Angel Dustrial Updates

02/01/2004 - Angel Dustrial 3 Scenes - 247 Photos - 42 Minutes Video
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Angel Idlewild is back with her scrappy tormentor, Justin Unwell...we find Angel tied in the empty warehouse...a pole is run behind her back and through her elbows, with her hands tied in front...Justin comes in and slowly undresses the ball-gagged beauty...he gropes and bites and ends up spanking her the second scene, Angel is tied to a table with her legs frogtied and spread...Justin strings her pierced nipples up and procedes to pleasure Angel with a vibrator...In the last scene, Angel is tied on her knees with hands overhead...her lovely-full breasts invite a bit of teasing, so Justin pulls and plays with the strings which are still fastened to her nipple piercings...he pulls her in close and forces her to kiss him....then he leaves her alone and tied...Angel's afternoon of bondage and submission continues as she is tied, bent over a table in the first photo set...Then she is tied on the table on her back...hands pulled and spread, legs tied up in the air, exsposing her wonderful ass...Angel squirms and wrestles in her bonds...her hips are tied to the table to keep her still...Justin enters to dominate and grope her...he walks around her helpless body, taking small stops to spank her ass...In the final scene, Angel's adorable body is naked as she is spread out standing...Justin makes her suck a dildo, then he inserts it into her pussy...he ties the dildo into place and leaves her for a moment...he comes back with a syringe...Angel is worried as Justin walks behind her...he injects her shoulder with some heinous concoction and Angel passes out....her bonds keep her limp body spread in the air...

Members comments:
03 Aug 2016 Sa1xxxxx wrote: WHERE'S THE CONTENT I PAID FOR?

27 Jun 2010 bellylicker69 wrote: Ho ho! Perfect girl for this! Angel rocks... her look, her pale naked body, everything! Love that the stockings and gloves stay on...

27 Nov 2008 Bruno wrote: very good

19 Jun 2008 Damien wrote: Over all my favorite model ever. and such a performance! I only wish there was more.

26 Feb 2008 Ogre wrote: I like your style Charlie...want a job?

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Nice Variation!

17 Oct 2007 charlie (the Manxman) wrote: bloody videos are in gallery 9 if you can be bothered to bloody well look, mateys. I found them straight away! And I am MANX (not BLOODY English shite) alrighty. Wear your bloody specs next time Mr Bloody Pain-in-the bloody-arse (ass)!Get Stuffed Mr. Fuddy Old Fart!

05 Oct 2007 dan wrote: this lack of video is less than what members paid for ???

22 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote:

22 Jul 2007 tre wrote: Where are the videos?

17 Jul 2007 bmaster wrote: Again noooooo Videos

22 Jun 2007 Old Man wrote: Where are the Videos.

18 Jun 2007 Demon wrote: cant find videos...

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