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05/19/2010 - Charlotte Vale 5 Scenes - 294 Photos - 72 Minutes Video
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Acting tough is one thing, and so is bragging about how tough you are, but Charlotte does neither. She shows up quiet and keeps to herself. She is polite and respectful, and after talking to her I find out that she is this way, because she has a full time master and he has trained her to be this way. I work out the day in my head and aim to find out how well trained she really is and how much she is willing to take for the sake of her master. There is orgasm denial, over the top ties that would have most girls screaming thier safe word, heavy pussy torment, and lots of impact, but she hangs in there and rolls with it. She is finally rewarded with one orgasm at the end of the shoot, and believe me it was worth the wait. You see her falling into sub space as the day goes on, and it makes me wonder if she forgot for a minute where her loyalty lies...The Pope ShootID: SSM_CHA_051210

Members comments:
20 Jul 2010 handles wrote: Talk about a trooper. I believe she is a hit on KINK too.

16 Jun 2010 Ogre wrote: It's almost ready Justin...only a month late...thanks for your patience, Ogre

25 May 2010 Justin wrote: not trying to be combative, really just wondering if i am not looking in the right spot. the comments on the Lexi Brooks update said to look to the member's area Saturday morning. Does that mean here? The Forum? Am I missing something?

24 May 2010 jack wrote: I think I speak for all of us when I say we are tired of excuses.

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