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01/23/2015 - Amanda Tate 4 Scenes - 253 Photos - 47 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 253 Photos - 47 Minutes Video

Amanda is luxurious...tanned, toned, healthy, bountiful of breast, silky...Im sure she's accustomed to the finest treatment from her male partners of choice...But today we choose who and we choose what...Feenix is all too pleased to plan a rigorous day for her at Spa DungeonCorp, where pampering becomes spanking and the female slaves are always bound....Ogre ShootID: AMA_012015

Members comments:
27 Jan 2015 Provost wrote: It is hard for me to fathom how you manage to attract such lovely young lasses to your den, but you do it again and again. Superb, absolutely superb!!!

25 Jan 2015 John wrote: You mixed up the 720P and 450P video links. Again.

23 Jan 2015 Ray wrote: Amanda is one of the most lovely women in all of Porn! Her orgasms in scene four are precious. I love this woman! Great update

01/08/2014 - Amanda Tate 4 Scenes - 804 Photos - 68 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 804 Photos - 68 Minutes Video

Feenix has himself another kinky young woman...beautiful blonde woman...long and lean....she's been tied up before and she liked it...she describes it as the feeling of losing control...she describes getting fucked while tied up and how it aroused her...we have a different plan of control for Amanda though...i have this feeling that she liked getting fucked either way and bondage added something to it...but was it really her losing control? It seems control comes in varying degrees...on this day, Amanda gets a degree in tolerating and enduring various things...suibmission, if you will...At times she struggled...she is a very sincere person....its easy to empathize with her as Feenix goes along his way of punishment and pleasure...and control...Ogre... ShootID: AMA_122013

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