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05/16/2012 - Bonnie Rotten 4 Scenes - 249 Photos - 46 Minutes Video
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Ogre leads the collared Bonnie in and lays down the law...he will not be tested. Down to the floor she goes and she is roped tightly, before he takes out the whip and gives her a good lashing. She seems like she may be a bit of a smart ass, and Ogre's out to give her what she deserves. He then drapes her from the rafters and canes her into a swing, then reaches for the whip and lays into her flesh once again making sure that she will be compliant on this day...With our subject semi-pacified, Bonnie is handed off the Holly, and now slung to the cross, she takes a vicious dose of leather from Ms. Wood and a vicious vibe that sends her screaming. How fitting a "vicious" vibe for Ms. Rotten...get it?... If she thought it would get any easier from here, she was sorely mistaken, as I'm sure she realized when she was bound to the bench. Once again, Ogre takes the dominant position and whacks her ass soundly. Then, a plug buried deep in her tight ass before she is wrung dry and succumbs again...This time almost to the breaking point...Ogre being the semi-gentle giant, soothes her calmly, then increases the voltage pulsing through her anus...Finally, it's time to let it all ride and Bonnie is bound to the bed. She's been handed off to Holly now and she receives a little foot action as bands are snapped across her soles. She wants to get away, that is much is obvious. But Holly has just a bit more in store for her... ShootID: BON_051012

Members comments:
22 May 2012 Jordan86 wrote: Fantastic!

17 May 2012 shrike wrote: i agree. ogre, you are the best dom in the business. i would love to see you here regularly, but i understand you have many other tasks at hand. on that, thanks for all the hosiery of late

17 May 2012 MrJohnson wrote: I can't understand why we don't get Ogre handling on every SocietySM update. Holly is beautiful but Ogre is the best in the business. This viewer is here because of his Domming talents.

17 May 2012 provost wrote: Well, what a rotten thing to do to the young lass, and yet, somehow, quite fitting.

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