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10/06/2004 - Camille Slave 4 Scenes - 319 Photos - 52 Minutes Video
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Lovely blonde Camille is tricked away to Ogre's house to meet his sicko-pal, The Pope...the scene begins as the Pope carries Camille, who is allready tied and gagged in a sheer sundress, into the bedroom...he enjoys her total helplessness as he lifts up her skirt and feels her breasts...then onto the floor to be untied and stripped...the Pope uses a posture collar on his new slave before he begins to spank her...Camille is quickly retied, spanked and left on the floor as he prepares her next torment...Camille is then bent over the footboard of the bed...the Pope uses a flogger, a cane and his hand to punish her sweet the last scene, Camille is tied spread eagle and naked on the bed...a fucking machine rests between her legs as the Pope enters...he inserts the dildo and turns the machine the dildo plunges in and out of her helpless little pussy, the Pope uses tight clamps on her nipples...then a blindfold and Camille is left to be fucked....her legs are spread and hands tied athletic wrap gag kees her quiet as the Pope gropes her and applies clothespins to her nipples...Camille's pussy is wired for electricution and the Pope turns it up slowly as Camille whines and squirms...Then she is tethered to a torture chair...her hands behind her back and legs pulled open...a ball gag head harness is used to muffle her moans as suction is used to prime her exposed pussy...then a long, glass dildo is used to penetrate her sweetness...The Pope works it in and out as her soothes her with breast groping...then a magic wand is rigged to a stand and placed between her legs...the vibrator buzzes away as Camille finally accepts her forced pleasure in waves of famale bliss...In the last photo set, Camille is tired and naked on the bed...the Pope ties her up with hands behind back and feet together...he gags and blindfolds her and dresses Camille in a posture collar...he ties her feet to one bed post and her nack to the other, leaving Camille helpless and naked for well-deserved rest...

Members comments:
16 Jun 2008 Chen wrote: Nice rings around her body, just in the right places

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Nice resistance! Nice punishment! Great pleasures...

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