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12/02/2004 - Anastasia Pierce 3 Scenes - 122 Photos - 42 Minutes Video
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Anastasia Pierce is in big trouble...Liam is on the loose and has lovely Ana in his clutches...he drags her into the first scene and ties her hands above her head....he takes his time while verbally humiliating her and stips off her clothes...he adds painful clamps to her nipples and pulls her up on her toes to be brutally whipped, spanked and manhandled...Anastasia is forced to spin on her tip toes while he whips away at all parts of her naked body...Then our helpless star is tied on her tummy...her arms are tied behind her head, legs are frogtied and ropes pull up to keep her back bowed...Liam uses a cane on her ass and pussy before tying a vibrator into her crotch...then Ana is rolled over and left to orgasms from the buzzing on her pussy....In the last scene, Liam makes Anastasia tie her own legs as he demands fast and tight work...he fixes her wrists to the bamboo pole and pulls her onto her back...Once again he uses the cane on her inner thighs, feet and pussy...Ana struggles against the pain, but Liam demands her submission and punishes her harder until she remains the end, a dildo on a stick is used to fuck Anastasia's helpless pussy...he leaves her there tied, marked and wet from the fuck...

Members comments:
19 Sep 2012 Tom wrote: Wow, what a lovely model! Can we expect to see more of her???

25 Oct 2007 Diesel from Detroit wrote: I loved the way you stretched Anastasia out. She has a very pretty body. Personally I would have liked to seen her in heels in this scene but all and all a very good scene.

25 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Great variation! Good slapping...

08/03/2004 - Anastasia Pierce 3 Scenes - 125 Photos - 20 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7

The alluring Anastasia Pierce is in big trouble...wearing only black boots and a slave collar, her arms are tied reverse prayer behind her back... her legs are tied and she is gagged, waiting for Master add to her troubles, she falls off the couch as she struggles in vain to get out of her binds...Liam enters to tend to his slave and he is not happy...effortlessly, he lifts her onto the couch and scolds her for not being where he left her...Liam manhandles and whips Ana as she whines and begs...he continues to verbally berate her as he lifts her over his shoulder and carries her away...Poor Anastasia is rigged for suspension, legs spread and arms pulled over head...Liam hoists her from the ground intending to make sure she learns her lesson for the day...he applies the lip loop to her labia, spreading her lovely pussy as Ana looks down in helpless bewilderment...after a few strokes of the cane, Liam uses the clit sucking vibrator on her exposed sweetness...Ana climaxes with a mix of pleasure and the final scene Anastasia is tied spread eagle on a bed...Liam once again taunts and whips Ana making sure she's gotten his point of total submission and strict a reward for her torments, he inserts a fucking machine into her pussy and turns it on...leaving her there to be fucked until his return...

Members comments:
24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: The dildo action slapping is TOP!

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