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01/26/2011 - Bailey Brooks 4 Scenes - 227 Photos - 57 Minutes Video
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I was definitely eager to have my way with Bailey Brooks...We had shot her recently for PerfectSlave and MightyGirlz and she was just awesome...such a hot little body...a beautiful face...a soft and small woman with a wickedly hot pussy...and it doesn't take long to realize that she's intelligent, charming and very sexually charged...and she's quite serious about her bondage fetish..she knows the part because she's been playing it in her fantasies for a very long time...Right as the ropes go on, her breath quickens and jerks, when fully restrained, it seems that Bailey truly enjoys her own predicament...I dare say she gets off on feeling sorry for herself...Bailey would say that she enjoys the challenge...and that is obvious...proof rests in her very wet, very warm pussy...She has a strong will which allows her to endure quite a lot...and I put it to the test...and I have help...the deviously talented Nikki Nefarious rigs all the off camera ties, including the Lotus hang...days like this are richly rewarding to me, as a Dom...I hope you all enjoy it because Bailey will be back...often...Ogre ShootID: BAI_012111

Members comments:
09 Feb 2011 Robert wrote: Nothing that John did to Bailey looked or seemed "easy" at all. You need to get Syn into a shoot!

29 Jan 2011 Ogre wrote: @Syn - Interesting point! and very true. I wouldn't say I went easy on Bailey at all. However, There are many types of manipulations that Doms can use to inspire thier subs, good and bad. I try to keep it fairly simple and honest.

29 Jan 2011 Synister Sub wrote: You went way too easy on Bailey!!! A good Dom can make his slaves take more.

29 Jan 2011 KK1957 wrote: There are many great riggers making content, but Ogre is a great Dominant. Since the Pope's exit, Ogre's scenes have been right on. Keep up the fantastic work!

28 Jan 2011 provost wrote: Superb shot! Bailey is exquisite, an elegant, refined beauty. Would love to see her return for a stretch on the rack. I noticed the jiggling leg, too--a fine touch. And her soles are so smooth and sensitive she could hardly bear the bands and bastinado. Bailey is a treasure!

28 Jan 2011 Ogre wrote: I noticed :)

28 Jan 2011 F16 4273s wrote: Did anyone else notice her feet shaking through the suspension? This must have been caused by trying to relieve the tension to her nipple clamps. Those are the little things that I notice which reveal a slave's true struggle!

28 Jan 2011 Orion wrote: Best BDSM site on the net! Best models and Best Dom.

27 Jan 2011 Canton1968 wrote: Fantastic scenes.

27 Jan 2011 SEGA232 wrote: Agreeing with Eragon. The lines of her body are exquisite!

27 Jan 2011 Eragon wrote: Beautiful Body and great lines. She deserved to be tortured more! The metal table was just begging for some serious electricity. Just beautiful!

27 Jan 2011 Jarod J wrote: Another great model. Good job all!

26 Jan 2011 David wrote: That is what they call chemistry and it made for a spectacular shoot. I appreciate you not cutting out her safe word! It was handled very well. Top marks for Bailey!!!

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