jun 2011 kaz wrote: Cannot download HD videos.

05 Jun 2011 mod621 wrote: A dom who knows how to handle his floggers and whips as well as his ropes :)

05 Jun 2011 MrJohnson wrote: The first scene is spectacular. A bratty sub can ruin playtime but Ogre shows how to deal with the brat factor. Well done!

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