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01/31/2013 - Cici Rhodes 4 Scenes - 162 Photos - 54 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 162 Photos - 54 Minutes Video

This week brings Cici Rhodes back to the Dungeon and she's been one of our most beloved guests for good reason. The action gets intense right from the jump as she teeters on one foot up on the wooden block. Phoenix meanwhile, lets his actions speak as he begins to usher Cici through the mental maze of todays events. Hey pays particular attention to her inner thighs before making his way across her body as she wiggles furiously. A set of tight clamps on her tits really begins to send a message that her wiggling isn't appreciated much. Cici is caught in a Catch 22 when the vibe pressed against her clit and she cums furiously. With the tone set, Cici is now bent as she is treated to a bevy of electrical pulses and reddened flesh, topped off nicely with an ass hook and another blistering orgasm. And when I say orgasm, I mean orgasm, as she cums from the deepest reaches of her soul. Her time with Phoenix is far from over however as he spreads her wide and ties her high, extracting all that she possibly has to give... ShootID: CIC_012813

Members comments:
03 Feb 2013 provost wrote: Always a pleasure to see Cici...perhaps she'll give inversion a go next time? When taking the photos at the start of the session I wish you could add a couple of headshot portraits...more of a close-up than what you've been doing lately. Remember, the eyes are windows of the soul. A model to add to your invitation list: Casey Calvert: lean, strong, and beautiful...just your type, Mr. O!

10/24/2012 - Cici Rhodes 4 Scenes - 186 Photos - 47 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 186 Photos - 47 Minutes Video

Cici's time with Damon will be a tight one...On the floor, constrained in place she quickly gets up close and personal with her Master as he paws her flesh and rips off her clothing. He pins her nipples tightly and Cici feels the searing pain while she has no other choice but to take what he's giving. A vicious bare handed barrage ensues and Cici is left stunned before she is bound atop the cube. Damon doesn't give a hint of letting up her either as he applies the suction cups to her tits and Cici wails as she is pressed to the limit. A sense of relief must surely come when Damon buries the pole mounted dong deep in her pussy while he spanks her raw and red...When she's hoisted upright on top of the cumbot, the constraint only gets tighter for Cici as her anus is lubed and hooked, electricity runs through her thighs, and Damon canes her into an orgasmic frenzy...Bewildered, her leg is then hoisted high and Damon puts her through her paces one last time as he pummels her cunt with a vibe and a dong... ShootID: CIC_101912

Members comments:
22 May 2013 DamonP wrote: Thank you . and Yes she was overloaded and that look in her eyes was all I was looking for . For me the ball gag is a bit like mouth Bondage , she knows she has to struggle even for that ...I am glad you liked .

27 Oct 2012 vlad wrote: An absolutely amazing performance. Many thanks to Cici for her endurance and willingness to go the distance. She's a beautiful woman and a great addition to the site. Damon was his usual sinister, creative, genius self. The third scene was unbelievable, the way the torments were layered on. It looks like an absolute sensory overload. The big red ball gag is always a great addition to a scene. It transforms the sub's face and there is no question it's one more thing the unfortunate victim has to deal with. Thank you Ogre for continuing to produce such high quality content.

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