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11/14/2016 - Brittany Shae 4 Scenes - 304 Photos - 34 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 304 Photos - 34 Minutes Video

Brittany is back, and since our last meeting, she has invested in some BDSM gear for her personal adventures...That's always nice to hear...Brittany is ready and willing to explore her sexuality...As a dominant who has watched her progress over the last year, I sculpt scenes to push Brittany's experience farther than before...She has a slight fear and excitment surrounding being suspended, so after a day full of tight bondage and BDSM, we conclude with her lovely body in a naked, spread, inverted, suspension.....Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: BRI_110916

07/09/2016 - Brittany Shae 4 Scenes - 412 Photos - 55 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 412 Photos - 55 Minutes Video

Brittany is back and the reason? Bondage makes her pussy wet. She is just one of those women who loves to be the object of male fascination, under their control for sexual domination...Feenix will not be challenged as a Dominant today, as Brittany is all too ready and willing to do just about anyhting he wants...or so she thinks...He effortlessly leads Brittany right into distressing predicaments...Nipple clamps, labia clamps, sincere impact and tight bondage, and she will endure it all. Feenix knows how she craves the vibrator...Attention to her pussy is allways the key to her submissive center...With the promise of orgasmic rewards, Brittany will endure much today....Ogre... ShootID: BRI_070616

02/26/2016 - Brittany Shae 4 Scenes - 278 Photos - 48 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 278 Photos - 48 Minutes Video

I met Brittany last autumn when she made her BDSM debut with Feenix, and I really wanted to get my hands on her...something about that pretty face, big brown eyes and sweet stayed with me and when Brittany made a return trip to LA, I was eager to book her...She met all of my high hopes and I had a fantastic time owning her...She is naturally sexually submissive and enjoys pleasing her partners...and Brittany is one of those women who can just cum over and over...I keep the vibrator on her sensitive pussy as she struggles to deal with the intense sensations, and the orgasms just roll...Brittany is a very expressive young woman, and I had a hard time deciding whether she looked more beautiful in pleasure or in pain...either way, Brittany is a keeper....Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: BRI_022416

Members comments:
29 Feb 2016 Me wrote: Loved how you snuck in some foot tickling along with the caning, keep that up and you'll have a member for life!

27 Feb 2016 Napoleon wrote: You can never stop making videos because they are the only good ones in existence. Thanks to the beautiful model!

26 Feb 2016 Omnikov wrote: The racking and stretching always add intensity when sincerely employed. I love seeing her body pulled tight.

26 Feb 2016 Dom Dan wrote: Great work Ogre. Great model!

09/11/2015 - Brittany Shae 4 Scenes - 239 Photos - 56 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 239 Photos - 56 Minutes Video

Girl Next Door, Brittany Shae has captivating eyes....I might even say that they are submissive eyes, as they show every emotion as she feels them...Her body is luscious and she is soaked in sexual energy...I think this young woman has many more kinky experiences in her future...She is anxiously submissive as she lays tied and taked, roped to a bed...This is a very tender woman, and very sensitive much more than a hardened BDSM bottom...It's easy to see that just being bound, naked and gagged is enough to effect her...she does her best to endure some good swats from Feenix's hand and floggers, and she blooms when he touches her pussy...She has a deep connection to sexual objectification, and her pussy responds with warm wetness....Feenix keeps her in a state of flux, changing her positions often, and gives this newbie some totally fresh experiences...It's all new to Brittany...the TENS unit, bound tickling, bastinado, floggers, pussy and nipple clamps and Ill never tire of watching newbies undergo these sensations for the first time, while completely bound and helpess...You will know how Brittany feels from her sincere reactions and multiple steamy orgasms...Ogre ShootID: BRI_090815

Members comments:
17 Sep 2015 me wrote: Loved this update. Great foot torture and tickling too!

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