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01/10/2012 - Ash Hollywood 4 Scenes - 220 Photos - 47 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 220 Photos - 47 Minutes Video

Two extremely beautiful ladies in the Dungeon, makes for a true den of iniquity. One shall retain control over the other and take them to places rarely seen. Such is the case when Holly vibes Ash off to a wicked orgasm despite her best intentions. Perturbed, Holly instructs lovely little Ash that she needs to follow orders a bit better and her punishment comes in the form of a sturdy crotch roping...Next belly down, Ash really starts to feel Holly's wrath as a crop is taken to her tender ass. Holly works her flesh thoroughly before mounting her prize from behind. From crop to whip and Ash is spread on the bench as she's getting machine fucked. A pole mounted wand is pressed against her clit and Ash is eager to show her appreciation when Holly drops her panties. She hungrily and obediently laps at her Mistresses pussy resulting in an orgasmic, chain reaction between the two...Then Ash is bent and restrained and subjected to some more ass thrashing. Pushing Ash further and further before leaving her bound and twitching in the Dungeon... ShootID: ASH_010612

Members comments:
27 Aug 2012 bitchslap wrote: Ash is another of my favorite models 'round. So cute! And I really enjoy reading her blog!

24 Aug 2012 NameNighug wrote: Ash is superb but would have looked better without that tuft of hair on her pussy. Have always wondered what a beautiful young lady such as Ash would look like completely bald all over, just in a pair of black high heels. Exceedingly erotic?

19 Jan 2012 Nelson wrote: Holly a great dom, and Ash a great sub. Keep them coming like this.

17 Jan 2012 provost wrote: Holly and Ash are superb on both ends of the whip, and hope we see their play continue. When women switch they get to try out on others the treatments that they themselves found so challenging. And if one succeeds in devising something particularly diabolical, just imagine what goes through her mind when she becomes the recipient! I re-viewed Holly's session with Bane, and have never seen a woman give herself more fully to the experience. She has an exquisitely beautiful and sensitive body, from soles on up, and submitted elegantly. Perhaps now Ash should have a turn at Holly? Would love to see each, in turn, racked and bastinadoed...or on the horse?

13 Jan 2012 Anonymous wrote: Love the new Dom. re-upped my membership to see more of her.

10/28/2011 - Ash Hollywood 4 Scenes - 381 Photos - 47 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 381 Photos - 47 Minutes Video

Today, Damon gets to have his BDSM way with the super hot blonde pixie, Ash Hollywood...Ash has a bit of bondage experience from working with some amateur sites, but she has never faced anything like Damon has prepared for her on this day...a cloth is stuffed into her mouth and her head is wrapped in clear tape...he cuts off her clothes in the first scene...he toys with her...pulling her legs around the the second scene, she is tied on her tummy with legs spread...Damon reddens her ass and fucks her with a samurai mounted to one of our fucking machines...He spreads her out, standing in the third scene...he uses suction and vibration on her drives her mad...In the final scene, Ash is tied bent over...he pays much attention to her feet and the end, Ash cums until Damon is finished with her...Another very beautiful and very tough model...we hope to have Ash back soon... Ogre... ShootID: ASH_102011

Members comments:
14 Jan 2012 megaman67 wrote: Ash is great and this was a really great shoot!

15 Nov 2011 Damon wrote: I'll third Ogre and Patrickkil that Ash was magnificent. What a fun girl with such a great attitude. Fokusnik: I'm glad you enjoyed the clamps and weights. Thank you for your input regarding wrapping her face...suggestions are always appreciated and we try to apply what is best to each girl and situation.

01 Nov 2011 The Dark Kinkster wrote: My original comment was deleted. Did I say something wrong? I mentioned only that I really enjoy the cutting off of the clothes.

01 Nov 2011 patrickkil wrote: I fully agree with you Ogre, she's absolutely magnificent so get her back asap please. Due to her starring role great shoot. Keep'em coming John. Love you Ash!

29 Oct 2011 Fokusnik wrote: Loved the clamps and weights (always a favourite of mine), hated the stuff wrapped around her head. What's the point of a close-up on her face when you can't see any facial expression ? You may just as well put a bucket over her head. At least in the second scene, you could see her eyes. And seriously, fingers in her mouth...? Give me a break. Great job from Ash, a fair job from Damon in my view...

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