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12/25/2012 - Crystal Frost 4 Scenes - 108 Photos - 50 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 108 Photos - 50 Minutes Video

Crystal's supposed to be a tough one to crack…Will Phoenix be the one to tame her? We shall surely see when he launches right into it as Crystal is bound to the beam. He slams her body with the leather strap to warm her up before he reaches for the cane and then clamps her heavy tits. And while Crystal may be tough, she surely is in the realm of extreme discomfort here as he then launches a flogging tirade against her flesh. Then, suction is applied to her tits which has Ms. Frost wincing...From there Phoenix embarks on a mission to break this dame as he bends Crystal over and strings her from the rafters as she wails to the heavens above. And for the grand finale' he spreads her wide allowing her to be pummeled by the Cumbot, then he opts for a little water play before she has a mind-bending orgasm as she begs to be released... ShootID: CRY_122012

05/02/2012 - Crystal Frost 4 Scenes - 224 Photos - 44 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 224 Photos - 44 Minutes Video

Crystal made quite a splash recently with her SocietySM debut and we thought it'd be nice to have her back. This time we decided to pair her with Holly and we surely were not disappointed. First, we bound Crystal to the horse and Holly methodically went to work on her flesh. Starting off by strapping her body to a bright red, then pushing a vibe into position while cropping the daylights out of her. The end result being one bewildered slave begging for mercy in the form of a blistering orgasm...A change of position found Crystal back bent on the floor. Poked and prodded and caned into surrender. Teased and pushed through the paces...once again begging her beautiful and bold Mistress for orgasmic release. And once granted, we witness an even deeper wave of orgasm than the previous episode...At this point, it seems that Holly has a specific strategy in mind, and that is one of pushing Crystal beyond the border of sensory overload. She ropes Crystal upright, removes her top and gives Ms. Frost a mouthful of her beautiful tit. Crystal's tastes are about to change though when Holly pushes a rat trap into it...A whipping ensues, Crystal's moans muffled by the device on her tongue, and then the vibe is employed once more. Crystal, now caught in a conundrum, finds her fate inevitable...Surely seeing stars by now, Crystal is now standing and splayed. The clothes pins on her pussy surely causing discomfort. As holly paddles her behind, she struggles to remain motionless. And Holly seizes one last opportunity to squeeze a final orgasm out of her... ShootID: CRY_042412

Members comments:
08 May 2012 provost wrote: The thigh whipping is pretty intense, especially in that position. Might try other innovations with upcoming models: would love to see Bonnie Rotten on the tiger bench or parrot's perch (and have yet to see her soles tested, though JP came up with a pretty clever trick). There's something about positioning the model off the floor--on a low table or block--that improves the view and vulnerability. Looking forward to the shoots on the calendar: lovely, capable women ready to go the extra bit for a memorable performance. Hope you'll challenge them, explore their limits. A story theme to consider: a domme overdoes it with a male client and agrees to an hour of punishment, without mercy, in lieu of a lawsuit: the taking a domme into a sub role can be interesting, especially if she has the face for it (Bailey Blue, for example, but perhaps also the gals scheduled this week).

03 May 2012 P wrote: Just an idea although its already great, the slave gets free, ties her mistress up hands over her head, and fondles her through those black shorts.

03/13/2012 - Crystal Frost 4 Scenes - 276 Photos - 57 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 276 Photos - 57 Minutes Video

Crystal saves her fetishes for the camera, lucky for us. She's fresh meat to our Dungeon however and she'll be treated as such. After Damon rigs her up, he gives her a little insight into the day's events. Spanking her ass to a beet red and forcefully removing her garments...Then she's cuffed and spread on the table, groaning as the suction devices are attached and the pressure is applied. Damon forcefully jams a dildo deep in her to loosen things up a bit. And then the fireworks begin when he strategically places a vibe against her clit. Crystal shatters the sound barrier as she writhes and succumbs. But, it doesn't end quite there she soon finds, when she is on the receiving end of a pole fuck as she is stretched and arched to uncomfortable proportions. And now that she's nice and warmed up, she's roped on the floor, vulnerable to Damon's whims as he swats and strikes her bare ass and feet while she moans and bellows. Finally, she's up on the cross face forward, her only means of balance is the platform at her feet. Beneath it lays yet another platform, this one laden in spikes. Assured Crystal is going nowhere, Damon breaks out the whip, then he plays a triple caned, rhythmic beat on her backside that builds to a state of frenzy... ShootID: CRY_030612

Members comments:
22 May 2013 DamonP wrote: Crystal puts so much sexual energy in the room is amazing .

16 Mar 2012 007bound wrote: I have to disagree about the rubbish. I am a huge fan of face wrapping and pantyhose over the face. More!

15 Mar 2012 Fokusnik wrote: Things got better when all of that rubbish came off of her face for the second (rack) scene... Oh well, one scene out of four...

14 Mar 2012 Bob D. wrote: Crystal is ideal for torture on the rack. She has the perfect figure for it as she quivers and undulates while being stretched.Please, more of the same.

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