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07/11/2007 - Annabelle Lee 5 Scenes - 385 Photos - 49 Minutes Video
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The adorable and sexy Annabelle Lee decides to try SocietySM and she does seem a bit nervous, but by the end, she is a relaxed and satisfied slave...The Pope begins by cuffing her wrists over her head and spreading her legs...he whips her beautiful body and it becomes apparent that Annabelle has a perfect ass and she enjoys the heat of the whip...he pegs her nipples and brings Annabelle to the first of many soulfull orgasms...there's something about her orgasms that is reminiscent of Janis Joplin's singing...maybe it's the faces she the next scene, Annabelle is roped to a chair...the Pope uses electricity and Anna suffers through the shocks...then more orgasms...we bend Anna over for a view of that lovely ass and the Pope whips it red and he finishes the scene with the magic wand and pleasure...then it's Annabelle spread eagle on a bed...the Pope brings Slave Skyler into the scene to sit on her face...Annabelle sucks on Skyler's pussy as the Pope torments the final scene, Annabelle is roped down completely and Slave Skyler wears a dildo gag...Skyler fucks Annabelle's pussy as the Pope continues his torments...

Members comments:
11 Apr 2009 gecker wrote: I love this girls shoots, she does some very good girl girl stuff. I would like to see more girl girl shoots like this one on this site. Annabelle has a body that I particularly like, I love the cute little tight boobs.

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Great one! Great variations!

24 Sep 2007 pas' wrote: great great great this is the best set!Please more with this concept:an ogre,a naked assistant and the slave.In this scene having slave skyler make all the difference.Very erotic and sexy. please more...

16 Aug 2007 Droc wrote: Ooooo HELL YES! Watching this little Slut Squirm And SUFFER on that cold steel chair in gallery's 4 & 5 with her perky little Nipples and Tender little Twat lips getting JUICED was Priceless! I sooooo loved listening to her squeaks and squeals as you Shocked her fucking little love box! I was kinda hoping you would put the clips back on her tender little pussy lips After you made her cum all thoose times...

12 Aug 2007 MrHappy wrote: Annabelle is simply hot! She's the reason I joined this site and Cumbots. Keep having her back, and keep doing the evil things to her taut little body...

22 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote: LOL...OUCH!

22 Jul 2007 Krumis wrote: I think Annabelle looks very beautiful in the SocietySM sets, and one thing is for sure, the FN content will put you to sleep no matter how hot the models look!

22 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote: I was unaware that fetishnation was shooting new content...are you sure that shoot wasn't from a couple years ago?

22 Jul 2007 rehtneug wrote: Very cute girl. But I've seen her looking wayyyy hotter in a recent fetishnation-update where she looked more natural (less makeup, no lipstick and nail-polish, ponytail-hairstyle). Maybe you can make her come back looking more authentic/ less overstyled? On a general note: you're running a great site here!

14 Jul 2007 ThrillKill wrote: two slaves, good work

13 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote: Scene 5 with the dildo gag is in gallery 10...our tech guy is working on this problem since Gallery 10 does show in the guest updates section, but not in the members is the URL until he gets it fixed...

13 Jul 2007 fan wrote: super shot - best is playing with Slave Skyler - but where is scene 5 with dildo gag?

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