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09/09/2009 - Charlotte Kelly 5 Scenes - 347 Photos - 68 Minutes Video
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FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. This week's video clips are located above galleries 2,3,4,5 & 6... Charlotte thinks she is going to be shooting "glamour bondage" when she arrives at our studio; little does she know that I have bigger plans for her. We start with a photo set, and when we try to remove some of her clothes, she gets a bit upset. We try to calm her, but she is a little feisty, so I decide to take it up a notch and then the fun really begins. She has an amazing body that I've wanted to get my hands on since I saw her and now I will have that chance. I spread her out, stretch her, bend her over, and suspend her, and in every position I abuse her body. She was a tough girl, so I pushed her to be tougher...even if she didn't want me to. I made her cum more than she thought she could and when it was all over I decided that she would not be going anywhere. I hoist her up to the rafters and leave her there until I figure out what I'm going to do with her next...The Pope

Members comments:
21 Aug 2014 S_Owner wrote: She looks like she can take a lot more. The look of her eyes while she's screaming into the gag is priceless and perfect. I would love to get a hold of her for a day or two.

24 Nov 2011 Eddie wrote: Dressed like a cheap tramp, this one needs to be put in bondage and punished! Loved the body on this one!

08 Sep 2011 Mclash wrote: What a body on Charlotte! She reminds of this woman that lived next door to my parents house when I was a kid. I love they way Charlotte reacts to her torment. Please bring her back and plug her asshole with an anal exam apreader instrument and metal plugs.

02 Dec 2009 bluemag wrote: For a chic who apparently wasn't expecting it - she sure tortures up lovely! mmmmm. ADORE the gorgeous heart shape her vag makes when she gets the wheel. Gotta get her back for still more!! Love to see her all sore and bruised up from whipping and caning. She got nice sweet soft flesh and curves (that bruises well). Adorable bottom hole ring - like a cute little strawberry. You gotta work on that some more next time!! PS: the loveliest vag with the wheel on it I seen so far. Gets me soooooo horny! She's a deadringer for it! mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

18 Sep 2009 Zigs wrote: She looks like one of those hot bank tellers. A great model!

11 Sep 2009 BobD wrote: Charlotte kelly is magnificent! She has the authentic look of a superb torture heroine with the kind of fleshy sexiness that is just made for the torture chamber. Please have her back soon

10 Sep 2009 provost wrote: Rigorous set and an attractive, authentic, game young lady, whose soles are well tested indeed. (wish you'd given her predecessor a taste of that treatment. Kudos to all!

10 Sep 2009 Ben wrote: She is my favorite model since many shoots. Do you know where I can find her?

10 Sep 2009 rehtneug wrote: I don't like girls with red nail polish. Looks kinda cheap. Sorry.

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