Ashley Gracie Updates

08/13/2006 - Ashley Gracie 3 Scenes - 230 Photos - 33 Minutes Video
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The young and innocent Ashley Gracie should have been better prepared for her scenes with Mr. Manson because he he treats her like a helpless slut and doesnt let up until he has her saying the words the first scene, Ashley is uncomfortably tied on a table with her hands pulled down and her ankles pulled behind her ears...this leaves her ass sticking high in the air...Mason makes her suck a dildo to his pleasing and he makes her continue to suck it as he spanks her ass hard...then fingers into the pussy and a big silver vibrator...he fucks her pussy and her face at the same time, rubbing her clit until she the second scene, Ashley is bolted down to our torture table...Mason whips her front and uses a vibrator to make her cum the final scene, Ashley is suspended from her wrists and ankles...she is gagged and her hair is tied back to keep her head immbolie...a rope around her waist keeps her hips steady as Mason fucks her with a dildo on a combination with a vibrator, Ashley cums again, admitting that she is a helpless cum slut...

Members comments:
10 May 2009 woodpecker wrote: Nice work, but once again two otherwise good scenes were almost ruined by that stupid dildo gag.

31 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Absolutely fantastic positions! Great performance and top reactions especially in scene three!

14 May 2007 pw wrote: Ashley is lovely. What about some facial close-ups?

07/24/2006 - Ashley Gracie 3 Scenes - 242 Photos - 27 Minutes Video
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The unsuspecting Ashley Gracie puts on a bikini at our request...Ashley hasn't done a bondage shoot before so we start her off just doing some posing...she shows us her tits and ass before Ogre enters to tie her up...he uses leather cord to bind her elbows, wrists, knees and ankles...Ashley looks quite stunned as he opens her mouth with a ball-gag to buckle it's not long before she gets the point...Ogre will have his way with her....he lays her down and sucks on her nipples, he fingers her pussy, he spanks her ass...he rigs her ankles and pulls her off the table...Ashley hangs upside down as he toys with her...then he pulls her arms back and down and ties them off...Ashley is stunned and confused when Ogre leaves the the next scene, Ashley is tied down to a table...her hands are pulled over her head, her legs are lashed down and her waist is roped to keep her a scene that lasts over 15 minutes a fucking machine is used to fuck her as Ogre uses a vibrator on her clit and chokes her...he pushes Ashley through multiple orgasms, then tight clamps her used on her nipples and he leaves her there to be fucked by the machine...

Members comments:
06 May 2009 woodpecker wrote: If Ashley is really new to bondage, she took these scenes really well. I liked especially the tight elbow tie in the first scene. The second scene was great.

02 Mar 2008 Doomed wrote: Ogre, Last scene is here, yeah. But the missing scene is FIRST. =) In the update video we can see "3 scenes", but actually there is only 2nd and 3rd scenes =\

18 Nov 2007 Ogre wrote: Maybe I dont understand...I thought we had this problem solved. You should see Gallery6 as the last scene...

31 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Good update, but one scene missing!

12 Sep 2007 Demon wrote: only two scenes of 3...

13 Jun 2007 wolfje wrote: maybe i d'nt understand something. every last scene is missing

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