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10/12/2012 - CeCe Stone 4 Scenes - 291 Photos - 61 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 291 Photos - 61 Minutes Video

This week we've got CeCe Stone on SocietySM and she's being handled by Phoenix. She's been here before, but today will mark a new awakening for her as Phoenix will slowly mold her into a different type of disciple. She takes direction well as he begins to set about running her through her paces. And once he has her in the spreader bar, CeCe gets her first taste of pain as he wails on her backside in dual floggered fashion leaving her ass red and raw...CeCe has a bit of an issue staying still much to her new Master's disappointment, so he binds her ass up to the cube and hammers her with riding crops. Already raw, CeCe has a hard time controlling herself as he continues working on her flesh, but there's a little reward in the cards when he stuffs a dildo in her pussy and vibes her off to a mind-bending orgasm. Sadistically, Phoenix then proceeds to squeeze a bit more from her and CeCe obliges in convulsive fashion...Next, she whimpers on the stretcher as TENS pads are stuck in place. Then, the blinding white heat of hot wax rains down upon her flesh. It doesn't get any easier for CeCe however as she is pinned and probed, then bent and clamped in a ferocious finale'... ShootID: CEC_100412

Members comments:
29 Nov 2012 tanya420 wrote: you guys should really lose the ropes around the models' stomach, which you seem to do often. it obscures the convulsions of the stomach during orgasm.

15 Oct 2012 Provost wrote: Magnificent! Where to begin? People first: CeCe and Phoenix are on the same wavelength and her facial expressions--the photo where she looks up at the ring--are priceless. I love the lead-in, the rigorous hog tie, the rack ... but most of all the way both are into the session. Yes, I hope Phoenix continues to explore the possibilities presented by other parts of a woman's body: soles, belly, flanks...even a traditional bare-back whipping--and he seems to be the sort of fellow eager to do so. So much is so well done that this is a magnificent session...but I said that.

03/30/2011 - CeCe Stone 4 Scenes - 241 Photos - 55 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 241 Photos - 55 Minutes Video

I always had the feeling Cece could tolerate a shoot like was just a matter of time and patience...we first worked with her a few years ago on a CastingCouch was evident then that she was happily submissive and willing to endure...since then, we have brought her back and ramped up the intensity of the shoots each time...this is probably a zenith of sorts because although she probably could take her submission further, I probably could not take her any farther on camera...You can only take these scenes so far before running into billing issues and the end result is censorship...I took Cece right up to that line and kept her there all day...she never called red...Cece's line is still unknown...Let me tell you, this is one sexy, fun and tough woman...Ultra tight bondage in each scene keeps her still through the treatments...and the treatments are extreme...floggers, canes and tails...bands and bastinado...electric anal plugs and heavy clamp play...Cece deserved the orgasms I gave her and in the end she is all smiles...Ogre ShootID: CEC_032311

Members comments:
21 Apr 2011 MrJohnson wrote: Just an awesome inverted hogtie. How did I miss that scene?

09 Apr 2011 Jarod wrote: KICK ASS!

02 Apr 2011 Provost wrote: As I wrote elsewhere, this one is astoundingly good and continues your run of sessions that extend the model's range in a safe, consensual way that also conveys a note of authenticity...she is performing, yet not entirely performing.... Thanks to CeCe and Mr. O, especially for the diligent exploration of her soles and other sensitive parts.

02 Apr 2011 RogerG wrote: 5 stars

01 Apr 2011 Zendom wrote: She did'nt really care much for the anal plug did she? Nicely mixed with something she loves..the magic wand!

01 Apr 2011 427S3 wrote: Great upside down hogtie!

01 Apr 2011 Easystreet wrote: I have seen your photos on Fetlife and I came to get a closer look. Very nice!

31 Mar 2011 AA wrote: Absolutely brutal. The proof is all over her ass. Tipping my hat to the lovely Cece. ;)

07/08/2009 - CeCe Stone 5 Scenes - 268 Photos - 59 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. Video clips for this update are located on top of galleries 1,2,3,4 & 5... CeCe Stone finds herself in a sticky situation this week, being blackmailed at work for being a whore. It's apparant that she has been cheating on her husband, as she is confronted with pictures, and she has to make a decision. At first she doesn't know what to do, but when she faces the ugly truth of it she knows what she has to do to keep her secret kept quiet. She agrees to allow anything that is asked of her to happen to save her marriage. Little does she know, that it's not as easy as just fucking a stranger, but rather enduring a full day of bondage, pain, humiliation, and all of this to still be exposed to her family for being a slut!....The Pope

Members comments:
29 Oct 2009 Chris wrote: A-position is well done; but then just a little vibe-action, no sfacefuck no hardwhipping nothing.

28 Jul 2009 zee wrote: acting is horrible but still a good shoot.

09 Jul 2009 Samurai wrote: Glad to see you haven't abandoned storylines. Nice update.

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