Amber Michaels Updates

11/02/2005 - Amber Michaels 2 Scenes - 217 Photos - 23 Minutes Video
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Adult and Fetish star, Amber Michaels gets the bound and tormented treatment from Ian Rath in this SSM update...He begins by tying Amber on a spanking bench...her feet are tied and anchored and her hands are tied behind her back and pulled up to be out of the way...he warms her up with a bit of spanking and moves on to a flogger...Ian whips her ass hard, until it's glowing red...He unties her and directs her to stand with arms above her head as he flogs her tits...he directs her to bend over so that he may whip her ass and back even more...then he makes her crawl...she comes to her hands and knees and Ian directs her to masturbate...Rath says "make me proud" and Amber cums as she plays with herself...Amber is then tied on a steel table...frogtied with hands behind her back, Amber lays on her tummy and a fucking machine pummels her from behind until she orgasms...

Members comments:
30 Apr 2011 James wrote: I'm glad to finally see a set with a woman on her knees, instead of yet another standaning against a wall, or lying flat on a bed or table, these are much better

12 Feb 2010 maxwell wrote: I get a general error message when I try to download and play the videos. Any suggestions on how to fix the problem?

26 Apr 2008 Klaus wrote: I think, she loves it1

27 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Wonderful woman! Good performance!

22 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote: the Videos are in Gallery 6...thanks...there is no full video for this update, only 2 minutes clips...

07 Jul 2007 mhg wrote: well, here we are in July asking the same question. Why aren't the videos available?

31 May 2007 Tamora wrote: I'm looking for the Windows Media Player full video. Where is it??

04/03/2004 - Amber Michaels 3 Scenes - 90 Photos - 22 Minutes Video
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Delicious and hard-bodied, Amber Michaels starts out tied in a reverse prayer...her hands are pulled up behind her and secured in the breast harness...her ankles are tied and she is prepped for a suspension...Frank Fortuna hoists her from the floor and Amber hangs beautiful in the air...a very tough suspension and Amber endures as Frank gags and gropes her... inthe final scene, Amber is tied in a chair...her hands are pulled up behind her and her legs are tied spread and back...Fortuna enters to enjoy her revealing position...he spits on her pussy and rubs it in preparation for her impending penetration...he positions the machine and inserts the dildo...he turns on the machine as Amber squeals...he makes it go faster and faster and Amber begins to go wild...he places his hand over her mouth until she cums with muffle moaned orgasms...

Members comments:
24 Feb 2008 Mosfat wrote: Amber Michaels is one sexy beast in this is film - this is certainly a DVD one must have in their personal collection. Where do I buy a copy and what else has she made?

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: WOW! Wonderful breasts! Nice action!

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