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09/30/2009 - Ashli Orion 5 Scenes - 448 Photos - 55 Minutes Video
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FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. Ashli is back and it seems that she became a brat since our last encounter. She learns the hard way that her attitude will only increase her suffering. I laugh at her pathetic attempts to avoid pain and thinking that she can escape; I've got her and she will leave when I'm ready to let her leave. I strip her down and get her tied exposing her little body for me to play with. Next, I test her flexibility with an extreme bend to her lower back and then I find that she can take anything you shove into any of her holes. Then comes an intense suspension with electrical shock. Predicament bondage is next on the list with crotch ropes and heavy weights, to nipple torture. I finish her off with a zipper on top of all the orgasms and you see why she was spent by the end of the day.....The Pope

Members comments:
19 Jun 2011 BitchSlap wrote: Why even bother to use a model with Tits this small???? Is this a fetish I'm not aware of? She looks BAD! Stick with quality models ... the customers deserve it.

05 Oct 2009 star wrote: i love ashli! shes got a great personality and curves in the right places :-)

04 Oct 2009 foxtox wrote: Sorry, but I could do without the "goddess"

02 Oct 2009 Stan wrote: GOOD YOUNG MEAT!

07/24/2008 - Ashli Orion 5 Scenes - 294 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. This week we introduce the cute and lovely Ashli Orion to the site. Ashli has dabbled a bit in bondage but, is pretty much a rookie. She recently appeared on another of our DungeonCorp© sites, Fucking Dungeon, so if you enjoy what you see you can catch more of her there... Stretched and spread on the bars, Ashli is groped by The Pope before she is gagged tightly. After the gag is secured in his slave's mouth, The Pope fingers Ashli deeply and ties her hair off to restrict her movement even further. He then briefly leaves the room and returns to flail on Ashli's skin with his whip. Then, he pulls out the magic wand and Ashli begs and moans her way to a huge orgasm while she grinds her pussy against the magic wand. Her feelings of ecstasy are short lived however when her Master crotch ropes her tightly before leaving the room... In scene two, Ashli is bound with her feet in the air atop the wooden box. She first receives an ass-reddening paddling then a caning across her bare feet. When Ashli begs for mercy, The Pope switches gears by burying his fingers in her twat and pole fucking her with a large rubber cock. Ashli, barely able to contain her orgasms, begs to cum and is denied until her Master presses the wand against her clit and grants her wish. Now, with his slave tied face down on the box, The Pope applies TENS pads to Ashli's ass and feet and jolts her with an convulsing, electrical surge. Then, Ashli is lifted mid-air and the voltage is increased. With his slave dangling in the air, The Pope once again utilizes the magic wand on his drooling slave's pussy and permits her to cum on his command. After her orgasm, Ashli has her pussy fingered and then her Master coerces her into yet another mind altering orgasm as the electricity ripples through her flesh... Bound to the wooden beam, seated and spread eagle, Ashli whimpers and drools uncontrollably while her nipples are clamped tightly. Then The Pope takes her pain to another level when he clothespins her torso and inner thighs and ties her nipples off to her toes. Overwhelmed, Ashli receives the vibe again on her ultra sensitive clit as she teeters on the edge of pain and pleasure... Ashli now stands in a dark cell with her hands tied overhead and her feet in a spreader bar. The Pope rudely greets her with dual whips against her already tender flesh. With her ass glowing red, the action continues as Ashli receives a paddling and a finger in her pussy. Begging for more, she gets more than she bargains for as the whipping ensues until The Pope buries the wand against her clit again and brings her to a final orgasm. Then, despite begging for release, Ashli is crotch roped and left dangling mid-air. Video clips can be found atop galleries 1,2,3,4 & 6.

Members comments:
27 Jan 2009 Guzzz wrote: Excelente!!! Ashili is very hot.

05 Jan 2009 provost wrote: Very pretty model, authentic reactions to an extensive and rigorous session--particularly the opener (spread/squat) and second scene (bastinado). Would love to see her return, perhaps for strict restraints? I would suggest the dom work a little more deliberately and patiently--seems a bit rushed...and the young lady is not going any where. For example, let her savor and anticipate the strokes in the second scene--I think it was over almost before she had come to appreciate her vulnerability.

11 Sep 2008 Chitown wrote: God I love the cute ones.

09 Aug 2008 J.T. wrote: My favorite spanking instrument is the black leather paddle, so I appreciate Scene #2's sound yet erotic paddling. Hope to see more paddling scenes in the future!

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