Cheyenne Jewel Updates

12/08/2013 - Cheyenne Jewel 4 Scenes - 659 Photos - 65 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 659 Photos - 65 Minutes Video

Cheyenne is truly in her zone...a hard working and successful model, a disciplined regimen of diet and exercise to keep in top shape and a great attitude...Unfortunately for Cheyenne, none of that really earns her any fact, it all probably works against her...One can tell from the wide and devious smile on Feenix's face, he is thrilled to have Cheyenne at his whims...We work with all types around here...from newbies to performers to really serious players...Cheyenne falls into the last group...and the look on his face shows how Dominants feel about having time with a slave whom they know can's freedom...On this day, Feenix revels in that freedom and Cheyenne suffers...strict bondage, tight clamp predicaments, TENS shock and anal play along with orgasm denial and orgasm overload...Cheyenne proves her longevity has not gone to her head...always willing to endure a challenge for an was great to have her back...Ogre...( ShootID: CHE_112613

Members comments:
09 Dec 2013 Me wrote: Another awesome update. Thanks again for including a little tickling and foot caning.

04/21/2013 - Cheyenne Jewel 4 Scenes - 624 Photos - 80 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 624 Photos - 80 Minutes Video

We have been shooting Cheyenne Jewel for years...she is a first class Submissive...She is disciplined, experienced, tough and beautiful...her body has been in top shape for years, featuring one of the hardest asses of all time...and she only gets more confident and feminine each time we shoot her...I knew I had to come up with something to truly challenge Cheyenne and what I came up with is Master Dick...Dick has been getting involved in the BDSM scene and his use and mastery of many BDSM techniques is very legit and well practiced...The Master uses canes, floggers, whips, electricity, anal plugs and well as his hard cock...Dick has been fucking porn girls in just about every possible way for the last 10 years or hole on Cheyenne's body is off limits...he fucks her pussy and ass...he plugs her ass with an electric plug and toys with the power as he fucks her pussy deep and hard...from the way Cheyenne moans, this may be a new experience for any rate, I think she liked it...It truly is a long day for Cheyenne, and a long update for you at 80 minutes...35 of which is spent in various suspensions for this torrent of sensations...from flogged to fucked in every hole, Cheyenne endures with a scream and a smile...Ogre... ShootID: CHE_041113

Members comments:
27 Apr 2013 beaubrummel wrote: Love the whipping scene with this super hot model .

26 Apr 2013 Preston wrote: Excellent Shoot,Very Well done,Cheyenne is a super Hot model and this has been one of the best shoots in a while, please many more shoot with Cheyenne and love the Blindfold scene....

10/05/2012 - Cheyenne Jewel 4 Scenes - 391 Photos - 79 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 391 Photos - 79 Minutes Video

Cheyenne sits in the cage mid-air as Ogre enters to put her through her paces. Now, Cheyenne's been her a number of times, but with has never been treated with such intensity. Once she's got her feet firmly planted on the ground, Ogre's plans for her unfold before our eyes. He begins by tying her pussy and nipples off to the cage bars, restricting her movement and sending shockwaves of pain through her flesh. After he warms her up even further with the whip, he guides her through a maze of intense pain. Cheyenne is Ogre's bitch today and that will become more apparent as this session unfolds. She will become intimately familiar with her cage as she is spread, bent and splayed atop it. Meanwhile, Ogre pulls out all the stops as he pushes Cheyenne towards the point of no return... ShootID: CHE_092112

Members comments:
09 Oct 2012 provost wrote: Impressively rigorous! Cheyenne gives her all in every shoot, and I appreciate a woman so willing to test her limits. The first scene is great, proving the adage that partially clothed is more naked than nude: there is something hot about a woman's clothing disarranged and coming off in bits and pieces. Speaking of pieces, the lovely lass scheduled for tomorrow--Scarlet Bank--deserves your most thorough attention, Mr. O, as she is lean, lovely, and just experienced enough to be comfortable with your ministrations without being overly familiar. Would you please do be a favor and give her a taste of the rack and bastinado? She loves to show off her soles in photo shoots and so, I am certain, would welcome some attention to those sensitive parts. Cheers!

06/20/2012 - Cheyenne Jewel 4 Scenes - 310 Photos - 51 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 310 Photos - 51 Minutes Video

Cheyenne's been around these parts before, but she's never been in Holly's hands before...obviously that's about to change. Cheyenne's no stranger to bondage either and the shoot got intense rather quickly. Holly's earning her stars and she's quick to notice that her new slave is somewhat of a pain slut. She pushes Cheyenne through her paces, and this week, she pulls out all the stops. Cheyenne is propelled through a multitude of orgasmic situations. All of her tight eager holes are filled to the brim and Holly pays great attention to detail in regards to Cheyenne's body. One thing's for certain, if Cheyenne is indeed a pain slut, she's about to get her fill...Along with a healthy dose of pleasure... ShootID: CHE_061812

Members comments:
21 Jun 2012 Me wrote: I love how she followed up the foot caning with tickling. Was a great contrast of reactions.

21 Jun 2012 provost wrote: Well, well, well...isn't Holly coming along splendidly as a domme. She also seems to be appreciating the possibilities that a woman's sensitive parts afford, particularly if the domme is willing to work an area patiently and persistently. It focuses the sub's mind and elevates the sensation. It does, however, seem time for Holly to put her sensitive body on the line and explore her limits: perhaps a no-harm/no mercy session with someone willing to lead her exploration? Any suggestions from the audience for things she might experience?

05/05/2011 - Cheyenne Jewel 4 Scenes - 412 Photos - 61 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 412 Photos - 61 Minutes Video

Cheyenne got the call the night before the shoot...we needed a quick fil in and she is always a good candidate...She got straight to bed, since she was 4 hours away by car, she started driving at 10am, got to the studio at 2pm and we got right into shooting...To answer the call to submission and my perverted plots, pleased me...I tie her up, Dom her around the room with a motivational cane...I just enjoy my time with her...rigged up by the collar, I pull her feet up behind her in a kneeling hogtie...then a single tail through her still bites very well...In the second scene we frogtie each leg, position her against a wall, pull her hands over head, then use 10 pound weights to keep preasure on the spread knees...Cheyenne is tough...she endures it well...I clamp her nipples and labia and give her a chance for pleasure...sometimes pain and pleasure just dont work...the clamps on her nipples were more than just a distraction...onto her back with her ass in the air, I plug her ass and whip her...a larger plug and she can't hold it in through the strokes...a bit annoyed, I gag her with a wad of cloth and tape...I fill her ass with milk...a bit more than a half gallon...Cheyenne feels the preasure in her abdomen and can't hold it at all...I cane her through the expulsion...Then I must say goodbay to Cheyenne to make a meeting...but I leave her with Bane...Bane ropes her down, rigs her with a weighted crotch rope and gives her the goat milker test...many models have folded...Cheyenne stays strong through sincere struggles...Bane pleasures her and gives Cheyenne her only reward for the well appreciated orgasm...This is Cheyenne's 3rd visit to SocietySM and it just keeps getting better...Ogre... ShootID: CHE_050311

Members comments:
14 May 2011 Marc wrote: She was just great. Wonderful that she was not gagged throughout the shoot so we could see her reactions.

10 May 2011 PoLteRGiesT wrote: More stretching please! The use of wieghts to pull her legs apart is very effective.

09 May 2011 Ogre wrote: Yes, I do believe she was in too much pain to cum. It happens, but we specifically tell the models not to fake orgasms unlike other companies who create entire shoots based on fake orgasms. That is certainly not the point of BDSM. Thanks for all the comments :)

07 May 2011 Ziggy Star Dom wrote: John is definitely a very skilled top but it only works when he uses a good bottom like Cheyenne. These are the types of HARDCORE BDSM shoots that get my attention.

07 May 2011 WHAT? wrote: Sometimes pleasure and pain do not work? She was in too much pain to cum? I thought the point was to ultimately enhance the sub's pleasure.

07 May 2011 MrJohnson wrote: Very sincere, just about perfect, great work.

06 May 2011 EKC31 wrote: Fantastic Dom/sub enegy in this one. Cheyenne is such a contrast from the previous model who lacked experience. I love how Cheyenne offers everything up for us and doesn't hold back. Kudos!

06 May 2011 Kerns wrote: This is a great update from start to finish. I love Cheyyenne!

12/28/2010 - Cheyenne Jewel 4 Scenes - 359 Photos - 62 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 359 Photos - 62 Minutes Video

Although I've never worked with Cheyenne before, I know her socially from parties and clubs in Los Angeles...She is a very cool woman...laid back, level headed, perverted...three of my favorite traits...add a killer body and a tough sense of adventure and Cheyenne Jewel is one of the hottest models in the serious BDSM genre...a joy to have my way with...I push the limits of her punishment potential with ultra tight bondage and plenty of stimulation...electrical anal plugs and hooks, extreme nipple clamps, sole whipping, single tails, dragon's tails, canes and the OgreFlogger...then I push the limits of her pleasure potential...the G5 vibes her to screams in Scene 2 and Scene 4 features inverted orgasms with both of her crotch holes stuffed full...I especially enjoyed that one...What a precious, little, unbreakable, whorish, toy she is...Ogre ShootID: CHE_122010

Members comments:
26 Jan 2011 Canton1968 wrote: I love Cheyenne! Such a fan of hers and she was given many hard tests on this day.

06 Jan 2011 Sinclair wrote: Impressive scenes.

31 Dec 2010 David wrote: This is BDSM at it's best! GREAT

30 Dec 2010 MD wrote: 5 stars. Ogre is a very skilled Top.

29 Dec 2010 Jarod wrote: Great choice of positions! The inverted scene is almost unbelievable. My hat is off for Cheyenne!

07/08/2010 - Cheyenne Jewel 4 Scenes - 261 Photos - 60 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 261 Photos - 60 Minutes Video

We met Cheyenne about a month ago when we booked her for a FuckingDungeon that time, the Pope definitely got the idea that Cheyenne was ready for more...SocietySM is really where we feature our most rigorous scenes, so it does represent the cream of our's a rope slut sorority of sorts and Cheyenne fits in well and takes her hazing like a champ...the Pope keeps the ties simple, yet restrictive and tight...pussy hook predicaments...bent over, ass up...a flying hogtie that Cheyenne probably could have slept in, until he ties her hair back in a neck bender...and a final spread eagle...the Pope takes his time with Cheyenne and the mood of the shoot becomes mellow and serious...I have to say, Cheyenne looks like a lot of fun to play with...she boldly lets you take her where she has not gone before...In the hogtie suspension scene, the Pope breaks out a mini cattle prod...he blindfolds her and works the prod up and down her body...a fantastic scene that the Pope ends with a dildo jammed into her pussy with the magic wand on her clit...when Cheyenne cums you get the feeling that something is truly being unleashed...almost like a siezure...and you're glad she's restrained well...The Pope pulls off some advanced impact play during the bent over scene which turns out to be great foreplay for the next round of screaming Os...I especially enjoyed the Dragon's tail...watching it snap through the air at her perfect, helpless ass-target...hearing it slap and seeing her body cramp from the quick sting...then snapping on the soles of the feet...that aint easy...but very effective and a bit more wicked than a my mind, the end, the best part of the shoot is watching Cheyenne's hot little body bound in ropes...she's a natural squirmer, but she doesn't get there easily...the Pope wins her over early and keeps the preasure on until the end...OGRE ShootID: CHE_062810

Members comments:
20 Jul 2010 handles wrote: Lovely Lady.

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