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07/20/2006 - Annie Cruz, Haley Scott 4 Scenes - 209 Photos - 31 Minutes Video
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Haley's shoot continues as the Pope ties her to our torture chair...her arms are tied out and her legs are tethered to the chair...this is a great position for controlled orgasms because the model simply cannot move her hips...which means she cant get away from the vibrator...the Pope rigs the vibrator to her pussy and turns it on...he gags then blindfolds Haley and leaves her to have multiple the next scene, Haley is wrapped up in celophane...the Pope lowers her to the grounf and leaves her there...

in the second half of Annie's shoot, she has been made to ride our wooden pony...her legs are shackled at the ankle to the side of the pony and her hands are pulled above her head...Ogre rigs her nipples with electrical clamps...then he fixes her inner thighs with TENS pads...this scene is full of screams as Ogre plays with the levels on the TENS unit...Annie is gagged and blindfolded and she drools through the waves of intense the next scene, Annie is tied to a cross and suspended...Ogre takes great pleasure in whipping her tits hard...for five minutes Annie withstands constant whipping...he rewards her with one very big orgasm...then leaves her swinging on the cross...

Members comments:
31 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Great variation!

07/11/2006 - Annie Cruz 3 Scenes - 154 Photos - 24 Minutes Video
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Annie Cruz pays a visit to SocietySM on Easter for a little slave training. In the first scene Ogre drags her into the dungeon by her collar to inspect her sexy hard body. He pulls her panties down to have better access to her pussy and ass. He continues with some spanking and then he puts her on the floor. He spread her out for more pussy torture...then he rolls her over and ties her in an intense hogtie for more punishment and leaves her to worry about what is next. The second scene Ogre has Annie's arms bound tight behind her head, one leg frogtied and the other pulled in the air, insuring no escape. He begins by fucking her tight little pussy with a dildo. Annie trys to fight him off, but with no luck. He controls her into one orgasm after another...then he uses the magic wand to push her over the edge...she screams and squirms, but in the end she can't stop Ogre from torturing her overly sensitive pussy...he makes her lick her juices from the dildo and then spanks her pussy before leaving her to get ready for the next lesson...The final scene we find Annie bound and helpless on a table with her legs frogtied and spread wide. Her hands are pulled over her head and her body fully exposed for Ogre to has his way with her. He machine fucks her and then whips her entire body. Just as Annie thinks he has finished with her he uses the magc wand one more time for an explosive orgasm. She squirts her submissive juices everywhere and Ogre leaves her to wonder what he still has in store for her...

Members comments:
16 Jun 2008 Ogre wrote: Annie's videos are back up now!

06 Jun 2008 Luke Skywalker wrote: If this works you can download here...

27 Feb 2008 Damienb wrote: Annie1 Annie2 Annie3

31 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Last scene is great! Good performance nice reactions!

19 Aug 2007 phil0316 wrote: Can you download the video? If so, how? I only seem to be able to view this one. Great shoot.

14 Aug 2007 helper wrote: found out by trial would be ashame if this nice shoots would be lost - like the girl and shoots

06 Aug 2007 Deepcity wrote: OK webmaster we have played lets hunt the video, so were is it this time!

09 Jul 2007 bmaster wrote: We´re are the wmv vid. it´s not nice anymore

02 Jul 2007 Tamora8 wrote: Can anyone tell me where to find the wmv video for this set?!

23 May 2007 teacherjvl wrote: Once again we're promised 24 minutes of video but there are no links to any videos. I'm paying for the videos and it's very disappointing when they're not available.

08 May 2007 Boots wrote: Pity her beautiful shoes couldn't be left in the shots after they were removed...really sexy..!!!

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