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01/23/2008 - Audrey Hollander 5 Scenes - 463 Photos - 67 Minutes Video
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The Pope drags lovely Audrey across the Dungeon floor and flogs her entire body. He rudely fingers her ass and his slave thanks her Master for his attention. To further show her appreciation, Audrey eagerly licks her Master's boot. Slave Audrey is then bound and suspended from the Dungeon ceiling before The Pope walks away... Gagged and standing, Audrey shifts uncomfortably in her spreader bar. After a grope session at the hands of The Pope, another flogging session ensues. With her flesh tender and red, Audrey is twirled around to have her anus hooked. Next, a crotch rope is applied and tied off and The Pope attaches a heavy weight to it. As Audrey drools in anticipation, her Master applies the vibe until Audrey explodes in orgasm. Next, Audrey is tied to a wooden chair as The Pope enters and paddles her thighs with a leather strap. Suction cups are applied and fastened to her tits and the samurai vibrator is stuffed in her cunt. Forceps are clamped to her nipples and Audrey orgasms at the hand of The Pope once again... Audrey is now bent over the rack. After another thorough flogging, Audrey is caned rythmically by The Pope. A rubber dong is shoved in her ass as her clit is vibed. As the dong and vibe work their wonders, Audrey cums forcefully again... Wriggling on the Y bench, Audrey awaits her Master. Once The Pope enters, the sound of the propane torch fills the room. As her torso is covered, Audrey gasps and moans until finally she begs for reprieve. Kindly, The Pope spares Audrey of the molten rain and shoves a dong in her mouth. With her mouth filled with rubber cock, her cunt is vibed again until she reaches her final orgasm. Then, her head is wrapped in gauze and Audrey is left alone in the Dungeon....Videos are in Galleries- 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8.

Members comments:
03 Feb 2008 Droc wrote: Wow! What a Sweeet Slave! And to think I was going to whine about the Crotchrope not being tight enough to make her dance on her toes for us.... Good thing I watched the Video first! I did not realize that you made her take that Crotchrope With the Ass Hook In Place! That more than makes up for her not dancing on her Tippy Toes! (yes I saw where she started to get up...) The way she managed to sweeetly ask you to Cum when you Vibed her Pussy was Just as A Good Slave Should! I should acknowledge the red marks that crotchrope left on her Pussy! I'm sure it was tight enough for her taste! If you would keep in mind that I really, Really like to watch a sweeet little Slave like her Dance Around on her Tippy Toes from a Good Tight Crotchrope for a few minutes here and there I would greatly appreciate it. Once again, this is a Sweeeet, Sweeet Slave! Love this Shoot, Thank you for Suffering for us Audrey... Thank You.

26 Jan 2008 charlie wrote: can she please cum and clean my shoes and a few other things? WHAT A GOOD SLAVE!

24 Jan 2008 TITAN wrote: Audrey has always been a slave and it is spectacular to see her on a BDSM site where she belongs. There is an excellent line up of slaves at SSM and there always has been. Great work here.

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