Ashley Renee Updates

07/08/2005 - Ashley Renee 1 Scenes - 97 Photos - 15 Minutes Video
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Ashley Renee undergoes a couple good stretchings in this SSM update...In the first scene her hands are pulled overhead as she is laying on her back...her legs are spread and pulled down...Ogre enters to grope her pussy and manhandle her huge breasts before gagging her with duct tape...he sets up the vibrator to buzz her clit and he leaves Ashley to struggle and cum...In the second scene, Ashley is laid on on her back...her hands and feet are tied together and a rope harness from above holds her hips and tits...Ogre stretches her out horitzontally, then pulls up on her torso...he leaves Ashley to hang helplessly in the air...

Members comments:
26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: The first position is awesome in connection with the action and then this unbelievable stretsch! Top work!

05/31/2005 - Ashley Renee 2 Scenes - 229 Photos - 23 Minutes Video
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Ashley Renee gets the rough treament from Ogre as he carries her into the bedroom allready tied....he sets her helpless body down on the bed and begins to grope her famous and ample breast...he ties her legs up to a rope in the rafters, leaving Ashley on her back with her feet in the air....her ass is perfectly displayed as he begins to spank it...her ass reddens from the attention and Ogre decides to play with her pussy...he uses a dildo on a stick to fuck her pussy as Ashley squeals and moans...Ashley is then tied to a chair with her hands over her head and her legs spread wide...Ogre begins by flogging her exposed pussy...her tits are wrapped in rope before he inserts a wired butt-plug into her ass...Ashley is nervous as Ogre picks up the TENS unit and swtiches it on....Ashley's ass flexes and cramps as the electricity shocks her insides...Ogre continues to turn up the current, and leaves Ashley tied and helpless to be shocked....

Members comments:
26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: This electric action, with this spread legs and the red stockings is absolutely fantastic!

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