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03/10/2010 - Cat Savage 5 Scenes - 449 Photos - 55 Minutes Video
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We have another newbie today. I was introduced to Cat at one of the clubs in LA, and was told she is fun to play with. She arrives at our Dungeon, and I can't wait to get my hands on her. She seems to be tough, so I start with some impact to see where her breaking point is. Soon I find that she likes to play rough, but hasn't experienced a lot, so I take it upon myself to introduce her to true torment. She is pushed, and then pushed more until she submits to her new found appreciation of what suffering truly is....The Pope ShootID: SSM_CAT_022510

Members comments:
17 Mar 2011 NameJohn wrote: It's been a year... Can you please get Cat back for another shoot? This girl is great. Would love to see Soma do some kinky bondage on her.

28 Aug 2010 Ben wrote: I agree people that bitch too much about $30 first off should realize $90 is $60 if they take the deal second off buy this on DVD and g4et back to me. what cocks! You Rule Ogre! DungeonCorp forever!!

01 Apr 2010 execpgh wrote: Another vote for the continued use of discipline combined with tickling when the models are sensitive to both.

27 Mar 2010 Ogre wrote: Refresh the page please...Its linked correctly now, thanks

24 Mar 2010 oleop1964 wrote: were is clip 5

18 Mar 2010 Ogre wrote: Formerly known as Tony Andolini from Sicily! Thanks for the compliments and perspective :)

17 Mar 2010 tony korleone wrote: I think this place has a wide variety of everything a member would want. There is variety in the models... Rigging ... high heels & Bare feet... I don't get what some of these people are looking at. But as a site producer I can tell ya you'll never please everyone and the one's that think they own the world with the $29.95 they shell out for the site ARE the one's that are the most frikken vocal.

13 Mar 2010 tautology wrote: Fantastic scene mixing tickling with forced org and pain. Also like the position in clip 3. Thanks for taking the gag out now and then--I like gags but 95% of the time is too much of a good thing.

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