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02/23/2011 - Audrey Lords, Caddy Compson 4 Scenes - 302 Photos - 59 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 302 Photos - 59 Minutes Video

This week we feature two models in separate shoots...and I really like the way it all worked out...I basically ramped up the intensity of each scene but shot each model for only two scenes a the end, you get a four scene update with two models...and in this case you get two hard bodied babes who like to play rough...First is Audrey Lords...the red headed's not a bad thing at all...she acts bratty to get put in her place...any Dom who doesnt step up is pretty much her slave...and an ass...cause she is just begging for harsher treatment...she really gets into BDSM shoots, but she does have limits and I push many of them...The positions I choose for her put her muscles to the the first scene I make them cramp from squating and in the second, I stretch them all out...Audrey takes a good amount of torment and I allow her to cum, because she puts so much effort into trying...I wait until her legs are closed and her body is arched backwards...Audrey strains to point her toes to get to the vibrating's such a nice display, I wait until Audrey is done...Then it's the unofficial DungeonCorp mascot, Caddy Compson...We all know Caddy well, and we always have fun with her...and she always gives us content that is tough and real...Caddy isnt much into faking anything...and she can take a lot...a spread suspension is the first trial she endures...with heavy clamp play on her nipples and labia...then I get her tightly rigged to one of my favorite pieces of gear...the simple spread bench...this keeps Caddy's fragile frame in place for heated feet, orgasms, tailing and bastinado...and she endured about 10 seconds of the goat milkers...those huge nipple rings may have worked against her in that one...but, a great time was had by all...Ogre ShootID: AUD_021611

Members comments:
24 Nov 2011 Eddie wrote: Any cock tease that wears a skirt that short with no panties needs to be punished!

12 Mar 2011 MrJohnson wrote: Ogre, I like your style!

27 Feb 2011 AsianAssan wrote: Love both the girls!

26 Feb 2011 Robert wrote: Caddy looks so breakable but proves to be very resilient everytime. Seeing her break over the milkers was exhilarating. :)

25 Feb 2011 David wrote: What a spectacular voice Audrey has! Would be great to see her on Idol. Sometimes she uses that singing voice when she's screaming and it's very hot! Would love to see more Audrey.

25 Feb 2011 Ogre wrote: @Mr B - Got the link fixed for clip 2. Thanks for the heads up! @Provost - Since Caddy is a seasoned and active player, her tolerance is much higher than Randy's or Bailey's who probably only go through such things for shoots...And I was extra tough on Caddy because I could be, although she did red a few times...I am having a great time with the feet lately, so I'm sure youll see more models baring thier soles for us.

25 Feb 2011 provost wrote: Kudos! What a pair of troupers! Three reds for Ms Compson, who seems to have the most sensitive soles in the business. Would love to see Bailey Brooks and Randy Moore similarly tested: I noticed Alexander was very careful with the bands on Randy's fine, bare soles. Would love to see her limits in that area explored a bit. Brava, Audrey and Caddy!

25 Feb 2011 Mr B wrote: The link to download the HD video of Audrey's clip 2 seems to be broken.

11/10/2010 - Caddy Compson 4 Scenes - 180 Photos - 52 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 180 Photos - 52 Minutes Video

Caddy will never give her Dom an easy read...there's something about her that always leaves one guessing where she really stands...that's not exactly submissive...never the less, she enjoys tough bondage and sincere play...and she is very fun to play with if you can essentially ignore her...her giggling, her nervous twitching...then again, you just have to tune those things out so that you don't miss her expressions of pleasure and displeasure...they can be awe inspiring...Her tight body is something to see as it squirms and convulses...and after playing with Caddy, even her giggling and nervous twitching just become another expression of her state of mind...but I did enjoy paying them no inspired me to a new level of depravity...indulging the power of having my way with a tiny, feminine, adorable woman who is doing her best to affect me with her reactions...this update is full of tight bondage and hard play as I make every scene a challenge...enjoy...Ogre ShootID: CAD_110310

Members comments:
20 Nov 2010 SADE wrote: Caddy acts just fine for me. I'll tie her up anytime. :)

17 Nov 2010 Corleone wrote: Nice whip and flog work :)

11 Nov 2010 Cromag wrote: She is hot, but does act a little schizo :)~

11 Nov 2010 David wrote: What a hard body! A pleasure to watch.

07/22/2010 - Caddy Compson 4 Scenes - 356 Photos - 47 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 356 Photos - 47 Minutes Video

Caddy is a true darling of the LA BDSM scene...Beloved and longed for by all...such a charmer...a teaser...and on this day, a giggler...quite annoyingly, but the Pope makes sure we get an extra dose of screams on this special day...special? of our members contacted the Pope about attending a shoot...they worked out the details and PROVOST showed up in the afternoon...PROVOST has been a member for some time and his comments can be found on many many ways, he and a few other members have really lobbied for more foot treatment...or as PROVOST would call it, attention to the model's soles...and foot focused scenes have become some of our most entertaining...So PROVOST walks in the front door of our office and I jump down his throat for "no soliciting" as I had forgotten that he was making a visit...silly me...I quickly realized my error and apologized...His visit turned out very well and definitely altered the energy of the shoot a bit...everyone was happy to have a guest and PROVOST made for great company...But it probably made Caddy's day a bit honor of PROVOST's visit, the Pope unleashes inquisition levels of foot play...He starts with a wicked spread and crotch rope...I should mention Caddy's body...tight, fit, thin, feminine, delicious...and her pierced pussy looks quite amazing cinched together by a tight crotch rope...a single point, inverted suspension...then more foot focus...Caddy takes it all like a pro...OGRE ShootID: CAD_071410

Members comments:
23 Jul 2010 Garfold21 wrote: Great jog with Caddy. This woman has a terrific body. Bring her back for more and do some double penetration on her. Love to hear her scream.

23 Jul 2010 provost wrote: Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!!!

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