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04/07/2017 - Carolina Sweets 4 Scenes - 502 Photos - 38 Minutes Video
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She just looked so natural in that sky blue shirt...I suppose when your name is Sweets, you have an image to uphold...and Im fine with that...I love sweet women...and this one did not disappoint...her squeals and moans are angellic...The poor thing suffered through my gropings and punishments with such courage, I tried to reward her little pussy, but she didnt seem to accept the good things I offered...I had to punish her for disobeying me, but she did cum around eventually....they all do...Ogre... ShootID: CAR_033117

Members comments:
10 Apr 2017 m73 wrote: CS really is something special: cute as a doll & at the same time, it seems, made for this (gotta ask, tho: no doggy-style arching over the bench this time? That's always my favorite)

10 Apr 2017 cmp wrote: Nice shoot with a delicious "teen" model. The problem still remains with the ball gag not filling the model's mouth, although it's not as pronounced with Carolina. Maybe you guys could get your ballgag manufacturer to make a gag that's off-center on the strap, meaning, say, with the ball 1/3 oriented toward the rear and 2/3 oriented toward the front? That way, you could draw the gag tight and have the major portion filling her mouth, instead of blocking her throat? It might look a little funny when out of the mouth, but probably would be okay once inserted, and "comfortable" for the model? It's a thought.

07 Apr 2017 Smike wrote: Perfection.

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