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03/20/2015 - Brooklyn Daniels 4 Scenes - 385 Photos - 62 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 385 Photos - 62 Minutes Video

Sometimes slaves enjoy pushing their Master's limits, and pushing his buttons in order to receive discipline...It happens quite often and I find it best to nip that behavior in the bud...But when a slave attempts to get away, they are obviously asking for the most extreme punishments...Brooklyn knew what she was getting herself into when she headed out that door, naked and bound...The compound is fenced in and locked and she knows that...So why all the drama and hiding? She just needs my attention...and of course, I allow her to manipulate me into punishing her...I give her exactly what she left that door to find...Ogre ShootID: BRO_031315

Members comments:
23 May 2017 joey wrote: more with sandals on

21 Oct 2016 Sexploit-her wrote: she's so cute when she cries

28 May 2015 Naughtynice wrote: I love her struggling... such a turn on.

21 Mar 2015 RigsterJLK wrote: SocietySm must be seeing a resurgence in it's membership now that Kink's sites are falling off the map. Matt and Jack handle their models like nervous teenagers. This is a fantastic shoot and one of the last BDSM sites holding true to it's origins. Kudos Ogre

21 Mar 2015 ThatBondageGuy wrote: Nice spread eagle. Always appreciated with a writhing model.

21 Mar 2015 maXxx99 wrote: Sweet young Brooklun shows her defiant side. Very pleasing :)

21 Mar 2015 Ogre wrote: Try refreshing them...

21 Mar 2015 Steve wrote: The photo gallery links aren't working.

21 Mar 2015 Sweetwater wrote: I absolutely love the spread and final suspension scenes.

20 Mar 2015 RyanSit wrote: Brooklyn is so sexy. Great to see her back.

08/30/2014 - Brooklyn Daniels, Nina Noxx 4 Scenes - 194 Photos - 47 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 194 Photos - 47 Minutes Video

Something a bit different this week...two, long, lean and lovely young models, tied with thier pussies on display...First up is fan favorite, Brooklyn...she is cuffed into the leg spreader, and although she isnt the most flexible of women, she is stretched to her limits...I insert an oversize dildo into her pussy and lay the magic wand against her very helpless clit...she squirts for so long that she has the time to beg for release as the flow continues ad her body is overtakem by intense sensations...In the next scene, she is locked down with steel cuffs...legs up and spread for total pussy access...I use a series of dildos and vibrators to summon more orgasms from her submissive depths...Next up is Nina Noxx...a tall, leggy and beautiful model from the midwest...This is Nina's first time in bondage and it very much overwelms her pysche'...It's easy for us veterans to forget how it felt the first time...Nina echos that sentiment as she hangs on through two intense scenes where I focus the attention on her pussy, but roused her much more with my cane...Ogre ShootID: NIN_083014

07/25/2014 - Brooklyn Daniels 4 Scenes - 343 Photos - 60 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 343 Photos - 60 Minutes Video

Brooklyn is an amazing feminine specimen...sweet pussy, sweet face, sweet voice...and a long and lean, yet curvaceous body...she loves bondage, submission and cock...every man should have the chance to own and fuck such a woman...On this day, Brooklyn is my gift to Alec...she is caged and waits out the morning for Alec to arrive...I release her and let her know what is expected of be a man-serving, sexually-pleasing, fuck toy...I direct her to remove her clothes, then I tie her in a standing spread...Alec has no interest in getting to know interest in pleasing her...he is there to use her...through four positions, Alec fucks her mouth and pussy with impunity, and Brooklyn show's how dedicated she is to cock submission...Ogre... ShootID: BRO_072214

Members comments:
31 Jul 2014 provost wrote: Would love to see Brooklyn return for a little SR session. And Mr. Ogre, would you please check your Yahoo email or pm me--trying to reach you. And be sure to put RR through her paces for us today!

26 Jul 2014 Renoir wrote: Anything featuring Brooklyn has my rigid attention. That is one sexy lady.

26 Jul 2014 Steve wrote: Isn't this set more appropriate to Fucking Dungeon than SM?

06/20/2014 - Brooklyn Daniels 4 Scenes - 353 Photos - 57 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 353 Photos - 57 Minutes Video

When I first laid eyes on Brooklyn's rare and incredible body, she was getting ready before Dan Cross fucked her for FantasyDamsels...She's long and curvy...a flat and delicious tummy...a godly round ass which prepares one for the perfection of her lovely pink pussy...big and round, grey-blue eyes that express everything that she's feeling...I knew I had to get my ropes on have my control with that luscious speci-woman...It was quite easy really...I waited a month or so, then booked her to be my slave for SocietySM...I had Feenix prepare her...dressed in red lingerie and left bound on the bed for me...I revel in the idea of what's waiting for me...that perfect, fragile, feminine power...helpless to my control whims...She takes my punishments well...she learns her place quickly...she offers herself to me and I show little mercy...and when I give her pleasure, she devours it like a fine young slut...have a great weekend, play safe...Ogre... ShootID: BRO_061814

Members comments:
22 Jun 2014 Bryan72 wrote: Great ass! and great positions for this slut :)

21 Jun 2014 OntheVine wrote: A truly aggressive male dominant makes all the difference in creating the aesthetic that I prefer to watch. Ogre nails it! New member and very impressed. GREAT!

21 Jun 2014 provost wrote: Extraordinary shoot! What a lovely woman, and what an energetic effort by our beloved Mr. O! I do believe she inspired you.... I particularly loved the closing predicament, with toes tied to tender parts and soles bared. As a matter of technique, please consider positioning rubber bands on her soles before applying the cords to nipples and lips. Then, when the cords are all nicely positioned and taut you can snap the bands and watch her cope with the challenge. Even just running a toothpick over her soles when the cords are taut will cause a lot of excitement.... Kudos, again, to Brooklyn and Mr. O for their fine efforts!

21 Jun 2014 Rich wrote: Excellent scenes as always, Ogre. You are right about Brooklyn. HAWT!

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