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08/05/2013 - Cherry Torn 4 Scenes - 360 Photos - 72 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 360 Photos - 72 Minutes Video

Cherry Torn's many years of BDSM experience have truly created a rare and beautiful specimen of submission in her...and this woman only gets more lovely with time...In my opinion, Cherry has never been hotter...We offer her up to Simon Blaise and his unique style of sensual domination and sincere play...Cherry is stripped and inspected, tenderized with a flogging and put onto her knees for oral service in the first scene...Simon likes to get things straight early...and on this day, there is no doubt that she will be suffering for his cock's pleasure...Ogre... ShootID: CHE_071913

Members comments:
10 Oct 2015 ben wrote: You should have kept her stockings on!

09/21/2011 - Cherry Torn 4 Scenes - 189 Photos - 67 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 189 Photos - 67 Minutes Video

DungeonCorp and SocietySM present a BDSM fantasy feature starring Cherry Torn, Dick Chibbles, Bane and Ogre...Everyone has bad days...times when things just arent going well...Cherry thought it was a bad day when her boyfriend got arrested and she had to beg her friends for a loan to bail him out...the next day was pretty bad too...he packed what he could and fled the country without her...but nothing compared to the day after that...blindfolded, gagged and roped in the back seat of an unknown car, Cherry anticipates a much worse day today...the driver takes her to an empty house and leaves her tied up on the floor...someone wants to know where her boyfriend is...and they've hired a crew of motley interrogators to extract the information...Cherry hangs tough through grueling questioning and electrical shock motivation...but it turns out to be for naught...they get the information they need from a different what to do with this beautiful piece of ass? she's gotta be worth something to someone...time to put the word blonde whore for sale... ShootID: CHE_091511

Members comments:
22 Aug 2013 Phil wrote: One of the best sets on this site. She has lovely feet and the kidnap in the van photos were super. Not boraing as most sets are

30 Sep 2011 Sarah deSadeDoll wrote: Fucking genius. Can't wait to film with her someday if she ever responds lol.


23 Sep 2011 tehfinalhour wrote: the longer hair looks better cherry but still hot either way

23 Sep 2011 thenamelessone wrote: Ger Ogre back on the sites.

23 Sep 2011 Genit wrote: Fantastic update. Cherry forever :)~

22 Sep 2011 Wally wrote: I LOVE Cherry! She's hot as hell and seems to be one of the few models out there that really gets into the BDSM stuff. I hope you keep using (and abusing) her for all she's worth.

22 Sep 2011 alex wrote: At last a nice collar here at d.corp. Please use it a lot Cherry always nice Hate when the guy dont show his face The yoke thing used last is not atractive to look at

03/02/2011 - Cherry Torn 4 Scenes - 402 Photos - 81 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 402 Photos - 81 Minutes Video

I've rambled on before about the wonders of Cherry Torn, so I'll keep it short...she's super beautiful, ultra tough and sticky sweet...She throws on a leopard print outfit and the entire crew is drooling...including me...especially me...I wanted to really relax for a moment and just look at her...we have her bend over and finger her own ass hole, then I blindfold her and direct her to strip...slowly...She seems a bit humiliated and giggly, but she locks herself into submission and focuses on the task...and gives a great show...then, I'm fully ready to move on...the roping and stretching in scene one culminates in a full body zipper....I keep her blindfolded throughout the entire scene, doing my best to stay one step ahead of anticipation...Then I hang her, belly down, in a four point suspension...heavy clamps and tit caning keep her attention well...I rope her into a ball tie and take great pleasure in emptying a gallon of cold milk into her anal cavity...she does a good job of holding it through bastinado....then a good ole fashioned leg stretching scene...complete with TENS pads along her inner thigh...stretched, then cramped is a striking combo...caning up and down each leg and pulling bands around each foot...Cherry takes it all like the champ that she is...I just love the bitch...days like this are golden, my friends...enjoy! Ogre ShootID: CHE_022311

Members comments:
12 Mar 2011 MrJohnson wrote: More enemas! Next time try strawberry milk =)

04 Mar 2011 SWilson wrote: The four point suspension offers a great position, but I would prefer it with rope instead of cuffs. Still, the best scene of the bunch. Good work

03 Mar 2011 F16 427 3s wrote: Cherry is a perfect role model for all young submissives looking for direction in how to serve and how to act. I have followed her work for years and I think she is just an amazing young woman. I will always be happy to see her updates whenever you decide to hire her!

03 Mar 2011 Alfredo wrote: Cherry is so fucking sexy!

03 Mar 2011 Fokusnik wrote: Freaking amazing ! Finally a nice enema in bondage. You need to do more of this since the competition (Everything butt) left enema-lovers "high and dry", as it were ! Great job.

03 Mar 2011 Stryder wrote: Just what the proctologist ordered! HOT

03 Mar 2011 Stryder wrote: Just what the proctologist ordered! HOT

03 Mar 2011 David wrote: Boy Oh boy, I was waiting for this one. Last time John and Cherry got together on SocietySM it was the hottest shoot I had ever seen. Now this is the hottest shoot. The intensity and action of recent shoots has, without a doubt, made this my new home for BDSM entertainment. John, I know you are busy, but you will never find anyone to replace you as a Dom and rigger. Keep up the great work!

03 Mar 2011 Jarod J wrote: Every scene was awesome but the milk enema takes the cake. Cherry is my ideal submissive! It is always great to see her. Excellent!

12/01/2010 - Cherry Torn 4 Scenes - 219 Photos - 52 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 219 Photos - 52 Minutes Video

After plenty of recent shoots with first time players, working with Cherry Torn was a great release for me...She is a finely tuned itallian sports a driver, you know you can get in, stomp the gas, tear the wheel and hammer the brakes and she will perform smooth and sweet...truly...Cherry is a pleasure to drive...I enjoyed every moment of control that I took from and used against her...and she offers no resistance...only an anxious sweetness about her...I bundled her up, stretched her back, bent her over and spread her out...just the bondage and positions in these scenes was it's own uncomfortable and constant torment...Cherry showed up with marks on her ass...I think I have a new rule....if you show up with marks on your ass, you're going to leave with more than you arrived with...I liked that it gave me an excuse to really push the impact play in a couple of the scenes...and Cherry was a good enough sport to go along with my twisted i resistance...alas...Cherry is back into independent model mode and we allready have a FuckingDungeon appearance lined up for her in December...Ogre ShootID: CHE_112210

Members comments:
06 Sep 2013 Filthy Phill wrote: I thought I had seen it all then I saw Cherry, Oh God she is fantastic, right from the start as her hands were being bound she was dripping inside. She loves it! And as for her perfect feet and long dirty tongue, she has to be one of the best on this site. But then Jennifer White MMMMMMMMM!!

15 Feb 2011 XerX wrote: You should call that guy "wrecking machine".

06 Jan 2011 Sinclair wrote: Perfect is right :)

17 Dec 2010 Westcut wrote: Perfect!

03 Dec 2010 Robert wrote: The only thing that could rip me away from Cherry with Ogre is the Russo twins with Christian on Fucking Dungeon!

03 Dec 2010 doublem247 wrote: One of the best shoots in awhile. Can't wait to see what's in store for the Fucking Dungeon Shoot!

02 Dec 2010 provost wrote: Well, then let me be the second: phenomenal shoot in all respects-Cherry is stunning, the session was rigorous, and her responses were ... heartfelt. Keep 'em coming, Mr. O!

01 Dec 2010 David wrote: Let me be the first to say that this update is brilliant work by Ogre and Cherry. Excellent chemistry!

04/30/2008 - Cherry Torn 5 Scenes - 287 Photos - 70 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

This week on Society SM we feature another newcomer for our members. Cherry is a spunky, alternative type who loves bondage and has one hell of a natural body. And when she strips for our cameras, we get a real good gander at her sweet natural tits and firm little body... With her legs bound together and her neck collared, Cherry wiggles uncomfortably as The Pope peppers her pussy and tits with open handed slaps. Greedily eyeing the goods, The Pope makes his way down to his slave's juicy little ass and gives it a good workover as well. Grabbing on tightly to Cherry's collar, The Pope fingers her cunt then gets Cherry on her knees for easier access. Then, back up on her feet, Cherry is forced to bend so that she may take a good flogging. After her flogging, Cherry gets her first taste of the magic wand and experiences a vicious orgasm... Now tied to the bed, Cherry wriggles and writhes as she submits to her Master's sadistic ways. After a cunt caning, the stretchers are applied to her tits and the caning resumes. Then, The Pope lubes her tight cunt and fills it with a large plug. With the plug firmly seated between his slave's legs, The POpe once again buries the wand against her sopping clit and we witness Cherry thrash in ecstasy as she arches her back and succumbs again... Face down on the cube, Cherry is ass up for The Pope. With her swollen pussy and puckering asshole in plain view, it's only a matter of time before they are filled to capacity. After a good paddling which leaves her pale ass cheeks red, The Pope lubes his slave's tight brown eye and slides a rubber plug in deep. Once her anus is stretched to his liking, Cherry takes a bigger plug in her ass and moans in painful pleasure as her asshole is opened wide. Then, her already sopping cunt is lubed even more so it can be plugges as well. WIth both holes filled, Cherry takes the caning of her life as The Pope works her bare ass over. After the caning, the wand is brandished again and Cherry gives way to a mind bending orgasm and left alone in the room. Next, The Pope ties his slave in a standing position. With her legs shackled into the spreader bar, a rubber dong is shoved deep in her pussy. As Cherry stands at attention with her pussy stuffed, her Master flogs her from behind pausing briefly only to finger her clit. As The Pope works his way around his slave's body with his flogger, Cherry absorbs all she can until the G5 takes her to heights she had never in her most submissive fantasies imagined... In the dark room, Cherry finds herself in a full suspension. First, a finger is inserted by The Pope. Then, he swings and spins his slave mid-air. Holding tightly to her hot pink hair, The Pope inserts the rubber plug into her cunt again and lets her spin some more. Then, the wand is brandished once again and Cherry moans as her sensitive pussy is vibed. As she dangles in the air, her body begins to twitch and Cherry gives in to one final, massive orgasm... Video clips for each scene can be found atop galleries: 2,3,4,5 & 6.

Members comments:
05 May 2008 AX wrote: The double penetration was great, but the best part was the canning that followed. I like to watch them struggle and try to get away. Great update!

01 May 2008 BLimey wrote: Interesting hair.

30 Apr 2008 Sir Kaiser wrote: Cherry Torn is smokin hot! I've been a big fan of hers for a number of years now. You couldn't have picked a better model for the site. Lets see more of her soon. Sir Kaiser

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