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12/31/2005 - Brandy Laine, Layla Rivera 3 Scenes - 271 Photos - 38 Minutes Video
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The last update of 2005 begins with Layla and Max the first photo set, Layla puts on a school girl outfit and poses with Max...It's not long before Max grabs her and gropes her...he bends her over and strips her..he ties her hands behind her back with her own top..We put Layla in some thigh highs and hang her from her ankles...then we use black belts to secure her arms and we leave Layla to Max's whims...Max enters and begins to feed her his cock...he takes her by the head and face fucks her...he uses a vibrating dildo to fuck her pussy as he continues to ram his cock down her throat...then he breaks out the jaw spreaders...two clamps hold either side of Layla's mouth wide open...Max stands back to watch her struggle as he jacks off...He begins to fuck her face again, and soon Layla's face is covered with his semen...

The second half of this update features Brandy Laine with Ian Rath...Brandy starts out in a red dress...Ian gets Brandy to dance for him as he sits back to smoke...he directs her onto her hands and knees and Ian spanks her ass...Brandy has to lick his boots before being given the opportunity to play with herself...Rath breaks out a large, black, inflatable dildo and makes Brandy suck it before it's back on her hands and knees to be fucked to orgasm with it...Brandy is told to take off her dress, and she does...she is then tied with her hands above her head... Rath uses a flogger and a single tail whip on her ass, breasts and back...Brandy is untied and directed to lay on the ground with her legs spread and Ian whips her pussy...Rath then allows Brandy to touch herself and cum as he plays with her huge tits...

Members comments:
21 Nov 2018 lugnut69 wrote: Yes - where are the videos?????

27 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Almost the fuckingdungeon again!

06 Aug 2007 hangemup wrote: Ah, the Hostel part II pose, is there any finer way to see a hot young girl displayed.. ready for anything?

22 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote: The single Layla video for this update in in gallery 3, and the Brandy video can be found at

15 Jul 2007 bmaster wrote: WHERE FU...are the Videos???????????

10/15/2005 - Brandy Laine 2 Scenes - 167 Photos - 18 Minutes Video
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Brandy is dressed in all black...a tight top, skimpy panties and black boots...We tie her up, gag her and leave her on the table to struggle...The Pope enters to grope and undress her...he spanks her ass hard before rolling her onto her side to be pleasured...he holds her neck in one hand as her vibrates her pussy with the other...Brandy is then tied against a wall...her hands are U-bolted to a 2x4 and her legs are spread....the Pope begins by flogging her huge breasts...he uses the magic wand on her pussy and she cums hard....Brandy gets a small break as the Pope sets up the vibrator stand....he ties the magic wand onto her pussy and leaves her to cum again...

Members comments:
12 Dec 2007 charlie wrote: She is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE seeing the girls tied to the dungeon walls.......and well + truly they look SOOO helpless. GOODY!! It really shows their tits and nakedness off. And the skimpy outfits make the slaves into real teasers before being stripped bare!!

27 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Very good update! TOP body and awesome breasts!

16 Oct 2007 ??? wrote: Vids?????????????

05/06/2004 - Brandy Laine 2 Scenes - 222 Photos - 32 Minutes Video
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Brandy is a very sweet and submissive women and it's easy to feel sorry for her as she stands with her hands tied behind her back and a posture collar which is tied off to the beams above her...she is the very epitomy of precious, feminine-prey as Ogre enters the scene to take advantage...he begins by grabbing the groping Brandy, and it's not long before he pulls her shirt over her huge, lucious breasts...Brandy gives a sweet sigh of resignment as Ogre pulls down her panties to expose her pussy...the worry is apparent as Ogre spanks her ass and takes her in his arms...he frees Brandy from her collar and puts her on the stretching rack to be hogtied...he completes the tie by roping her torso onto the table...then Brandy is stretched on the table, Ogre makes sure to completely pull her body as he cranks the winches...he whipd her breasts, tummy and pussy as Brandy lays helpless...then bamboo pinchers are fixed to her nipples and clothespins are applied to various parts of her the final scene, Brandy is tied for a machine fucking...her neck is roped to the table and her arms are pulled below her...her legs are strecthed out and down...he uses a vibrator to buxx her clit before making her suck a dildo and hold it in her mouth....then the machine starts and out, faster and faster until Ogre uses the vibrator on her clit again and Brandy reels from the intense pleasure which is forced upon her...

Members comments:
12 Dec 2007 charlie wrote: could there be more tape gags in some future sets? I love the look of a piece of strong sticky tape covering a beautiful girl's mouth.....and it keeps her QUIET!!! And she is REALLY SEXY being stripped from those skimpy clothes! PHHHEEWWEEEE!!!!!

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Great girl! TOP body! Nice positions! A Variation! And great orgasm!

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