Cherrie Rose Updates

12/03/2006 - Cherrie Rose, Nadia Styles 4 Scenes - 203 Photos - 30 Minutes Video
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An update full of suspensions and nasty treatment featuring two tough and hot dames...first it's Cherrie Rose...the Pope rigs her up for a hogtied suspension with a head harness ball gag and silver rope...once he has her in the air, he uses TENS pads on her tits and tummy...Cherrie is helpless to do anything but scream as the Pope plays with the voltage...then Cherrie is tied on the ground with her feet together and her hands behind her back...the Pope pulls her into the air by her ankles...he inserts an anal hook into her ass, then ties it off to her hands...a couple vice grip nipple clamps and Cherrie is left to hang...

Nadia is tied squating her her arms pulled behind her and her legs frogtied...a bit gag fills her mouth as the Pope rigs her nipples with electrical clamps...he shocks her tits before using a magic wand on her pussy...Nadia struggles to get away from the vibrations but the Pope is diligent and Nadia ends up squirting through multiple orgasms...then Nadia is suspended from her spread ankles...the Pope uses steel hooks in her pussy and ass...then he hangs heavy wieghts from the hooks...Nadia moans and must feel quite sorry for herself as the Pope ties her hands back to a wall and leaves her to suffer...

Members comments:
04 Nov 2007 Ogre wrote: Am uploading a new copy now...Thanks for the heads up!

01 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: It´s a good one! The last scene, which seems to be the best, is corrupted!!!

18 Sep 2007 Demon wrote: File in gallery 4 seems to be corrupted. It ends in the middle of scene (well, maybe not the middle - closer th the end, but still =) ). Even more - in the middle of the word. And it cause some players to show error message when you try to increse speed or use seek bar to skip some moments =\

10/30/2006 - Cherrie Rose 3 Scenes - 190 Photos - 32 Minutes Video
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Cherrie Rose is the Pope's slave guest for the afternoon at the SSM studios...he dresses her up in a black vinyl outfit and ties her to the cage bars of our entryway...Cherrie is standing on the lower bars of the swinging doors, facing into the room, she is tied to the bars...gagged and helpless, Cherrie waits for the Pope...he enters and begins to undress her...he opens the door to show her ass, then has a good time spanking her...he plays with her pussy, but decides to put her in a more compromising position...she is seated on a bench with her arms pulled out and thoroughly roped to the bars or the cage...her thighs are pulled wide open and the Pope begins to play with her pussy...he whips her tits, thighs and pussy before using a dildo to fuck her...he clamps her nipples with vice grips and adds a vibrator to her pussy and doesn't let up until Cherrie has multiple screaming the final scene, Cherrie is tied to our bed, spread eagle...the Pope whips and wickles her feet...then he uses a fucking machine to pound her from behind...once again he uses the magic wand to finish her off with multiple orgasms...

Members comments:
18 Dec 2007 charlie wrote: Could there be more prison bondage please, as this is a REAL turn-on!!

21 Nov 2007 clouddog wrote: The tickle torture was FANTASTIC! I'd love to see more of that in your other videos.

01 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Great performance! First scene is awesome and a good variation!

04/25/2006 - Cherrie Rose, Kelly Wells 3 Scenes - 270 Photos - 29 Minutes Video
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This updates begins with the exotic Cherrie Rose. Naked, gagged, cuffed and chained to the wall, Cherrie can only look on as Mason enters to paw her tits and spank her ass. An electrified dildo has been inserted and tied into her pussy. Mason turns up the current and Cherrie moans as he works it in and out. She is pulled off her feet and into the air to hang helplessly as he plays, shocking her pussy. Cherrie is then bolted down to our examination table. Mason uses suction to tease her nipples and clit. Then clothespins are added to her inner thighs, pussy lips and tummy. Cherie writhes in discomfort and Mason leave her there to suffer.

The last scene features Kelly Wells who has also been tied up spread and standing. Her naked body is sweet and fragile as Ogre enters with a whip. He flogs her pussy and tits, then her ass and back. Kelly does her best to keep away from the lashes, but in the end, Ogre has his way...

Members comments:
12 Apr 2009 woodpecker wrote: The scene with Kelly is great, except that you could have hoisted her a couple inches higher, making her standing on tiptoes the whole time. This would have added to her helplessness and given an even better display of her awesome slim body.

29 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Very good one! The second scene is awesome!

23 Jun 2007 Dan wrote: Hey, where the heck is the Kelly Wells scene? This website has waaay to many missing videos!!

04/16/2006 - Cherrie Rose 2 Scenes - 247 Photos - 25 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Sexy Cherrie Rose begins in fish-net stockings and a mesh top...we put her a head harness ball-gag and lead her into the room in which we will have our way with her...we put her onto the table and she poses for us...We tie her ankles and wrists and lay her on her back...Mason ties her hands above her head and tethers her feet down to the table and begins by inspecting her helpless body...after Mason cuts away her top, Ogre joins him with a whip...Mason continues to cut off Cherries' stockings as Ogre flogs her front...Mason and Ogre untie Cherrie and roll her onto her tummy...they retie her hands behind her back and hogtie her...Mason uses a vibrator from behind to make Cherrie the next scene, Cherrie is strapped from head to toe...her hands are pulled above her and she stands on her tip toes as Ogre enters to spank her...he uses a series of floggers and then a cane to tenderize her...Cherrie takes it all like a good slave should and Ogre uses a magic wand to make her cum as he continues to spank her ass...

Members comments:
26 Feb 2008 T&T wrote: Would be nice to see her bound like she is...then spread her legs and bring in four or five guys with hoods over their head and gang bang her

29 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Good!

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