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08/29/2012 - Ariel X 4 Scenes - 413 Photos - 70 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 413 Photos - 70 Minutes Video

Ariel's time with Ogre is sure to be a special one. Strapped into the chair, she is quickly introduced to his whip and this hard-bodied babe coos and moans as the leather says hello...Her shirt thrust open and clamps on those tits, Ariel is then subjected to the vibe as it plunders her pussy. A blindfold adds a nice touch and Ariel begs to cum as she grinds her cunt against the device...Next, draped over the arch, TENS pads in place, she twitches and writhes her way into a guttural, orgasmic tidal wave while her Master toys with her torso reflexes...Then, upright, black gauze covers her gaping mouth as Ogre once again brandishes the whip to redden her lovely pelvis...Still raw, Ariel then journeys into a blistering grand finale' as she is spread and clamped tightly, a dong buried to the hilt. She's not quite home yet though, she'll soon discover as Ogre has a bit more suffering in store for her... ShootID: ARI_082712

Members comments:
15 Oct 2012 Paulo wrote: I agreed beaubrumel. Ariel X is superb with perfect body and have sexy strong face, but the stupid mask covering it botch the whipping scene. If don't have mask, the scene would have been perfect and would give the facial reactions with details and would make unforgettable scene. Mask never more, please!

30 Aug 2012 Bob D. wrote: Excellent!superb!Ogre,you have outdone yourself.It was a fantasy come true to wee the exquisitly beautiful Ariel on the arch-rack.She belongs in the bdsm hall of fame.Thanks.

30 Aug 2012 Dante wrote: Ogre is not the best rigger out there but his skills as a Dom put him head and shoulders above the competition at Kink or Intersec or anyone else. Ariel is as beautiful as ever. Phenomenal update!!!

30 Aug 2012 provost wrote: Any session with Ariel is superb: her combination of beauty, toughness, and bring-it-onness is unsurpassed. But gotta agree with Beau that her beautiful face should not be hidden. And a single-tail would be welcome, and a little attention to her soles: a few band-snaps while arched and stretched would be great Amy Brooke, coming soon to DC, did a phenomenal shoot last time and I hope you stretch her limits...and perhaps her body...and test her soles (as a personal favor). Cheers!

30 Aug 2012 beaubrumel wrote: The whipping scene with Axiel standing would have been so much better if had not put that stupid mask around her face. She has such a sexy strong face that covering it up was lousy, it ruined everything.

01/25/2012 - Ariel X 4 Scenes - 394 Photos - 57 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 394 Photos - 57 Minutes Video

Bane looks to take full advantage of Ariel's amazing body, and oh what an amazing body it is. First up on the cube, Ariel finds herself being manhandled...Her bare soles get some action while she is brought to the brink of a guttural orgasm and then left to twitch with the TENS pads applied to her torso...After that initial break in session, she's flat on her back while Bane ratchets her legs high and wide...With her pussy exposed, Bane takes the opportunity to ply her with the G5 and a pole mounted dildo before breaking out the wax and coating her inner thighs...She begs to cum, and only after a vicious whipping is she finally allowed...Next, Ariel's clamped and weighted, her torso zippered as she once again finding herself begging for release. Bane toys with her mercilessly before tying her in an inverted suspension. As Ariel dangles from the rafters, she's put through her paces, ending in one final, teasing, torrent of pain and pleasure... ShootID: ARI_011912

Members comments:
22 Mar 2012 Bob D. wrote: Always a joy to see Ariel!!

20 Feb 2012 Der Kapitan wrote: Well, folks, this is not meant to offend anyone since we're in a PC world without truth; but, here I go anway like some damned fool. I've been a member of the various Dungeon sites on and off for about 7 years. ArielX has been one of my favorites. She is one tough cookie and hangs with the best of these gals on any site, foreign and domestic. How amazing I find it to see she's gained a little weight; that is, in her chest. The wonders of modern surgery! I trust she feels better about herself with the added dimension on a larger bra size, and I respect her for that. In Ariel's case, unlike most, it wasn't needed in the least. She had everything it takes to be a captivating woman without the help of modern surgery. Let me not mention Daisy Marie--Ariel's opposite in every way possible. Period. Now, folks, feel free to disagree, but please act like the gentlemen you are.

04 Feb 2012 provost wrote: Ariel is exquisite! Perhaps the rack next time? With that lithe and lovely body stretched and sweating, her soles could be tickled and stroked to distraction.

28 Jan 2012 Wixan wrote: This woman is absolutely stunning. I hope we will see a LOT more of her.

27 Jan 2012 Whitey wrote: Can you guys with video clip issues be a bit more specific? I am able to download and view all the clips from multiple machines and OS'es in multiple locations with no issue.

26 Jan 2012 me wrote: Wish along with the rubber bands, you did some tickling on those feet! Don't have to save it all for the new tickling site!

26 Jan 2012 Confused wrote: Me too!

26 Jan 2012 knucks1947 wrote: What happened? I'm unable to upload videos from your site. All I get is a blank white screen.

11/11/2009 - Ariel X 5 Scenes - 345 Photos - 61 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7

FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. I've known Ariel for years, and every time we work together I push her just a little harder than the time before. She is a sex kitten who only enjoys pleasure when preceded by pain. The more I abuse her, the more powerful her orgasms are. She endures waxing, flogging, caning, nipple torture, and an overpowering amount of electricity just to receive her reward for being a good pain slut. I put her in a severe suspension with all of her weight pressing her chest into my ropes and shortening her breath, which leads up to an even more intense orgasm. Ariel is one of a small breed of slaves that can take this kind of torture and feel satisfied after the day is complete.....The Pope

Members comments:
31 Aug 2010 handles wrote: My favorite model. One hell of a shoot. You really did her in. Thanks Ariel X for a wonderful episode.

09 Dec 2009 Sake Bandit wrote: Bloody hell, Ariel Ex is an amazing woman. Her body and soul should be bought by SSM outright...and shared around the member subscribers. OK I lied about Ariel being owned by SSM. SSM has the best spread-eagles of any paysite. I've said that before. However the videographer should not crop off the slave's pussy in close-ups. Noob mistake...come on, you can do better. That said, HARD to take a bad shot of Ariel Ex. Word.

11 Nov 2009 Garfold wrote: Great job. Ariel X is a wonderful model and a near perfect pain slut. She could stand some double penetration. Bring her back for some more intense punishment in your other sites.

08/20/2008 - Ariel X, Satine Phoenix 5 Scenes - 418 Photos - 73 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7 Gallery 8

FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. This weeks HD video clips can be found atop galleries 3,5,6,7 & 8 in both Windows media and Quicktime formats... Also this week SocietySM brings you a new feature with our clips being shot in the HD format and we're sure you'll enjoy the crisp, clear video content. To celebrate our new era of HD content, The Pope shows us how it's done as he takes two hot pain sluts and puts on quite the show. Satine Phoenix and Ariel X both get the special touch from their Master as he spanks, whips and vibes them to a frantic frenzy. Satine and Ariel obey their twisted Master well as they provide some explosive girl on girl action at The Pope's command! Dual orgasms, twin suspensions, machine fucking and face sitting is just the tip of the iceburg...

Members comments:
29 Oct 2009 Chris wrote: The blond one is an absolutesexy bombshell; send her to Fuckingdungeon for a similar treatment as Tanya Roberts; suspended Blowjob etc and whip her hard on a pole sometimes...gagged.

23 Aug 2008 roger wrote: where is morgan ?

22 Aug 2008 The Droc wrote: Yup, that was definitely hot! I don't mind seeing two girls at one time, so long as Both of them are a gettin Punished! I loved the Crotch rope scene where one girls legs were used to Punish the other Girls Pussy! Brings back a memory of a old fantasy.... What if you found a pair of twins... I wonder if they would react in the same way to the same Punishment? Say a Tippy Toe Tight Crotchrope, being Pulled equally tight into both their tender twats... Would they grimace, cuss, scream or cry in the same manner? Or would one of them prove to be tougher than her twin and refuse to dance for us on her Tippy Toes? I would Love to see a shoot where Twins were forced to endure simultaneous Punishment to their Pussys with tight ropes, nasty clips, elecric shocks, or even the dreaded double ended electrified dildo!(Okay, so I made that one up...). It would be Interesting, Very Interesting to watch their reactions to the very Same Punishments, at the very same time... Purely for Scientific Research mind you, Purely for Scientific Research... Mmmmmmmm.... Research....

21 Aug 2008 SB wrote: Hey, great pictures, but the video is no longer working for me starting on this shoot.. You guys change your codec? If so, what is it, now?

20 Aug 2008 Segren wrote: You hit the bitch this time! This is exactly what I have been dying to see. Satine and Ariel were perfect and the male guided girl-girl action was great! Keep it up.

11/21/2007 - Ariel X 5 Scenes - 595 Photos - 61 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7 Gallery 8

Ariel X really needs no introduction. She is molten hot, loves bondage, and enjoys all we can dish out to her. She hasn't been on the site for a little while and we were more than anxious to have her back. After Ariel gags herself for us, we rope her to the steel poles and she anxiously awaits the arrival of The Pope... When The Pope finds Ariel bound and naked, he wastes no time springing into action. After he rudely gropes and paws at Ariel's cunt, he takes a cane to her ass and clamps her hard nipples. Ariel's moans and groans have only just begun however, as The Pope reaches into his dirty little bag of tricks and pulls out the pole mounted rubber dildo which he uses to fuck her into orgasmic oblivion. Next, Ariel has her body repositioned on the poles. This time her feet are high in the air and her legs are spread wide as The Pope now begins to work her body over with his flogger. Her moans of pain and ecstasy increase in volume as the harshness of the flogger's blows increase. Then, the violet wand is incorporated by The Pope as he works it's electrical wonder across her shaved cunt. After that, the G5 is applied to Ariel's raw cunt in full force as we watch her succumb to a mesmerizing orgasm on command... Now Ariel is bent over. With her ass positioned perfectly for more of The Pope's flogger artistry. After a massive "hide tanning", clothes pins are applied to her thighs and pussy and then removed via the whip. Now the magic wand is brought out as we witness Ariel experience yet another forced orgasm at the brutal hand of The Pope... Naked and gagged on the cold Dungeon floor, Ariel has one leg cuffed and chained in the air. The Pope applies suction cups to her tits before battering her cunt with the pole mounted dong and the magic wand again. Ariel tries to wiggle free but, The Pope keeps an iron grip on her slippery body as forces her to cum yet again. Next, Ariel is tied to a leather bench. After another vicious flogging session via The Pope, her naked torso is covered in molten green wax. As the propane torch rains down the lava like liquid on Ariel's body, she screams and writhes wildy. Finally, the G5 is pressed hard against her swollen cunt one last time and we witness one final gut wrenching display as Ariel cums furiously...

Members comments:
30 Jun 2009 woodpecker wrote: Hot update, especially scene 2. Ariel's lean, tight body is displayed very well in that inverted spread, and she makes a nice show of her stomach muscles when she squirms in her bonds. Scene 4 was great too. I just wish the Pope would stop saying incessantly "Good girl"...

23 Sep 2008 Fredeagle wrote: Aerial X is another great struggler, thrusting up while being waxed and vibed

26 Nov 2007 JB wrote: Awesome update, especially video's 2 & 4. Ariel is a beautiful cum machine. Please bring her back soon.

01/10/2007 - Ariel X 5 Scenes - 328 Photos - 48 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7 Gallery 8

Ariel X is a sexy and tough, bondage phenomenon...the Pope has his way with her as he puts her through some of the hottest scenes in our history...Ariel begins dessed in a skirt and top...her hands are shackled over her head...the Pope comes in to undress her and inspect her lovely body...he gets her naked and begins to spank and whip her...he uses a cane on her pussy and the next scene, Ariel is locked into wooden stocks and lying on her back...the Pope makes her suck a dildo as he whips her tits and pussy...then ten strategically placed clothespins on her tender flash...and the mean bastard whips them off...with the magic wand her makes her cum over and over...Ariel is then suspended on her side...he legs are spread wide as she hangs horitzonally in the air...he uses a dildo on a stick to fuck her helpless pussy before pulling more orgasms from her clit with a vibe...a steel spreader is used on her wrists and ankles as Ariel lays on her back with her feet in the air...electrical pads are stuck to her ass an the Pope uses the Samuri electrical dildo to fuck her pussy...then screaming the last scene, Ariel is hoisted into the air by her ankles...he ties her hands to a bar below and stretches her out, upside down...he whips her body as he holds the vibrator on her clit until she cums...not for the weak of heart! this one hurts...but Ariel gets all the pleasure she can take...

Members comments:
02 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Youre near to perfect! Scene one has good reactions! The second scene is perfect, TOP performance and reactions and the rope pussy torture is great! The rest has good reactions!

06/17/2006 - Ariel X, Hollie Stevens 3 Scenes - 206 Photos - 38 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

This update features two top-notch bondage models...we begin wth Ariel X...we lay her down on our stretching bench....her ankles are buckled into a spreader bar and her hands are pulled over her head...Manson enters with a whip and takes his time whipping her...he gropes her tits, he spanks her pussy...he puts his hand over her mouth to play with her the end, Manson uses a vibrator....holding it against her clit as she struggles through the next scene, we stand Ariel up on the table...once again her hands are pulled above her head and her legs are stretched wide open...Mason uses clamps on her nipples and hangs heavy wieghts from them...he fucks her from below with a dildo on a stick...he takes a moment to spread her legs wide enough to pull them off the table, leaving her suspended by her wrists...then a magic wand is used to make her cum...

Hollie is tied to a table, naked and lying on her back...Manson uses candles to wax her enire body, then rigs a vibrator to her pussy and leaves poor Hollie to cum over and over, screaming all the way...

Members comments:
06 May 2009 woodpecker wrote: Outstanding update, especially the second scene with Ariel.

30 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Awesome update! Perfect camera position in the first scene! Just great!

05/03/2006 - Ariel X 3 Scenes - 157 Photos - 34 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Lovely Ariel begins tied on the floor...wearing only a bra and panties, she struggles to scoot across the room in an effort to get away...Mason enters and pulls her back to the center of the room where he taunts and paws her...he quickly reddens her ass with sharp swats to the ass...he pulls off her bra and pulls down her panties to get a good view of what this beautiful slave has to the next scene, we find Ariel riding a wooden pony...her hands and neck are bolted into stocks and her feet are dangling off the ground, tied down...Mason uses a crop on her tits and tummy...soon her midsection is red...he clamps electrical pegs on her nipples and turns up the current until Ariel anxiously moans...clamps are used to pull her pussy open and Mason leaves her in agony...In the last scene, Ariel is bent over in stocks...her legs are tied wide apart and mason takes advantage by whipping her pussy, ass and back...then he uses a vibrator to bring Ariel to multiple orgasms which leave her body shaking and weak...

Members comments:
29 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Great! the last scene would be a perfect set for the fuckingdungeon!

25 Oct 2007 Diesel from Detroit wrote: I agree with QDMGcu. Keep the heels on as much as possible.

24 Aug 2007 QDMGcu wrote: you let her keep her heels on - thanks! Heels make her legs look longer, and she's more vulnerabel

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