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03/04/2005 - Celestyne Slave 3 Scenes - 224 Photos - 47 Minutes Video
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Celestyne is a local Orange county girl...she's had a long time interest in BDSM and she contacted us for a shoot after seeing SSM...Celestyne shows up in jeans and a long sleeve shirt...immediately, her hands are bound, she is gagged, and her hands are pulled above her head to wait for Ogre...she seems a bit stunned as Ogre enters to grope her bountiful tits and pull down her jeans...her panties come down quickly too as he introduces himself to her bare pussy...he removes her top and spreads her legs...Celestyne is naked and vulnerable as she watches Ogre tie off the ropes...Now that he has her where he wants her, he decides to wrap tight cord around each shapely breast...he ties her hair and pulls her head back...the rope comes back up through her crotch and he ties it around her neck in front...after a few minutes, Celestyne begs for release, so Ogre unties her hair...but he adds clamps to her pussy lips and leaves her the second scene, her chest is rope harnessed, her arms are boxtied and her feet are tied to a bamboo spreader...her chest and ankles are pulled up and Celestyne trys to find comfort as Ogre begins to crop her breasts...he moves on to her ass and feet with the crop before using a vibrator on her pussy...In the third set, Celestyne is tethered to a torture chair...a gag keeps her silent as Ogre uses suction on her pussy to prime her for pleasure...he ties a dildo into her pussy and uses an erocilator...after a miute, Celestyne is helpless and screaming because Ogre wont remove the vibrator from her sensitive clit...he toys with her for a few mintues before wrapping her head in vet wrap...

Members comments:
24 Apr 2012 Bob D. wrote: Where have you been hiding this woman?he is perfect!

25 Nov 2011 Eddie wrote: This woman has the kind of body I like on a woman! Big nice ass, big tits, and big thighs!

16 Jun 2008 ZaberFANG wrote: Very Cute

12 Dec 2007 charlie wrote: LOVE the red bandage gag & wrap.

26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: She has everything you need for a good scene! Nice body and awesome breasts! More of girls like this!

15 Sep 2007 mcb1964 wrote: celestyne,very pretty girl next door look with a knock out body

25 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote: The Videos can now be seen in Gallery7

03 Jun 2007 jack wrote: Exactly. Where are the videos??!!

26 May 2007 Jojo wrote: Ther is no video clips!!!

10 May 2007 Demon wrote: no video...

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