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01/13/2010 - Chayse Evans 5 Scenes - 423 Photos - 54 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 5 Scenes - 423 Photos - 54 Minutes Video

Chayse has an amazing body that's made for punishment. I inspect and grope her succulent body, then start refreshing my memory of her weaknesses. Her nipples are overly sensitive, so I make them my first target. I work over her entire body paying close attention to the places that make her scream. Her mind can't distinguish pleasure from pain, and only knows that whatever is happening keeps this sluts cunt sopping wet. Her screams are loud, her skin is red, and her orgasms are gushing....The Pope ShootID: SSM_CHA_123009

Members comments:
14 Jun 2010 TKO wrote: Chayse's playful (flipping) almost put her into a more precarious position....lovely. Beautiful woman, great interview, nice feetures! With Chayse's sensitivity you might alternate tickling and torture.

17 Jan 2010 rehtneug wrote: I really like the idea to vibrate the girl/ make her vibrate herself to orgasm while interviewing her! Great shoot.

14 Jan 2010 heyboy wrote: WOW !! As the Engish say " What a stunner !" She is electric ! Have Ms Chayse back; MANY TIMES ! Her reactions now that's what they call charisma !

02/13/2008 - Chayse Evans 5 Scenes - 260 Photos - 60 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Chayse Evans is a leggy babe with a hard, little body and a sweet set of tits. We find her in the darkness, bound and bit-gagged, having little idea of what is about to happen. She is soon greeted by The Pope, who ties her wrists to the spreader bar which in turn, immobilizes her already limited motion even more so. Struggling, Chayse gets up on her tippy toes to relieve her burden. The Pope in turn coldly executes another tie, this time more to his liking and begins the process of flogging his slave from behind. The flogging is hard and heavy and Chayse being a fine little slave, endures her pain and thanks her Master for his attention to detail. As Chayse whimpers, the vibrator is applied by The Pope and it is at this time that we witness the writhing of slave Chayse as she erupts in an ear wrecking orgasm... Face down on the table, Chayse is tied just before she is lifted and left to rock from the empty warehouse ceiling. We soon discover The Pope's dastardly plan as clamps are attached to his slave's nipples. As his slave spins from the rafters, The Pope inserts the pole mounted dildo in his subject's pussy. As the force of the rubber cock causes Chayse to swing mid-air, the sounds of pain and pleasure resonate throughout the dark warehouse as Chayse is callously coerced into cumming again... Bewildered by her already exhaustive orgasms, Chayse is now tied doggie style on the warehouse floor. Approaching from the side, The Pope seizes this new opportunity and dual flogs his subject's flesh. Her endurance is now even further tested as she takes the full brunt of the magic wand on her cunt as The Pope provokes her into a fluid gushing orgasm. Chayse begs for reprieve and her Master aknowledges, leaving her alone on the urine soaked floor. Now, legs tied wide, Chayse is mounted atop the sawhorse. After another brutal flogging via The Pope, Chayse is lifted into the air. As she appears to float in the darkness, her pussy is first flogged then, groped before she is let back down. Now, we watch and witness her muscles ripple and twitch as The Pope brings her to climax once again... On her back now, Chayse pants and struggles as she looks for a way out of the final leg of her journey. Her hopes are dashed however, as her Master appears with the violet wand. As the tool is raked across her naked body, Chayse has no choice but to accept its surges as it crackles and pops upon meeting her flesh. The Pope then takes a two fisted approach and grabs the magic wand. With the vibe whirring away at her pussy, and the electricity snapping against her torso, Chayse shatters the sound barrier and releases yet another urine spattering orgasm. The Pope then crotch ropes his slave and lifts her pelvis in the air before leaving her alone in the darkness... Videos can be found in galleries: 2,3,4,5 & 6.

Members comments:
21 Sep 2011 Tom wrote: Great shoot! Everything really clicked except for one thing, poor lighting.

14 Jun 2010 TKO wrote: Wow. Great restrictions.Chayse you are a gorgeous woman. I was exhausted just watching. Love the bare feet too, but I did not see any foot torture.

05 Jun 2008 Chen wrote: Urine Organism, haha, not bad on this one

30 Apr 2008 Battleman wrote: AWESOME SHOOT!! Chayse your amazing! I loved the shock torture in the last scene. Would have liked to see some foot torture during the last scene. Overall a gorgeous shoot!

02 Mar 2008 loadedyup wrote: These shoots are getting better and better. This chick is one of the best models you have ever had on the site. She has a beautiful tight body. Punish her more!

18 Feb 2008 Ogre wrote: That brings up a very good point. We have stopped rendering RealMedia videos and have replaced them with QuickTime videos...We feel these videos have a smaller file size and are higher quality than the RealMedia clips...

16 Feb 2008 Kaz wrote: The Links for the Real Player Videos are only leading to Html File. Can you fix it please?

15 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: Not keen on dark dungeons as it takes the focus off the model and looks a bit depressing!..........the rest of it is good, and I hope Chayse will be back for more! All of the recent NEW models have been truly gorgeous. 10/10 for Chayse.

14 Feb 2008 iLuvCunt wrote: wow! chayse does excite me! watching her sopping orgasms gave me quite THE thrill. MORE like her PLEASE!

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