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07/04/2012 - Bailey Blue 4 Scenes - 319 Photos - 62 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 319 Photos - 62 Minutes Video

Today is certainly not known as Independence Day here at DungeonCorp, as Bailey will be utterly dependent upon Ogre to dictate the course of her emotions, and sensations, from beginning to end. And so the adventure begins...Once Bailey is bound to satisfaction, she is intensely run through her paces. Blindfolded at the onset, she has no way of knowing what is coming, and Ogre steamrolls her like a freight train. Hard ties, heavy whipping and extreme orgasms are all on the menu as Ogre prepares Bailey for her just desserts...We hope those of you on this side of the Ocean have a nice Holiday, although any fireworks you may see this week will pale in comparison to this display... ShootID: BAI_070312

Members comments:
27 Aug 2012 bitchslap wrote: This is one of my all-time favorites on this site, really! Bailey is such a beauty, she's the reason why I re-joined the site! Plus, I love the electricity and I love the Erostek box! I own one too, and I must admit that I could not take it as high as Bailey! She's a tough girl, that's for sure! GJ Ogre!!!

24 Aug 2012 Riggs wrote: The updates with Ogre are clearly the best you have.

11 Jul 2012 Slickone wrote: You might wanna get a tan if you're going to take off your shirt, big guy.

09 Jul 2012 MrJohnson wrote: Holly is a sight to see! But the chemistry between a male dom and a female bottom is what I like to see. Keep it up Ogre!

07 Jul 2012 NameNighug wrote: Atlast a dildo & a vibrator as one implement.

07 Jul 2012 fokusnik wrote: Liked the first and third scenes, the nose hook and tape around the face seem kind of pointless to me. And despite Ogre's efforts and long-standing presence on this site, I would personally prefer to see a beautiful woman like Holly in the "dom" role (though she makes a great sub, too). Admit it... Holly is a lot easier on the eyes that Ogre !

06 Jul 2012 Jarod72 wrote: This is the type of well rounded update that I have come to expect from Ogre's time on Top. I appreciate the use of gags and blindfolds as well as the face bondage! My only complaint is that we don't see his work enough. Great scenes with Bailey! She is BEE U TEE FULL

05 Jul 2012 jake wrote: Bailey is a bad-ass goddess! She gets my vote for House Slave! Nice scenes -- fully nude (sorry fashion freaks), symmetrical, just my cup o' bondage joe! Love the electricity and impact. The face stuff, not so much.

05 Jul 2012 beau brummel wrote: Had potential, but too much of nose picks , blind folds and tape wrapped arounds . For me, these things ruin everything. Too bad, would have been good otherwise

04/10/2012 - Bailey Blue 4 Scenes - 295 Photos - 55 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 295 Photos - 55 Minutes Video

Bailey's been around the DungeonCorp block a bit, so to speak, she's a fine woman. Her beautiful body and attitude always make it a pleasure to have her. This week, she gets to work with the man himself Ogre. We witness it all as he binds her tightly and runs her though her paces. A tirade of whips ensues, reddening her flesh...Orgasms are abound as he pushes her to her limits. And Bailey duly suffers for him, exhibiting an excellence in obedience that is rarely found. Nothing is held back as the leather flies swiftly and Bailey suffers for her rewards...enduring her punishment all the way... ShootID: BAI_040312

Members comments:
27 Aug 2012 bitchslap wrote: This is the second set of Bailey that I can't stop watching! She's a delight for the eyes, taking all that comes with such endurance. Tough and vulnerable at the same time. Again, thanks for preferring the ET box over the "little white one". :) It's just a pity you only show the back side of the box for the interesting parts in scene 3. There's nothing (little :) )more arousing than seeing the power/pain levels go up. Maybe you'll grant us more insight there in the future. All else, excellent job! Love the ass twitchting and the whipping!

11 Apr 2012 MikeL wrote: Bailey is very beautiful and submissive and Ogre creates some very engaging scenes for her. Top Notch!

11 Apr 2012 provost wrote: The inverse whipping is worth a week's membership (and a day's work for lovely Bailey)! Kudos to Bailey, Ogre, and the crew behind the cameras!!

11 Apr 2012 kurtg wrote: Looks promising, but on Videos 2-5 only "download.php" is downloaded, Video 1 works correctly.

01/04/2012 - Bailey Blue 4 Scenes - 407 Photos - 53 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 407 Photos - 53 Minutes Video

Bailey looks around the room, imagining there must be some way out, only to have her hopes dashed upon Damon's entrance. He immediately makes his presence known by removing her clothing and leaving her in silence to ponder what may come...Her wait isn't long. Belly down she goes, her legs splayed, and feet tied off to the bars. Damon then pounds out a rhythmic beat on her bare ass with his cane...He slides a Cumbot into place and the machine steams ahead, fucking Bailey's pussy while Damon compliments by alternating between the cane and open handed slaps on her flesh. She is evidently teetering on the edge...Next, she's collared and kneeling as Damon stuffs her pussy with the dildo. The ante is raised as her tits and pussy are clamped and the wand is pressed on her clit. He works her just right, teasing her pussy. Finally he attaches the milker to her tits and Bailey gyrates as he toys with her...For the finale, Bailey is tied down to the mattress, her pussy clothes-pinned and sensitive, the Cumbot is once again employed and this time Damon supplements it with a vibrator. One by one, the pins are pulled and Bailey is spent...An amazing shoot! ShootID: BAI_122711

Members comments:
22 May 2013 eduardo234 wrote: Great thatshe was enjoying it. I was !

22 May 2013 DamonP wrote: Bailey is such a adorable creature . As we talked when I prepped for our play she flirted in a very coy way .But when I had her bound I could feel her sexual self being freed...

27 Aug 2012 bitchslap wrote: Bailey looks so cute in the skater socks outfit! Hope to see much more of this girl!

16 Jan 2012 molli123 wrote: For me it's so fucking perfect!! Thank you!

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