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08/10/2004 - Cloe Hart 3 Scenes - 128 Photos - 56 Minutes Video
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Cloe is dragged into the room wearing a cute cop outfit...fishnet stockings, boots and a hat...handcuffs keep her hands behind back as Ogre unzips and pulls down her top...Ogre ties her ankles and knees...then adds a breast harness...her replaces the ball gag with a cloth wad and blue wrap...he lays her down and enjoys groping her...then four clothespins surround each the next scene, Cloe is naked and tied to a chair...hands pulled up and each ankle tied to it's thigh...her legs are pulled apart and she looks helplessly into the camera as Ogre roughs her up...he inserts a metal plug into her pink pussy and she anxiously waits to feel the electrical sting...Ogre turns up the current and Cloe writhes and moans...He taunts her and adds a blindfold....then Cloe is left to endure....then precious Cloe is naked and tied on the floor...hands spread with one foot tied out and one tied up...Ogre enters to further secure her, tying her knees back and exposing her tender young pussy...he uses a suction device to plump it up a bit...then he ties her feet together and partially hangs her, leaving her ass in the air...spanking and flogging ensue as Cloe moans through her gag...In the final scene, Cloe is wearing a lovely corsett and panties...her hands are tied apart to the 4x4 uprights...Ogre stuffs her mouth with a hanky and seals it with elastic wrap...then he procedes to strip and grope her...her legs are tied apart and he flogs her frontside...then the hitachi is tied into her crotch and she is left...

Members comments:
12 Feb 2010 Boots wrote: Great Boots! Keep em on!

16 Jun 2008 Chen wrote: Too bad couldn't find the one of Cloe with Audrey Leigh any more

16 Dec 2007 charlie wrote: Cloe looks really vulnerable & sweet with that blue wrap around gag over her lips.... I love this type of helpless hostage role playing bondage....loads of us do, I'm sure!!

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Good reactions!

25 Jul 2007 tre wrote: Great reactions by Cloe.Too bad you don't have more videos with Cloe.

24 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote: Well, that just kinda mackes you a dickhead...and stupid and rude...Cloe is fucking adorable.

04 Jul 2007 Kengrad wrote: ugly

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