Audrey Leigh Updates

04/02/2008 - Audrey Leigh 5 Scenes - 245 Photos - 63 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

The Pope rudely greets Audrey Leigh by pinching her nipples and fingering her pussy. Audrey is then subjected to a flogging across her sexy, naked body. And now that The Pope has worked her into a higher state of sensitivity, Audrey's nipples and pussy lips are tightly clamped. With her flesh throbbing underneath the grip of the cold, steel clamps, The Pope smashes the G5 against her cunt. Audrey then gives into submission as she cums for The Pope... Slave Audrey now finds herself tied tightly to the wooden cube. TENS pads are attached to her open thighs and her Master applies the electrical surge. Electric clamps are then snapped onto her nipples and Audrey exclaims as even more electricity flows. Already close to the breaking point, an electric probe is shoved in her cunt and her body twitches in time with the surge... In full suspension Ms. Leigh swings from the ceiling. The Pope then brandishes his pole mounted dong and buries it deep inside Audrey's gaping gash. As Audrey is literally suspended in time and space, The Pope forces her to cum with his magic wand before his slave is left alone in the dimly lit room. Audrey is next tied high on the wheel. As she galances nervously around the room, The Pope enters and spins her. Then, he reveals the flogger and uses it to tatter Audrey's torso. As Audrey absorbs the blows from her Master's whip, her movement causes the wheel to spin freely. Then, Audrey orgasms mightily as her Master vibes her while she is high atop the wheel... Tied and bent over the wooden table, Audrey braces her lovely body as The Pope makes his final stand. Dual floggers whistle through the air and strike her bare back and ass before The Pope brings Audrey to her final relentless orgasm. Video clips are in Galleries: 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.

Members comments:
20 Sep 2012 redmanx wrote: Audrey is awesome! I love her sets as she always looks the part and doesnt keep looking into the camera, instead, staying in "character" she simply glances at it now and then; a real pro!

27 Jun 2010 bellylicker69 wrote: Audrey rocks! Beeln drooling over all her shoots!

20 Feb 2009 tickler wrote: Loved the bit right at the end of the 1st clip where she's stretched really really tight. Outlines her great abs and ribs. Shame she wasn't posed like that for longer and maybe vibed, but I guess she couldn't hold that position for long - looks very stressed.

07 Apr 2008 Rooskie wrote: I agree to brung back shyla! society always gets number one models. This Audrey was shooting for Kink also but no more. Not good for them imho!

07 Apr 2008 Gilfern1 wrote: Beautiful

06 Apr 2008 charlie wrote: this is better than Miss World........Audrey Leigh is the REAL thing alright..............she should have her own site..........The World of Bound & Gagged Princess Audrey the 1st and best..........Miss World contestants should be bound & gagged to shut them up, telling their goody 2 shoes claptrap.............Audrey looks sexy with long hair...........10/10........ (:o )

05 Apr 2008 Dan wrote: Societysm is blowing away the competition right now! After years of being on thier sites, I don't even look at thier updates anymore. Kink got seriously stale at Kink and it happened right when they changed thier name. You do need streaming videos though :) Pope, keep up the great work. Bring back Shyla!

07/25/2007 - Audrey Leigh 5 Scenes - 247 Photos - 56 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Audrey Leigh comes back to SSM, apparently a glutton for punishment and pleasure...out of all the models we have shot, Audrey has been coming back for the longest time...and she is still hot as hell and horny for domination...she has been dancing to put herself through school, and after her interview she gives us a little glimpse of her pole action...then we tie her up well...fully roped from head to toe, standing in the middle of our rack with a head harness ball gag keeping her silent and upright...the Pope enters the scene to do what we would all like to do...grope her fantastic body...he uses the violet wand to shock Audrey, then the magic wand to make her the next scene she is tied on her tummy...her legs are spread and her back is arched and the Pope has a lovely time tormenting her with a cane and nipple clamps...then she is seatd and her hands are tied behind her back...her legs are fully spread and the Pope takes advantage by whipping her exposed cunt...then our lip loop is used to stretch her labia...he ties her nipples to her toes and uses the magic wand control her pleasure...she is then bent over a table and whipped...he uses a dildo and vibrator to make her cum, then leaves the dildo in her pussy as he continues to whip her...then a pussy hook is sunk into her moist cunt and tied to her head the final scene, Audrey is tied on the ground with one foot pulled into the air...the Pope whips her and uses the magic wand to make her cum, but poor Audrey just can't do the Pope blindfolds her and surprises her with a bucket of cold water...

Members comments:
16 Jun 2008 Chen wrote: Audrey is a nice one

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: One of your hottest woman! Great reactions on scene three! She is really geat! She has class! Great one!

28 Jul 2007 Mack71 wrote: SocietySM is an excellent site.

28 Jul 2007 yeah wrote: Hey, Audrey, you still post at Remember, you love StripperWeb, and they love you also.

28 Jul 2007 Grrrrrr wrote: SSM shoots the hottest girls, period.

27 Jul 2007 Jazzdart wrote: I have followed Audrey from the begnining. I've always been intriqued by her somewhat detached attitude. I wonder about her psychosocial history. But when it comes to delivering, it's always there. Like Morgan March, I noticed a more matured look. I can tell what she will look like in her forties. In the meantime I enjoy and have enjoyed all of her work. What I like about sites like this is that it's all fantasy and for the most part to you all a business. In terms of relating to such a luscious woman, it would probably be a very complex process. May she keep coming back. She is just delicious.

27 Jul 2007 Wilstock wrote: Audrey is awesome!

09/25/2006 - Audrey Leigh, Jezebelle Bond 3 Scenes - 248 Photos - 28 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7

Two beautiful faces, two hot bodies, two tough and orgasmic models...Audrey Leigh and Jezebelle Bond...the Pope has Audrey just how he likes his slaves...naked, spread, gagged and helpless...he approaches her and talks down to her as he rubs her pussy...he uses hot wax on her tummy and tits and he's not one to hold the candle high to give it some cooling time as it falls through the air...he places it low so the wax is still good and hot as it pools on her skin...Audrey screams and struggles...he rigs a vibrator to her pussy and turns it on as he continues to wax her...then he leaves her to have multiple, helpless the next scene, Audrey is tied and laying on the ground...he spanks her ass, he bends her body backwards, he plays with her pussy...then he pulls her legs up tight, forcing her to arch in a strict hogtie...

Next it's Jezebelle Bond with Ogre...Jez is tied naked and standing...her wrists are tied together, pulled over her head and her ankles are tied together...he has a great time whipping her tits and tummy before turning her around to work her beautiful ass...Jezebelle has barbell piercings on each nipple and ogre ties cord around each one and hangs heavy wieghts from her tits...he uses the eroscilator on her pussy, then moves on to the magic wand to finish the job...he pulls her feet from the ground and leaves Jezebelle hanging in the air...

Members comments:
01 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: The wax scene is a good variation!

25 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote: here is the video for Jezebelle...SO much for automated update scripts!

11 Jul 2007 fan wrote: where is video with jezebelle?

13 Jun 2007 wolfje wrote: scene 3 with jezebel is lost in space

08/17/2006 - Audrey Leigh 3 Scenes - 248 Photos - 34 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

The super sexy Audrey Leigh gets more than she bargained for on this afternoon of BDSM with Ogre and SocietySM...Bargaining never really entered the picture though...once Ogre has her naked and tied on the bed, spread eagle, she is his to play with...He begins by whipping her perfect body...up and down, on her tits, between her legs and Audrey screams from the stinging impacts...He ties her thighs wide apart and uses a vibrator to make her cum...then he fucks her harshly with a dildo on a stick and leaves her on the bed, dripping the next scene, Audrey is tied, bent over a spanking bench with one leg pulled up...Ogre uses his had, a whip and cane to abuse her ass and the bottoms of her feet...once again her brings out the vibrator and takes her to the last scene, Audrey is tightly stretched on our rack...Ogre whips her tits and tummy before applying electrical nipple clamps and turning up the current until Audrey moans...a Samurai electrified dildo is used to fuck her pussy and Audrey screams from the shocks inside her...

Members comments:
10 May 2009 woodpecker wrote: Scenes 1 and 3 were great, would have been even better without the gag. - Concerning clothing I'm generally with The Snake Bandit. What I sometimes like is starting with a clothed, bound model and watching her being stripped in bondage, but she should always end up naked - except maybe for a pair of heels or boots if this fits the scene. Corsets, hose and other fetish stuff turn me off.

04 Dec 2007 das kapitan wrote: I agree with The Snake Bandit. Those stockings, heels, etc. drive me batty.

31 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Great pleasure and pain!

25 Oct 2007 The Sake Bandit wrote: No! I hate any clothing on bondage models. There are plenty of paysites that feature partially clothed women, mate. SSM is an all-nude venue...let the owners keep it that way.

15 Aug 2007 Galaxy wrote: Check out Audrey in the models section. How about more girls in great looking outfits of heels, hose and corsets. Look lovlier being punished.

30 Jun 2007 fiddler wrote: Awsome performance, we need to see more of Audrey

05/24/2006 - Audrey Leigh, Layla Rivera 3 Scenes - 335 Photos - 38 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7

Audrey and Layla star in this bondage-sex fantasy...Master Matt orders a couple hot submissives with a discipline problem from the local slave farm...he doesnt dig the broken slaves, he doesnt dig the "you will do as i say slaves"...he likes the girls who like it rough...he likes the girls who like to fight...These girls dont get much of a chance for a fight though...he brings them into the dungeon bound to a rolling rack...Layla on top and Audrey on bottom...Matt is a caring Dom...he likes to give the girls a bit of pleasure before he gets he rigs a vibrator to each of their pussies and adds a clothespin to each of their nipples...the girls are gagged, but there's no mistaking the orgasms after he switches on the vibrators and leaves them both to their own fantasies...Matt moves the slaves...this time each slave is bound on her tummy...stacked tightly, the slaves' heads stick out from the rack and Matt takes to opportunity to begin his own pleasure...he face fucks both of the slaves, making sure they gag on his cock over and the fnal scene, the girls are tied side by side...their asses stick out and Matt has some fun spanking them before getting on top and fucking them...he goes from one slave to the other...fucking one pussy and then the the end, Matt cums and gives both girls a splatter on their ass...

All three of these performers are paid actors and actresses...The entire shoot was planned and the girls were completely aware of each scene and the activities involved...We all had a great time during the production and I want to thank Audrey, Layla and Matt for making such hot fucking bondage scenes for us...

Members comments:
25 Sep 2012 bob wrote: Genius work! perfect clip in my eyes all my favourite things for a good bondage vid, this one had it all...more like this please!

09 Aug 2008 J.T. wrote: Scene #3 (Layla and Audrey on the bed) is one of my favorite Society SM scenes! Outstanding erotic-domination... I love the helplessness of both collared damsels as their master spanks both, removes one's blindfold, takes his pleasure with one, re-blindfolds her, un-blindfolds the other and takes his pleasure with her, then re-blindfolds her. As a rule, I dislike blindfolds, but this one is an exception.

16 Jun 2008 Chen wrote: Got BANG

30 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Almost like the fuckingdungeon! And the cumshot is great! Not the running around mouth cumshot style! GREAT!

25 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote: The update script is fucking up. We hope to have it fixed soon so all the links will is the link to the last video page...Thanks

15 Jul 2007 Philher wrote: What happened to the video on the 3rd scene of the bed fuck? Great shoot. Loveto see these tied up face down, ass in the air shoots. Try some packed cloth cleve gags and enema bags.

09 Jun 2007 anonymous wrote: I know im late, but im new. How could you not have video of that last scene?

03/29/2006 - Audrey Leigh, Nikki Nievez 3 Scenes - 202 Photos - 34 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

We begin this SSM update with Audrey and Mason...Lovely Audrey is tied to our reclining bench...her legs are spread wide and her wrists and roped behind her back...Mason enters the scene and Audrey is showing some worry...he rubs and pets Audrey's naked and helpless body, spending lots of time around her tits and pussy...Clothespins are clamped to her nipples and breasts and then Mason gets a bit nastier...He applies TENS pads to her inner thighs and turns up the current...Audrey shakes and shrieks a Mason plays with the controller...he turns it up high and leaves Audrey to suffer...

The second part of this update features Miles and Nikki...Miles is a very verbal dom, and very rough too...Nikki is stretched out with her hands above her head and her feet together...Miles spanks and whips her, taking lots of time to tweak her nipples and tug on her breasts...Then he forces a vibrator between her legs and brings her to orgasm twice...NIkki is then tied on her hands and knees, bent over our spanking bench...Miles uses a glass dildo in her pussy....then into her ass where it is tied into place...he replaces the dildo with a hook....right into her ass-hole...he ties it off to her hair to keep it in place...then he mounts poor Nikki as she is screaming and brings her to orgasm with a vibrator....then he leaves her there...This is intense stuff and we want to thank Nikki and Miles for letting us tape thier wild BDSM adventures...

Members comments:
28 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Great update! Especially the electro scene is great!

03/14/2006 - Audrey Leigh 3 Scenes - 197 Photos - 23 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

Audrey is kept tied in the garage to wait for Mr. Manson...she is ball-gagged and spread against the roll up door...Manson enters and gets a good look at his new toy...Audrey is exceptionally hot in a black top and denim mini-skirt...Mason pulls her shirt up to expose her perfect tits...he rubs her up and down pulls her skirt up...he checks out her pussy and slaps her around and leaves her to go prepare the dungeon...Audrey is stripped and her hands are tied behind her back...Manson pulls her into the rust room and takes her to the ground...he spreads her legs and fingers her pussy and he holds her down...he chains her to the wall by her neck...then its back down to the ground to be fucked by a dildo...he bends her over his knee and spanks her the next scene, Audrey has been tied to a crucifix...a vibrator is tied to her pussy and Mason has a good time tweaking her nipples and groping her...he swtiches on the vibrator and pulls her off the ground....Audrey swings around helplessly as the vibrator brings her pleasure and she cums on the cross...

Members comments:
28 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Update is ok

10/28/2005 - Audrey Leigh 3 Scenes - 211 Photos - 18 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4

Audrey is one tough bondage model...she's a veteran of many tough ties, but in the first set, we break Audrey's tough streak with the back preparation for a TENS unit scene, we lay Audrey out on the back rack and begin to tie the time Ogre has finished, Audrey is allready spent and too bent to go on...So we tie her into the torment chair...with full access to her naked pussy, Ogre inserts an electrified dildo...he turns the current up and down as Audrey screams and moans...then he holds a magic wand on her clit and once again, Audrey screams and the final scene, Audrey is strapped with wide leather belts from ankles to wrists....her hands are pulled above her head and the straps are tightened until her body becomes rigid...Ogre flogs her ass and pussy and Audrey does what? she screams and moans...good stuff...

Members comments:
27 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Its anoying that there is no video of the first photo set!

22 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote: No plans to re-render any of the videos into full length moveis at this time...but the full version on the first video should be up now...thanks Ogre

04 Jul 2007 Tamora8 wrote: The first RealPlayer video has a bad link and only downloads 160 kbps. Any plans to render the small RealPlayer files in the older galleries into full-length wmv.?

08/17/2005 - Audrey Leigh 2 Scenes - 124 Photos - 15 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4

Audrey begins naked...Ogre ties her up with her hands behind back and feet together...then a rope harness for her beautiful breasts...a large red ball-gag is strapped into her mouth and Audrey is blindfolded...Ogre taunts and spanks the bound model before he rigs her harness and feet to be pulled up, leaving Audrey helpless and arched backwards...he slides a magic wand in from behind and buzzess her pussy until she the next scene, Audrey is tied spread and standing against a wall...She is ball-gagged and Ogre manhandles and spanks her...a hemp rope is tied around her waist and up through her pussy...then up through a pully and down to a bucket which hangs in the air...Ogre adds weigth to the bucket until the rope pulls tightly through her crotch...then clamps on her nipples are rigged the same way...once again, weights are added until Audrey feels the pulling and begs for release...Ogre blindfolds her and leaves her to suffer...

Members comments:
16 Jun 2008 Chen wrote: Oh yes. crotch rope is best for her

26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: The rope between her legs scene is great! More please!

19 Oct 2007 The Droc wrote: Wondefull facial expressions during the crotchrope scene, Audrey has such ellegent feet, wish you could have gotten the rope tight enough thru her pussy pie to make her dance for us on her toes...

07/05/2004 - Audrey Leigh 2 Scenes - 80 Photos - 22 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

The long and lovely Audrey Leigh undergoes a serious and painful session in this SSM update...the first photo gallery features Audrey naked and posing, wearing only boots and a ball gag around her neck...Audrey is first tied to a wooden frame...ankles tied to thighs, her legs are pulled apart and her arms are bound from elbow to wrist in tight hemp rope...a red ball gag keeps her quiet os Ogre enters to enjoy her exposed flesh...he applies suction to each nipple, and then places a sucker on her perfect pussy...then Ogre brings in a Fucking Machine...he lubes her pussy and the dildo, then places it inside her sweetness...Audrey is stunned as the Fucking Machine begins to slowly work in and out...he turns up the speed and Audrey lays tied and helpless as the device penetrates her faster and faster....In the next scene, Audrey is tied in a breast harness with hands behind back...Ogre comes in to grope her, then cuffs her ankles to a rig....he pulls her into the air and fixes the rope...he spanks her ass, then applies TENS unit pads to her lucious rear...she hangs and screams as he turns up the current...

Members comments:
28 Feb 2009 netalart wrote: what a lovely shot of audreys pussy in gallery 1

09 Dec 2007 charlie wrote: Pics 4, 5 +6 in gallery 4..........Sexsational!!! Black knee boots EVERY time !!

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: The machine fuck scene is great!

06/07/2004 - Audrey Leigh 4 Scenes - 117 Photos - 46 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

The Lovely Audrey Leigh begins tied on the floor wearing a short black skirt...she rolls around struggling before Ogre comes in to gag and blindfold her...he pulls down her top and spanks her ass...he then ties her elbows together and pulls her limbs in various directions keeping her immobile, hogtied on her the next scene, Audrey's arms are tied apart, above her head...Ogre pulls down her panties and removes them...he then ties her legs spread and Audrey is completely naked and helpless...Ogre enjoys her perfect flesh as he grabs and gropes her breasts...then a bit of whipping on her chest and between her spread the last scene, Audrey is tied, sitting on the floor...a vibrator is tied into her crotch and Ogre turns it on...he blindfolds her with a white hanky and ties a rope around her neck, keeping her upright as he switches the vibrator on high...Audrey's body convulses as an orgasm sweeps over her bound and naked body...then she is wearing panties and a denim corsett...tied to a bench with hands spread and legs pulled apart, she is helpless as Ogre undresses her, leaving her totally naked...he applies TENS pads to her inner thighs and turns up the current as she struggles and whines...then a duct tape gag and blindold

Members comments:
05 Jun 2008 Chen wrote: I seems to recall there used to be one about both Audrey and Cloe Hart, can't find it any more, this isn't from that one now, is it?

05 Dec 2007 charlie wrote: This is BRILLIANT........Audrey Leigh tied up & gagged over & over again! And after being stripped! REALLY humiliating in every way....just the way a good slave is trained to be.....she looks SO sexy when helpless!!! She may BE powerless in this situation, but Audrey is just FULL of sexual power and makes me feel as horny as hell! She is dynamite! with those perfect tits, ass and a lovely cute face...... (VERY HOT & EXPLOSIVE STUFF)! 10/10.

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Nice electro action!

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