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07/28/2010 - Amber Rayne 4 Scenes - 393 Photos - 62 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 393 Photos - 62 Minutes Video

When Amber Rayne is in da house, you know it's gonna be a tough and fun day...We've been shooting her for 6 years now, but it's been about a year since we last saw her...and she looks as hot as she keeps her tight little body so tight and little is beyond me...this shoot features a lot of on-screen rigging and I very much enjoyed watching Amber as the ropes went on her...each predicament leaves Amber vulnerable and exposed...And the Pope uses each opportunity to take advantage of her lovely oppression...every part of her feels his dominance...heavy clamps on the nipples, tight crotch ropes, foot and toe bondage, anal hooks and balls, hot wax...stretched, tied down, suspended, spread...this update is like a BDSM symphony with so many instruments and elements coming together very nicely, care of our sadistic maestro, the Pope...OGRE ShootID: AMB_072110

Members comments:
24 Dec 2012 Mimo wrote: LOVE THE ANAL INSERT, PLEASE CONTINUE THAT!!! AMBER IS WAY HOT and I love how she shakes before, while, and after cummming. I'm totally in awe of her.

23 Mar 2012 Bob D. wrote: There will never be another like Amber.

06 Aug 2010 greenaway wrote: I am not just a fan of Elise Graves but also of Amber Rayne!!! Beautiful shoot! Two of the most amazing and cute girls in 2 weeks! I am not sure if I deserve this...

04/16/2008 - Amber Rayne 5 Scenes - 239 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

We first see Amber as she is led into the room by The Pope on her leather lead. Obediently, she complies while her Master ties her tightly in rope. Once her hands are bound tightly behind her back and her ankles are wrapped in rope and tied off to the wooden posts, her clothing is removed and the real action begins... The Pope then works his flogger across Amber's bare back and ass before placing the weighted steel clamps upon her erect nipples. Amber closes her eyes now as the vibrator is worked against her clit and her body trembles as she begs to cum. The orgasmic force is bitterly intense, causing her feet to leave the ground... Up on her toes, Amber now finds herself tied to the post. Then, The Pope ties his slave's waist off forcing her to crouch. Her thighs and feet are caned and then The Pope buries the pole mounted dildo deep in her cunt. In order to get the dong shoved as far as possible inside his slave, the dildo is removed from the pole and left in Amber's pussy. Then, the magic wand is buried against her cunt while The Pope canes her ass until Amber cums like crazy. Amber's punishment continues when The Pope callously flogs her before leaving her alone in the room... Swinging from the beam in a split suspension, Amber moans behind her ball gag as The Pope buries his fingers deep in her pussy and once again, the rubber dildo is shoved in her cunt. Left alone in the room momentarily, Amber's eyes widen as The Pope re-enters the room carrying his bag of clothes pins. Slowly and strategically, The Pope applies the pins to Amber's naked body and thighs before he removes them with his flogger. Then, the wand is placed against her tortured pussy until she reaches an another amazing climax. Next, as Amber lays bound to the table, we see her struggle as she hears the sound of the propane torch. First, The Pope warms her body by flame and then, the hot, blue wax rains down upon her naked flesh as Amber writhes. Once The Pope is satisfied that his subject is thoroughly coated, he vibes her off to another breathtaking orgasm... Still covered in her coat of wax, Amber now stands with her hands tied overhead. First, her rear receives a dual flogging at the hand of her Master before he turns his attentions to her torso and uses the floggers to remove the blue wax. The flogging continues for what seems like an eternity to our slave and continues on as The Pope smashes the wand against her clit bringing her to her final orgasm. Exhausted and depleted, Amber is left tied in the Dungeon with her skin aglow in red... Video clips can be found in galleries: 2,3,4,5 6.

Members comments:
23 Sep 2008 Fredeagle wrote: Amber is a great struggler. love seeing her thrusting her butt up and down in the was scene. take it from her, models.

17 Apr 2008 AX wrote: The first scene was mind blowing!!!!!! what an orgasm, what a tough girl, WOW! I enjoyed the way she is hanging spread wide, and helpless.

17 Apr 2008 ChiTown wrote: Amber always has sincere reactions and this was a tough shoot. Nice work by the Pope and Amber.

17 Apr 2008 Ogre wrote: Yes, that is true...Amber's hot, little, tough and limber body has made her a very popular bondage vixen. She is an absolute sweetheart! And for those of you who dont know, Amber started her bondage career here at SSM...Dommed by yours truly...It was a fun day :) 12/14/2005...see Amber's first bondage update...for some very real reactions...

17 Apr 2008 satisfied wrote: Amber Rayne is one of my favorites, but I'm used to seeing her somewhere else :)

10/10/2006 - Amber Rayne, Arianna Jolie 4 Scenes - 237 Photos - 35 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

We begin this update with a very tough and sexy Amber Rayne...the Pope has her rigged like a pretzel...her arms are tied around and behind her legs which are pulled over her head...she sits on the floor gagged and waiting for his demented plans...he plays with her pussy before using a vibrator to control her orgasms...after he is satisfied, he pulls Amber into the air to hang by her the next scene, Amber is tied on her back...the Pope whips her body, then he unties her and lays her on her tummy...her hands are pulled under her and he lifts her legs into the air leaving Amber painfully bent backwards...

Then it's Arianna Jollee...we get her spread, sunny side down, then sunny side up...she starts spread eagle, face down...the Pope has a good time spanking and whipping her ass...he sees her cute little ass hole and decides to stick a couple fingers inside...then an anal hook is inserted and he ties it off the next scene, Arianna is spread on her back...he rigs a vibrator directly to her pussy and leaves her there to kick and scream through multiple orgasms...

Members comments:
04 Mar 2013 bob wrote: wish she'd take those sodden boots off...such a sexy model just wanted to see her sexy feet. slaves always look more helpless barefoot.

10 Jun 2009 woodpecker wrote: Amber is amazing. She really seems to get off on this in scene 1. At the end of scene 2 I'd have liked to watch something done with that exposed pussy, but even so it's a very exciting position.

02 Mar 2008 H&H wrote: Perfect positions for mini gang bang action --- it would be hot

01 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Nice stretch! And the last scene is a top performance, great reactions!

09 Aug 2007 fan wrote: aranne jolie: see also comments on shot of 09/14: she is so hot like best when she curiosely tries to whatch wats coming next. As i like more bringing the slaves to orgasme than to beat them this is perfekt. Also studios are nice surrounding

09/19/2006 - Amber Rayne 3 Scenes - 211 Photos - 28 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

Sweet and adorable Amber Rayne...tied up on a bed, rolling around, wondering what the Pope has in store for her and her hot little body...he enters the room and tells it like it is...he explains to Amber that she is going to be his little plaything and he is going to do whatever he wants...she whines and agrees, although it doesnt seem she has much chance to disagree with his plans...he begins by removing her bra and panties...and pinches her nipples and spanks her ass...he rubs her pussy and leaves her hogtied on the the next scene Amber is tied, bent over a table...her hands are pulled in front of her and her legs are uncomfortably tied to the legs of the table...this leaves Amber's ass sticking out and the Pope enters and goes right to work...he spanks and whips her ass and back...he uses a vibrator to pleasure her pussy and Amber cums multiple times as he continues to whip the final scene, Amber is tied on the floor with one leg pulled up...her hands are tied behind her head and her other leg is frogtied...the Pope begins to play with her and decides she has too much freedom, so he ties her free foot to her hands to keep her arched and helpless...he primes her ass-hole with some fingering, then moves on to a dildo...Amber can only look on as he fucks her tight little ass hole with a dildo...once again, he whips her as he buzzes her clit and Amber cums hard...then he pulls Amber into the air by one leg and leaves her wet, suspended and whining...

Members comments:
09 Aug 2008 J.T. wrote: I agree -- Amber Rayne is a great performer; and the 2nd scene's spanking and whipping is great!

01 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Second scene is just great!

15 Oct 2007 The Sake Bandit wrote: Looks like stiff new hemp rope; got some myself last week... Enjoyed the table scene. Amber is a great performer. Other models should take note.

06/03/2006 - Amber Rayne 3 Scenes - 170 Photos - 36 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

Amber is back in the second part of her submissive training at the hands of Master Bad Ass...As the master wishes, Amber is dressed as a schoolgirl and locked in a dog cage...He enters and frees her from the cage...he leads her around as she crawls at his feet...he positions her in the center of the room and crops her ass...Amber is directed to remove her shirt and the Master waxes her the next scene, Amber is nake again...sitting on a bench, against a wall, tied with her hands above her head and her legs spread...the Master uses clamps on her nipples and pussy before using a vibrator to make her the last scene, Amber has been freed...but she returns to the room in order to pleasure the Master again...on her knees, she takes his cock in her mouth for 15 minutes as she sucks him off...the Master cums in her mouth and Amber swallows like a good slave...

Members comments:
17 Apr 2009 woodpecker wrote: I liked the second scene a lot, including the boots which for me were kind of emphasizing her nakedness. Nice touch with the clamps, and awesome reaction to the vibe. However, in the third scene what's the point of a voluntary blow job? This is a bondage site, you could at least have tied her wrists and elbows.

30 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Good update! Here, the wanking mouth cumshot makes sense!!!

08 May 2007 Boots wrote: Those are the most disgusting horrible boots a sexy girl could wear!!1 Yuck!!

05/14/2006 - Amber Rayne 3 Scenes - 230 Photos - 26 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

Amber is a hot, young woman with submissive desires...she applied for training with Master Bad, and after anxious weeks of waiting she was accepted...she chose to give herself to the Master, but once inside his dungeon, her ability to choose is gone...and that is exactly how Amber wants it and they only way that the Master will have it...In the first scene, Amber is tied spread standing...The Master enters to inspect her body...he manhandles her and removes her top...he spins her around to inspect her ass...he rigs her panties to split her crotch and leaves her the next scene, Amber has been stripped and tied bent over...the Master gives her a good introduction to spanking and leaves her sobbing with a very red the final scene, Amber is hogtied on a table...the Master rewards Amber by allowing her to suck his cock...he holds her by the head and face fucks her...but Amber doesn't get the pleasure of a warm load on her face...yet...

Of course, as always, this is a bondage fantasy and Amber is a paid adult actress...she really was more than happy to portray all these scenes...and so was the Master!

Members comments:
17 Apr 2009 woodpecker wrote: Too many clothes in the first scene - take everything off early except the boots. I liked the second scene including the boots. Nice spanking, although the Master could have attended more to her wide open pussy. The boots should have come off before the third scene. Tying her elbows together would have looked really good. Still, good job!

30 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Looks like the start of a fuckingdungeon scene. GOOD!

15 Oct 2007 The Sake Bandit wrote: I don' really go on the big black boots or leaving bits of clothing on during the spread-eagle scene. Nevermind. I've enjoyed using a hogtied woman's mouth in real life, so The Sake Bandit can relate to the last scene. It would be been nice if she had rolled onto her side for a few photos so we could see her toned torso and privvy regions. :D Still, can't go wrong with a ropeslut like Amber.

23 Sep 2007 maddis wrote: Amber’s delightful breasts deserve far more attention than they get. I’ll have my own fantasy watching this: over and over. Do agree with the next sets comments regarding the boots! Try something SEXY after all she has nothing to be ashamed of with those legs.

01/03/2006 - Amber Rayne, Hollie Stevens 4 Scenes - 228 Photos - 22 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Poor, young Amber...suspended from her wrists and ankles in the nude...she tries to get comfortable as Ogre enters to gag her...he whips her body as it swings to and fro...he pushes her back and forth as he takes strokes at her tender flesh...Ogre gropes her and invades her pussy with his fingers..then he leaves her there to suffer in mid the next scene, Amber is roped to a shelf-rack...she is totally helpless and immobile and Ogre rigs a vibrator to her pussy....he turns it on and leaves her...then comes back to finger fuck and rub her wet pussy....then its the vibrator one more time, rigged into place and left on her pussy...

Hollie's bondage afternoon continues with the Pope...he ties her on our steel table, on her tummy...her legs are spread wide and her arms are shackled behind her back and pulled way up...Hollie can only whine and squirm as the Pope inserts the dildo from the fucking machine into her pussy...he spanks her as the machine gets facter and faster...Hollie has helpless orgasms and leaves a puddle on the table...then we tie her hands and feet in front as she lays on her side...her neck and feet are tethered down and Hollie tries to relax...we gag and blindfold her and leave her.

Members comments:
29 Mar 2009 woodpecker wrote: Both scenes with Amber were great, excellent display of her helpless skinny body and good reactions.

31 Mar 2008 yasu wrote: shelfe-rack is good.

27 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Yeah, nice reaction, body and face!

15 Oct 2007 The Sake Bandit wrote: The suspension scene here is one of my most played videos from SSM. Little Amber twists and writhes to make the footage very dynamic, with an excellent unwilling captive role play vibe. I dare say that I don't have the vibrator scene on disc, so I'll have to grab it pronto. And shit, I love how you guys show models totally nude.

23 Sep 2007 maddis wrote: Of the photos gallery1 “Suspended13” is beautiful. Love the way she twists and turns. Equally, totally helpless she is a real turn on.

24 Jun 2007 Ogre wrote: The video of amber hanging is at the top of gallery 2...

27 May 2007 Jojo wrote: Where`s the video with her hanging??? That`s not funny anymore!!

12/14/2005 - Amber Rayne 3 Scenes - 267 Photos - 22 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

Cute, little, Amber is a bondage virgin...never been tied and never been forced to cum, and we put her through some tough scenes in her first shoot...Amber is stripped naked and tied to a wheelchair...Her hands are pulled and tied behind the chair, and her legs are frogtied and spread...a ball gag keeps her mouth occupied and ropes tether her neck to the chair, keeping Amber very helpless...Ogre rolls her into the scene with remote in hand...once he has her positioned well for our viewing, he reclines the chair until Amber is facing up...a dildo on a stick is used to fuck her exposed pussy and Amber can't stop the pounding of her loins...after she is good and wet, Ogre rigs a vibrator to her pussy...he turns it on and watches Amber squirm through pleasureful waves...clamps are applied to her nipples and he blindfolds her...Amber has multiple ograsms throughout the scene...Still naked, Amber is u-bolted into our wooden platform...metal shackles restrain her ankles, wrists and neck...a dental gag keep her mouth open, and Ogre enjoys groping her pussy and tits...He whips her body from neck to toe...suction is used on her sensitive nipples as Ogre sets up a TENS unit...electrical pads are placed on either side of her clit...Amber whines are Ogre plays with the current, shocking her the final scene, Amber's flexability is used against her...a leather belt around her waist keeps her midsection in the air as Ogre ties down her hands and feet...

Members comments:
26 Mar 2009 woodpecker wrote: Great stuff, especially the table scene. To watch Amber's naked skinny body helplessly squirming and quivering is priceless. I didn't like that gag though, it serves no visible purpose except dehydrating her mouth, which can be torture but is not at all erotic. Finally: Pity there isn't any video from the last scene, the pics look really hot. Keep up the good work!

31 Mar 2008 yasu wrote: Very nice I like Amber.

02 Mar 2008 Doomed wrote: Is last scene video missing? The one where she shows us her flexibility...

27 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Great electrical treatment

15 Oct 2007 The Sake Bandit wrote: The first appearance of Amber on SSM. She is one of my favourite bondage models. Her body is lithe and sexy...I like to see muscles and other features straining against the restraints. I can't get enough of girls like her and Isabelle Camille. The u-bolt table scene is my favourite in this shoot.

18 Sep 2007 maddis wrote: A Lovely body nicely displayed for my pleasure. The video of Amber twitching on the table from being shocked gave me a hard one that hasn't been felt for many a year! I would hope that the session was stopped as she was clearly not enjoying the experience, real pain?

17 May 2007 Ogre wrote: The video is in gallery 2, but the windows file was corrupted...we are uploading it fresh, now...thanks and sorry for the inconvenience

10 May 2007 Demon wrote: errm... where's the video from 1st scene (1&2 galleries). I saw part of it as a 7 second trailer among free videos...

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