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06/07/2012 - Candy Manson 4 Scenes - 450 Photos - 56 Minutes Video
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Ogre's got some Candy in his mitts. Candy Manson to be exact. She's one sweet treat, and this week, she's on display for us all...As Ogre delves a bit deeper into Candy's psyche, she reveals that she is indeed a whore for attention. And this will play right into his hands as he gets down to the nitty gritty. Now Candy's got some baby doll looks about her, that cannot be denied. And being the attention whore that she is, she is bound to serve well. It must be a deep seated NEED to do so...Blonde, busty, bound...what's not to like here? As it unfolds before us, Candy is pushed through the wringer and taken to extremes as Ogre plays every angle available. And any angle that may not be readily available...he shall take... ShootID: CAN_060612

Members comments:
11 Jun 2012 Of wrote: When are they expected to be able on iPad or iPhone?

09 Jun 2012 wwallace wrote: Great shoot, beautiful lady, but you need to fire your make up artist.... Candy's face is YELLOW with a white body. Whats up with that??? LOL

01/09/2008 - Candy Manson 5 Scenes - 415 Photos - 71 Minutes Video
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The New Year brings yet another exciting Bondage Fantasy Feature from the minds of DungeonCorp©! Candy Manson, The Pope, Micheal Mayhem and Master Liam star in The Plaything, a story about an honest, hard working entertainer who is hired for a routine bachelor party. It doesn't take too long however for Candy to realize that this isn't your typical bachelor party as the situation quickly spirals madly out of control. As the drama unfolds, Candy is passed from one rowdy, sadistic party member to another as she transforms from an everyday stripper into nothing more than a mere plaything...

Members comments:
15 Sep 2008 Name john wrote: what a performa she really enjoys this please lets have lots more of her

17 Feb 2008 JustMe wrote: I just became a member of your site. Candy Manson's 1/9/08 Fantasy Feature was the first set of galleries viewed. AWSOME!!! How can more be said??? If you guys on this site continue using hardware (like the hook) like I've never seen before (with tens pads attached) along with story series like this (more than one guy groping a gal) you'll continue to outperform other bdsm sites. It sure will keep more members!!! Candy is a 10. I've loved seeing her on other sites also. Please tell her that I said that. And, please continue to think outside of what seems to be the normal pattern of photo shoots on these bdsm sites. Great work guys!!

02 Feb 2008 loaded wrote: The Charlie Manson looking guy has some serious issues I think...Candy is one of my faves...coulda done with-out Charlie tho...

31 Jan 2008 charlie wrote: Can members send in ideas for galleries?

26 Jan 2008 Chance wrote: The story bit was really cool... the scenes were friggin hot. The girl could have been fairly attractive but the obviously fake boobs just don't do it for me. Do keep up these story line type series though... really adds something to the vid, everyone seems to get more into it.

04/11/2007 - Candy Manson 5 Scenes - 302 Photos - 55 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7 Gallery 8

Candy Manson is one of the self-proclaimed bad-girls of porn...a natural wild child on an endless search for adventure and debauchery...she likes her sex rough and she likes her BDSM to be tight and true...we have this buxom blonde beauty gag and handcuff herself with her arms overhead...the Pope enters and wastes no time in stripping her dress off...cutting it off is more like it...he spreads her legs and locks her ankles into a spreader bar and before she knows it, Candy is completely naked and vulnerable...the Pope pegs each nipple and each labia to soften her up before he spanks her ass and slaps her tits...then it's the magic wand, held against her clit until she cums in the first of many the next scene, we hang Candy on our crow perch...most of her weights falls on her cunt with her arms and ankles tied behind the vertical pole...straps are cinched around each huge breast and the Pope pulls them's time to hear Candy moan as the Pope hooks her up with electric nipple clamps and TENS pads on her tummy...the electro treatment gets to her as gravity works it's own game to weaken her naked the next scene, Candy is standing between two verticals...her tits are tied and pulled forward and her hands are rigged behind her and pulled backward...a head harness ball gag is used to silent her and keep her head still as the Pope whips her ass, her tits, pussy and tummy...then a reward for our slave...more orgasms with the magic wand...then a very strict hogtie...Candy lays helpless on a table with her legs pulled apart which gives the Pope the opportunity to work his fingers deep into her cunt...he gets all his fingers in before he replaces them witha dildo and fucks her...then the magic wand again...after multiple orgasms the pleasure turns to mega-pleasure...too much for Candy and she begs for release...the Pope ends the vibrating as he pulls her into the air and leaves her the last scene, Candy is laid out on a table with her chest and tummy exposed...extreme wax torment ensues as the Pope uses a blow torch to rain hot wax down on her helpless body...he doesnt stop until she is covered...then the vibrator is rigged to her pussy and he begins to whip the wax from her body as the vibrator pleasures her cunt...Candy cums and cums again and we leave her on the table, broken and tired...

Members comments:
29 Mar 2008 yasu wrote: table tied is great.

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Great reactions! The bound breasts are awesome! Little to much silicon, but still great!


05 May 2007 pas wrote: great model and great work. Please with 2 or 3 nude slaves and why not some outdoor stuff??

27 Apr 2007 TTyou12 wrote: SocietySM has come a long way. Congrats on the new site design, your superb selection of models, the creative bondage and the overall quality of your updates! It's much appreciated.

26 Apr 2007 Suma wrote: Very Nice shoot. Love the model. She is very good. Would like to see a shoot with her in which she is in a fantasy role play, playing the part of cat woman or any other super heroine, getting caught by the bad guys and then tortured:):). Keep up the good work...

08/28/2006 - Candy Manson 2 Scenes - 166 Photos - 23 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4

During the second half of Candy's shoot, the Pope turns up the intensity...and the voltage...Candy is completely helpless, on her back...her tits are tied tight, her arms and legs are secured with ropes and the Pope makes her suck a dildo throughout this long scene...he fixes electrical clamps to her nipples and adds TENS pads to her tummy...he plays with the electricity as Candy moans and screams...He uses the Samurai electric dildo to shock the inside of her pussy as he fucks her with it...he uses a spikey wheel on her tits and feet...then he finishes her off with finger fucking and a magic wand...Candy cums many times throughout the scene...We think Candy is worthy of we crucify her...hundreds of feet of hemp rope are used to tether Candy to the cross and we pull it off the ground...Candy swings as the Pope whips her chest...heavy weights are hung from her nipples and the magic wand works it magic again...Candy cums more and we leave it tied to her pussy...

Members comments:
31 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: This girl is absolutely hot! Great first scene!

08/03/2006 - Candy Manson 3 Scenes - 194 Photos - 27 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4

For the love of Gawd, Candy fuckin Manson...this girl is a bombshell in every sense of the word...She dolls herself up for us in a black fetish outfit...a skimpy top, a waist cincher, tiny panties and black boots...our kind of girl...the Pope ties her up spread eagle against a wall and goes to's obvious he is ready to handle those huge tits because the first thing he does is pull down her top and play with them...the second thing he does is whip them, side to side...only then does he stick a hand down her panties and fuck her with multiple the next scene, Candy is laid on her back...her neck and wrists are locked into wooden stocks and her legs are pulled back and tied off...the pope first fucks her face with a dildo...he continues to whip her tits and pussy...he uses the dildo/vibrator combination to send her through multiple orgasms as she squirms and the final scene, Candy is hung from her spread ankles with her hands tied behind her back...her huge tits dangle and the Pope clamps her nipples tightly...he enjoys a bit more whipping before using the vibrator to make her cum again and again...he pulls her wrists behind her and ties the off to the wall, leaving Candy to hang and swing...

Members comments:
16 Dec 2007 charlie wrote: Gallery 1 Candy looks REALLY sexy in that skimpy latex costume, and then bound and gagged to the wall....please more DUNGEON style stuff where these gorgeous slaves are being imprisoned and left to their punishments!!?? SHE IS THE ULTIMATE BABE-SLAVE!!!!!

31 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: She is hot! The position of the second scene is just great!

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