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09/05/2007 - Ariel Summers 5 Scenes - 265 Photos - 67 Minutes Video
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Ariel Summers joins the ranks of SocietySM models as she endures a long shoot with Michael Kahn...Michael gives the impression of a happy monk with his gentle features and polite mannerisms, but below the surface is a stern sadist...and Ariel gives the impression of a good girl and Michael gets below her surface to reveal a submissive slut...Ariel is spread naked and Kahn takes great pleasure is exploring her helpless body...he fingers her cunt and spanks her ass...then turns her around for some whipping...then the magic wand works on her pussy...before long, Ariel is cooing from the pleasure in her pussy...Michael allows for one orgasm and Ariel seems sadly disappointed as he removes the wand and walks away...Then we rope Ariel to a chair...her legs are spread wide and she pleads with her eyes as Michael whips her pussy and tits...he fucks her pussy with a dildo and pulls another orgasm from her clit...then we bend Ariel over..her arms and hair are tied back and her ass sticks out behind her...Michael spanks her ass as he makes her count...he applies electric clamps to her pussy lips and turns up the current, then fingers her ass hole...Kahn uses an anal hook deep into her ass and ties it off to her hands...and leaves her to endure...then, tied on her tummy with her legs and feet pulled up, Ariel is pleasured and spanked...more cooing as her pussy drools from the pleasure in her seems she just can't get enough of the the last scene, she gets waxed from neck to toe...Kahn ties a vibrator to her cunt and whips the wax from her body ...

Members comments:
23 Apr 2009 woodpecker wrote: Concerning gags, they're occasionally OK, but in general I'd wish you would use them MUCH less than you do. Gags usually distort a pretty girl's face and make her look ugly or stupid or both - none of which I find erotic. However the dumbest of all is that unfastened dildo gag of yours, which has already ruined several otherwise excellent rack scenes (e.g. with Logan) and does it again here in the last scene. PLEASE throw that thing away, or shove it where it belongs!!

09 Aug 2008 J.T. wrote: Among the specific reasons that I joined the Society SM site *is* that its models are Ball-gagged (or Bit-gagged) in every scene! I'll admit I'm among those that feel that if there's no gag, the bondage is somehow..."incomplete".

20 Dec 2007 NameDave wrote: I agree with GNT. If Kan is going to lead the girl with questions,I dont like hearing her intelligible replies. Let's remove the gag!

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: She is great! Nice stockings! Great reaction, great performance! TOP

20 Oct 2007 Digger55 wrote: Another reason to drop the old guy!

13 Sep 2007 Ogre wrote: Walter Mitty...HA

13 Sep 2007 yeah wrote: yeah, the secret life of walter mitty. Thanks.

12 Sep 2007 Demon wrote: Imo forced orgasms better then anal stuff... I think there are a lot of sites with anal, but I don't know any, that would be better than SSM in pleasuring models (=

12 Sep 2007 GNT wrote: Why is there so little anal action on the site? Some of the scenes just cry out for a dildo, e-stim or hook in the ass. I think you are missing a trick here...

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