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01/30/2008 - Angelina Valentine 5 Scenes - 393 Photos - 69 Minutes Video
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We get out first glimpse of Angelina as she is naked and tied in the crane position. Her exposed pussy and huge boobs are the immediate targets of The Pope. After he puts her through the rigors of a good pussy spanking, his flogger takes over as he works the leather across her pussy, ass and thighs. Slave Angelina next has her tits and pussy clipped before she erupts in an orgasm at the hand of The Pope and his magic wand. Next, Angelina is gagged then tied on her back to the cube with her vulnerable pussy exposed. The Pope immediately begins flogging her torso and tits as his slave tries to squirm in her binds. Angelina has her tummy and thighs clipped and then closes her eyes as The Pope lubes and slides the pole mounted dildo into her pussy. When the dildo is removed and replaced with the vibrator, our dirty little slave simply cannot contain herself and she explodes in a urine soaked orgasm... Bound ass up to the sawhorse, Angelina endures a brutal dual flogging. Screaming through her bit gag she admits what a bad girl she indeed is. After dishing out the sinister whipping, The Pope calmly and coldly brings her to another orgasm... Struggling in her ropes, Angelina is now tied spreadeagle. The Pope inserts the cold, steel speculum in her cunt before he takes a cane to his slave's inner thighs. After removing the speculum, he then fills her pussy with the rubber dong again and works it in and out of her sopping pussy. Leaving the dong deep inside his slave, The Pope then smashes the magic wand against her clit. Angelina, defiantly tries to hold back her orgasm until she is blindfolded. Deprived of vision, Angelina cums in absolute darkness. Next, Angelina has her head harnessed and she is mounted to the Sybian. After The Pope cranks up the Cumbot to high speed, Angelina is then flogged once again from behind. Drooling and moaning, Angelina is left on the Sybian and experiences one final frantic orgasm. Video clips can be found in galleries: 3, 4, 5, 7 & 8.

Members comments:
29 May 2008 joe wrote: we definitely need more of her! Lets see more slapping choking in the next one.

18 Feb 2008 Krumis wrote: Excellent!

09 Feb 2008 Stefkers wrote: Eine wirklich phantastische Ficksklavin.

31 Jan 2008 Chitown wrote: an excellent vartiation of the punished bitch scenerio. I'd love to see her get fucked :)

31 Jan 2008 charlie wrote: Yet ANOTHER really gorgeous new slave/model to ogle over!!! This is a DEFINATE 10/10 this time!!! Brilliant.

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