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12/19/2014 - Cosima Knight 4 Scenes - 346 Photos - 54 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 346 Photos - 54 Minutes Video

Back for her second round of BDSM, Cosima is a bit more confident...and rebellious...she actually surprises me with her first "fuck you" but I dont think she was surprised with my response...she certainly knew what she was getting herself into by pushing my hand...I spread her long legs, leaving her pussy open for my inspirations...but she has no intentions of breaking that easily...through total helplessness, the lovely Cosima keeps her composure and stands her rebellious ground...It isnt until the third scene, when she actually responds as I would like...She endures tough bondage, sincere impact and a variety of activities meant to weaken her resistance...her total submission is only gained with her orgasms, but fades away with the pleasure I bring her...perhaps, in time, Cosima will learn to be a good slave...then again, I did enjoy toying with her hopeless rebellion...Ogre ShootID: COS_121614

Members comments:
22 Dec 2014 provost wrote: Yes, a very beautiful woman and a joy and privilege to see on this site. John, you have been doing a remarkable job--hitting new highs in recent shoots. One small quibble about this shoot: the proportion of time given to poking an plunging and vibing compared to time spent doing ...well, other things...has gotten a bit high. Would be nice to see more balance...those O's ought to be earner, not donated. Holiday cheer to all, and a peaceful and joyful new year!

19 Dec 2014 SPinner wrote: Fucking beautiful girl!

10/11/2014 - Cosima Knight 4 Scenes - 369 Photos - 70 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 369 Photos - 70 Minutes Video

Cosima is a tall, leggy blonde with beautiful breasts and the allure of a hollywood actress...I found myself being very interested in seeing how she would react to my tenderless ways...treating this one like a helpless little slut would seem only a dream...and then, there she was all tied up, with her legs spread...such a treat...she begins with a bit of stubborness, but she learns her place well before the first scene is over...I do not take it easy on the second scene, her legs are spread wide, offering little support...she hangs from her wrists and struggles with zest as I flog her...I give her pussy plenty of my mind, Cosima does well to earn the pleasure she gets, and takes advantage with prolonged orgasms from a hungry pussy...Cosima turns into a pain-thriving cumslut right before our eyes...I couldnt have been more pleased...In her first submission, the potential has been recognized and hopefully we can take Cosima further into her desires to be bound and used...Ogre ShootID: GIA_091914

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