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03/17/2013 - Courtney Taylor 5 Scenes - 208 Photos - 48 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 5 Scenes - 208 Photos - 48 Minutes Video

Courtney is a very beautiful woman...I'm quite sure she deserves to be pampered and perfumed by the men who pleasure her...but she'll have to go somewhere else for that...When I knew I had Courtney coming in for SocietySM, the only thing on my mind was keeping her in thoroughly uncomfortable positions for as long as she could take them...Ive worked with her before...I know she's capable of enduring quite a matter how sexy or feminine she may appear, she has heart...and I give it a good test on this day...Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: COU_031413

10/31/2012 - Courtney Taylor 4 Scenes - 336 Photos - 77 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 336 Photos - 77 Minutes Video

This busty blonde loves to be tied up. She fantasizes and masturbates about it, but she doesn't have too, too much experience with it. I suppose you could say, on this day, her fantasies are about to come true. Or maybe they shall be a bit more than she could have imagined?...If she thought this might be some type of dream, she's quickly awakened as she finds herself in Ogre's steel grip as he grabs a fleshy handful of those tits. Then, Courtney is instructed to straddle the Sybian. Her pussy is filled, and her hands are cuffed and bound overhead, and Courtney is now introduced to a day of pain and pleasure as her Master tests her thresholds. From the very beginning to the bitter end, Courtney experiences firsthand the excruciating guttural experience as she is whipped and beaten into an oblivious, orgasmic state. This beautiful damsel is a mere toy in her Master's hands, as we all get a taste of this perfect Halloween treat from DungeonCorp. ShootID: COU_102612

Members comments:
16 Nov 2012 abc wrote: a bound and dominated girl with undameged stockings. very very sexy, THANK YOU! unfortunately this can't be seen very often :(

04 Nov 2012 goalie21 wrote: Nice action, beautiful model, more of this!

01 Nov 2012 Heathen wrote: I would be much happier if every update had this type of scenes instead of solo or female dominatrixes. Beautiful slave with no tattoos. This is what I look for.

01 Nov 2012 DontheDom wrote: Excellent! This is THE ONLY site left doing male dominant BDSM on this level. Keep it up.

01 Nov 2012 knucks1947 wrote: Ogre, you sure lucked out having Courtney as your slave. She really is stunning with an unbelievable tattooless body. I sure want to see more of her. Great work!

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