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09/07/2012 - Amy Brooke 4 Scenes - 448 Photos - 73 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 448 Photos - 73 Minutes Video

This week Amy's got Ogre to deal with, and she looks around the room cautiously as she awaits her inevitable and undeniable fate. Bound by wrist and ankle, she scoots along the floor and is startled when Ogre throws open the door to get to the task at hand...Amy's body is a nice one, lean, tight and petite and she'a about to have it gone over methodically inch by inch, as Ogre tears down her panties and begins the plundering. Run through her paces in series of masterful brutality, Amy seems to be eager to oblige, unwavering in the fact that her day in her Master's hands shall be a long one. What unfolds before your eyes is a vision of pain and pleasure that pushes the boundaries of the mind and body. And as much as Ogre demands, Amy gives…And if there is anything that she might be holding back...she will eventually surrender... ShootID: AMY_083112

Members comments:
10 Feb 2013 Bondage Bob wrote: Yummy little bitch! wanna see more of her maybe a barefoot hogtie on a mattress n have her feet played with

22 Sep 2012 bitchslap wrote: I goota say this update is superb! Amy is a hot girl, and there's something of everything in this shoot! Loved the chair scene and the squirting particularly :)

09 Sep 2012 Mercury wrote: All four scenes were very well done! Amy Brooke is amazing. GREAT!

08 Sep 2012 Maka wrote: Loved it when you held her eyes open :D

10/21/2009 - Amy Brooke 5 Scenes - 396 Photos - 59 Minutes Video
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FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. Amy had been on Fucking Dungeon once before and we knew that she was a nasty little wench but, this would be her first time in the hands of The Pope. We started it off with Amy precariously perched atop a couple of wooden blocks and this gave The Pope easy access to her vital regions. Her pussy was crammed full of fingers and a good whipping got her flesh nice and red. Amy's first orgasms were hard and she held up well but, little did she realize that this was only the beginning... What came next and became the theme of the day, was an onslaught of magnificent proportions as little Amy found herself in The Pope's tight grasp. Bound, bent and stretched, Amy endured a session of extremity. She came hard and she came often until she finally gave way spraying her juices across the Dungeon floor...

Members comments:
11 Nov 2009 Whitey wrote: everything appears to be correct. Try refreshing your browser possibly.

22 Oct 2009 John wrote: The first 720p link points to another vid.

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