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08/20/2016 - Belle Noire 4 Scenes - 268 Photos - 50 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 268 Photos - 50 Minutes Video

Belle is back at SocietySM and I keep it simple as I ramp up the intensity...She knows the ins and outs of BDSM and she knows that scenes get tougher as you come back for more....The tight ropes keep her in place as I explore her body with impact of every sort...Belle's ass is always an endearing and endruing target...Her tight little pussy is given more attention than it is used to and Belle moans and screams her way through multiple orgasms....Enjoy, Ogre ShootID: BEL_081616

Members comments:
19 Apr 2017 cmp wrote: Great update. Belle has a gorgeous pussy!

20 Aug 2016 Ogre wrote: Links Fixed

20 Aug 2016 dyno wrote: movies cannot be downloaded

05/13/2016 - Belle Noire 4 Scenes - 358 Photos - 53 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 358 Photos - 53 Minutes Video

Belle is back and this time Simon gets the chance to tie, tease and torment this scrumptious woman...In the first scene, her hands are pulled over head and she waits anxiously for his entrance...When he enters to take control, he exposes her private parts behind the lingerie...he clamps her nipples and tenderizes her body with floggers...Belle is then made to remain in a crawlling position with shackles and stocks. Locked into place, he clamps her tits and begins her pleasure with a vibrator placed from behind...Belle is made to rub the vibrator on her pussy until she cums...Then stretched on her tummy, Simon introduces her to fire play on her ass, thighs and back...In the final scene, her tits are tied tightly and she is laid back and spread on our wooden alter...Simon works her sensitive pussy and Belle is made to cum again...Ogre... ShootID: BEL_051316

Members comments:
19 Jan 2018 Bob D. wrote: Belle was made for the torture chamber.

16 May 2016 me wrote: Loved the tickling distraction while she was trying to cum!

16 May 2016 Pravus wrote: Oh my God, she looks so much like Emilia Clarke. Unbelievably sexy.

16 May 2016 555zombie wrote: Belle is very sexy with those high pitched shrieks. Great update.

16 May 2016 Measles wrote: That round ass deserved a lot more punishment.

07/04/2014 - Belle Noire, Mena Li 4 Scenes - 252 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 252 Photos - 58 Minutes Video

Belle has been very excited about swtiching for SocietySM and having the chance to control her own whore-pet...Bane prepares Mena Li...ties her up, strips her and enjoys her naked helplessness before leaving her bound for Belle...Belle likes women...especially having control of them...Although she is stern and punishing when she has to be, Belle is mostly interested in ripping orgasm after orgasm from Mina's sweet pink pussy....Mina is a perfectly tanned polynesian beauty....exotic and loaded with tits and lips and big brown eyes, Mina doesn't seem to mind being a captive whore as long as she's quite sure her pussy got pushed to it's limits on this the final scene, Bane and Belle work her over together...Belle straps a dildo gag into Mena's mouth and twerk fucks her face until she releases powerful orgasms of her own....Ogre... ShootID: MEN_070314

Members comments:
05 Jul 2014 Yachimo85 wrote: I kept wanting for Bane to bind Belle and shove her face in Mena's pussy. That would have made this perfect. :) Happy 4th!

05/24/2014 - Belle Noire 4 Scenes - 388 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 388 Photos - 58 Minutes Video

Belle oozes sexuality...and innocence...not every young woman goes through this time of development, lacking either trait...but Belle blossomed in this state and doesnt seem to change...part of her always resides above her slutty soul, refusing that path in totality, im sure part of her attraction is that conflict...longing to be used in her every tease, and Belle is definitely a tease...but when the tease loses her ability to tease because you tie them up and gag them, the tease turns into a very obedient slut with a dripping wet and warm pussy...and that was my mission on this take away Belle's most alluring powers, and own them myself...just to keep her separate from them proved to be an erotic experience for me...As a Dom, I experience different bottoms much differently...Belle is like my perfect fantasy slut...from her sexy voice, to her style and beauty , to her pink pussy...her pussy is magical...I give it pain, I give it pleasure and Belle does the only thing she can do...she endures is a very erotic fashion....enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: BEL_051914

Members comments:
18 Apr 2017 cmp wrote: Belle is such a beautiful young woman. I love the way her nipples get erect and the way she looks when she's being stretched in bondage...Ace!

21 Jun 2014 OntheVine wrote: Absolutely, 100 percent perfection.

03 Jun 2014 Seymore wrote: A round of applause for Belle's round ass. Amazing scenes!

24 May 2014 Sir Sir wrote: Belle really is an adorable young lady and you did such a great job of treating her like a slut! Magnificent scenes here, thank you

01/25/2013 - Belle Noire 4 Scenes - 239 Photos - 54 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 239 Photos - 54 Minutes Video

Belle must have been under the impression that today would be a easy going, lackadaisical type of modeling day, but Phoenix quickly erases that thought as he bends her over the cube and gives her a taste. Belle agrees that she will be a shining example of obedience, and she will surely be put to the test as she seems ready to take direction...She stands at attention, obediently maneuvering herself where she is told, and Phoenix eases her into the spreader bar before he clamps her tits and shows her what bondage orgasms are made of. Then he spreads her wide and runs her through the paces with some TENS pads on her thighs, and the violet wand across her nipples and soles. As the shoot progresses, Belle begins to awaken to the fact that indeed, today is not an ordinary day, and even reaches a point where she is thoroughly enjoying what she is being handed. Ever the wiser, Phoenix reaches deeper into his bag of tricks and arches her over before coating her in wax. Then, Belle is down on all fours, bound from the rafters as she first feels the sting of the whips, before her final, shocking climax at the hands of Phoenix and the samurai... ShootID: BEL_012413

Members comments:
02 Mar 2013 Lb wrote: Love this girl and would love to see more of her!

29 Jan 2013 Ogre wrote: Sorry now...Clip3 will be up as soon as it's done.

28 Jan 2013 jk wrote: Clip 3 is missing

28 Jan 2013 anonymous wrote: Clip 3 is the same as clip 2

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